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Welcome to the unofficial TrackMania FAQ.

Currently most of the information on the TrackMania series is scattered
throughout the internet and is hard to find. Hopefully the community will collect
information here where it can be accessed easily. So feel
free to add any information you think is useful :)
We're currently working on 55 articles.

The Developer

The Games

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Content

What are .loc files?
How do make an animated avatar?
How do i import my own avatar?
How do i change the default horn?
How do I add custom music to my tracks?
How do I create basic billboards?
How do I make animated billboards?
Where can I find and install a new car?
How do I change the default music during races?
Where can I find mods to change the tracks appearance?

Online Gaming

What are the stars for?
How do I set up my network so others can see my custom cars and avatars?
What are the stars on the scoreboard?
How do I add myself to a team?
What is my community code and what does it do?
How does the ladder work?
How do I go into official mode?
How do I set up a dedicated server?
How do I authenticate my account?
How can I share my tracks with the online community?



How do I add colour's and formatting to my name?
What is Starforce and why does everybody hate it?

If we are missing any important information you feel the community would benefit from, please feel free to add it to the appropriate section.

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