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My name is Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey, L.D.D.D., Ph.D., I am mostly known to the world as a Sanguinary Satanic
Vampyre, and a Hecate Witch who ran for Governor of Minnesota in 2006 as a member of the VWP Party. An
independent movie documentary was made about my run for Governor. Unfortunately, the producer included
several false interviews in the documentary, so I am dealing with a movie producer from German to make a true life
documentary about my run for Governor of Minnesota back in 2006.

I am presently in the studio recording my first album/CD entitled - "A Vampyre Sings Elvis Love Songs." To hear a few
of the tracks, please go to: I will also be recording a second
album/CD with my band in December. The album/CD will be entitled - "Once Bitten." The first release from that
album/CD will be - Meranda. The song is inspired by and written for my former beloved Meranda. I will have two
versions of the song on the album/CD. One will be with a symphony orchestra, the other version will be done by me
and the band.

My Magikal Path name is: Lord Ares, named after the Greek God of War.  It is true; I am an ordained Satanic Dark
Priest, a proud follower of Lucifer as well as the
Goddess Hecate. I live by, and believe in The Vampyre Creed.

I have started; The United Vampyre World Organization, along with The 1st VWP Militia Regiment. Go to;
to see about all the organization s available to Vampyres and other Kins of the Communities.

From my career as a Pro-Wrestler and Racer I am also known as Rocky Flash. I also wrestled under the names of "The
Unholiest of Kings" Tarantula and The Black Widow. I plan on returning to wrestling and boxing ring in the near future.

To read about my sports activities, please go to; Jonathon's Sports (will be completed shortly).

There is a lot more to me then just what the media has reported over the years. Especially in 2006. Here is what you
should know about me, your future PRESIDENT, and quoting Broadway Joe Namath; "I GUARANTEE IT!"

Unlike most politicians, I will not hide my EVIL SIDE! I am quite proud of the capacity I process to attack someone
through my use of Dark Magik, and Demonic Powers. However, I will never attack an innocent American. I prefer to
attack, inflicted pain along with suffering, and at time a horrifying death upon criminals and terrorists, who attack,
harm and sometimes kill innocent children, women, men and the elderly.

I believe the time is NOW for criminals and terrorists to live in fear, not innocent Americans. Those who spread hatred,
and feel there is nothing wrong with destroying an innocent person's life, will now have to contend with what people
in my communities are calling me; "The Source." As in "The Source of All Evil."

Evil begets evil! And by Lucifer and Hecate I will bring evil upon those who prey upon the innocent.

Additionally, unlike most politicians I will be truthful in answering your questions. The only time I may not fully respond
truthfully to a question, is if it violates National Security, endangers a person(s) safety/well-being, or violates
contractual agreements. I am a Satanist; I do not feel that anything I have done in my life is a sin, nor anything to be
ashamed of. I believe in personal pleasure, especially sexually. As a Satanic Dark Priest, I am allowed to have as
many wives at the same time, as I chose to have. I am against taking illegal drugs, smoking cancer sticks and
drinking to access. My body is a temple of Lucifer and the Goddess Hecate. As such, I need to make it as perfect and
strong as possible.  

Back in January 2006, after I had announced I was running for Governor of Minnesota, people began posting on
Blogs that I was the "Anti-Christ." Well, I am against Christian hypocrites, as well as Professional Christians. I intend on
bringing peace and unity to America. I am a servant of Lucifer, and do process Demonic Powers along abilities, that
most people don't. So, for lack of a better word, I am the "Anti-Christ!"

In following in our Founding Father's footsteps, I will protect ALL religious beliefs. Every American will be able to
worship their God(s) and Goddess(es) as they want. Unlike the present Christian President, and his fellow Christian
Right-wingers, who feel God The Father is the only true God.

The Christian God The Father is my mortal enemy. I hate and despise him. However, I fully acknowledge that his son
Jesus was brutally beaten, and then crucified on the cross. I believe Jesus rose from the dead 3-days later. I also
believe that Jesus is not the only God who can rise from the dead. Nor is he the only God who can
bring a person back from the dead.

Besides my personal beliefs, below you can read about my childhood, teenage years, as well as events in my life,
before this year (2006).

I was born on April 2, 1964 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I grew up in the middle-working class section of Elizabeth, called
Bayway. My parents were of Sicilian, Romanian and Irish decent. My mother was a Hecate Witch, and my father's
mother's family members were Vampyres.

I attended Saint Hedwig’s Grammar School in Elizabeth, and started racing Junior Class in Go-Karts at the age of 5. In
1973, I became an Altar Boy (remained one until I entered the U.S. Army in 1981). After graduating 8th grade, I went
to Elizabeth High School. While at E.H.S., I competed in several sports (Football, Ice Hockey, Boxing and Baseball).

In October 1979 at Shea Stadium in NYC, I had the pleasure of meeting Pope John Paul II. The Pope died on 2 Apr 05
on my  41st birthday. 6-months after I fully turned to the DarkSide, and fully inherited my demonic powers.

In 1980, I became the youngest member of St. Hedwig’s Holy Name Society. It is logical to say, I have a full
understanding of Christianity, and the Christian beliefs.

Upon completing my high school education, I entered active duty in the U.S. Army, choosing as his Military
Occupational Specialty; Combat Arms. I did his Basic Training and AIT at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. While there, I returned to
boxing competitively, and became the Light-Heavyweight Post Champion. After completing my training at Ft. Sill, I
passed my physical for the Army’s Elite’s Units - Airborne and Special Forces, and started my training to become 'All I
could be.'

During a training exercise, I suffered injuries to my knees, hip, lower back and left wrist, which required numerous
surgeries to repair. The Army doctors felt I was unfit for duty, as a result of my injuries.  However, being the fighter I am, I
challenged their decision. During the appeal of the medical board’s determination, the Army JAGC attorney
assigned to help me realize I had a natural gift for law. The JAGC attorney eventually convinced the Army to re-
classify me as a 71D - Legal Clerk Specialist (Paralegal) with JAGC. However, after  several months as an Assistant
Battalion Legal Clerk Specialist, I suffered another severe injury to my knees, which did result in me being discharged
in July 1983. I am 70% Service-Connected/Disabled by VA standards (20% rating for each knee, 20% for 2 stomach
ulcers, 20% for lower spine damage, 10% for left wrist damage, 10% for right hip bursitis).  

Only 6 weeks after my discharge, I started my higher education at Kansas State University, studying Pre-Law. While at
KSU, my knees forced me to return home to New Jersey, to undergo total re-liniment surgery and having fiber
cartilages along with ligaments placed in them. I eventually graduated with a Paralegal Degree with HONORS, from
a small Jersey school.

After graduating, I returned to Army Active Duty status in June 1987 until February 1988. (During the time of having my
knees repaired through multiple surgeries 1983 – 1986, I was a member of the Army’s IRR) I completed my military
obligation in August 1990.

After resigning from Active Duty in February 1988, I returned to my love of the ring. First turning Pro as a Heavyweight
Boxer in January 1988. My last fight was in October 2000 in Indianapolis, against E.Z. Cruz. I won with a 6th round TKO.

In March 1988, I signed a modeling contract with West Modeling. At that time I started dating only models and
women who looked like models.

My ego involving beautiful women would eventually get the best of me. On a Friday night in August 1988, I went to a
relative’s house for a visit. There was this 19 year old girl there name Kathleen "Kat" visiting there as well. She knew
who I was from all the news stories done about me, and she was very hott looking. After talking for awhile, I drove her
home on my motorcycle. One thing led to another, and needless to say, it was the best sexual weekend I've ever had
in my life.

I would find out in 1996 that Kat was my half-sister from my father, who I hadn't seen since I was 7 (1971). Though the
media has repeatedly mocked me for having sex with her, in response I say; when they can have sex 18 times in 24
hours (Kat and I both worship the Goddess Hecate. One of the benefits is have an insatiable sexual appetite), then
they can throw stones at me. I am a Satanist, I will never regret, nor apologize for anytime I've had sex with Kat, or any
other woman.  

In late 1988, I entered the world of Pro-Wrestling. In 1991, during a wrestling match with former WWF World Champion
"The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff, I torn both of my ACL’s in his knees. After having them repaired, I returned to my
childhood love of racing.

My Political Career fully started in October 1988, when I became a member of the Union County Republican Party. I
served and was elected into many positions while a member. In 1999, Congress Bob Franks sent me a letter
addressing my involvement in one of the Committees he was in charge of. Click on Letter.

During the times I was living in Tampa Bay, Florida I was also very active with the Hillsborough County Republican
Party. That is how I met Jeb Bush, and became involved in his 3 Campaigns for Governor of Florida (1994, 1998 and

Though I had a love for helping people through politics, I wanted to return to my love of the ring. And through hard
work and determination, I returned to the wrestling ring in 1995, wrestling in Tampa, Florida for former WWF Tag-Team
and Intercontinental Champion Rocky Johnson. I was also an instructor at Johnson’s Pro-Wrestling Academy in
Tampa, training Johnson’s son, WWE Superstar “The People's Champion” The Rock.

I started VWPAID (Vampyres, Witches, Pagans Against Impaired Driving) in August 2005. I did this, after realizing the
dangerous affects of DWI/DUI. On October 22, 1999 I met who I thought, and felt was the most beautiful Angel in the
world (boy, was I wrong!). I soon realized, that just like 10’s of millions other Americans, she suffers from chemical
dependency and mental illness, which she would compound by DWI/DUI.  In my attempts to help her overcome her
problems, I tried using the Marion County (Indiana or as I call it; IRAQIANA) State Courts to return her back into
treatment. However, just like in Iraq, the people of IRAQIANA, are continually abused and neglected by an uncaring,
moronic, corrupt legal system. The only way the good people of IRAQIANA can get any justice, is through the
Indianapolis District Court, the same way I have. Indianapolis’ District Court consists of a great Pro Se Department
(probably the best in the country) and a caring, considerate, friendly staff.

I intend on using the staff and the Pro Se Department at Indianapolis, as a model for all city, county, state and federal
courts to follow. The American people deserve to be treated with the utmost caring and consideration during the
tough and trying time of their lives when they are involved with the judicial system. And under my Administration they

In 2008, the American people have a chance to make a change. To vote for a person who is just like an everyday
American. A person, who is not been corrupted by “THE SYSTEM" nor "BIG BUSINESS.” Someone, who believes the
needs of the average person, should come first, over the needs of the “RICH.” A person who believes, that equality
should be the standard, not a goal in America.

There can be only one in 2008. May it be me; Jonathon “The Impaler.”

My choice for Vice-President as it stands right now is; (1) Christine Todd-Whitman, (2) Hillary Clinton or (3) Elizabeth
Dole. I want to have a woman as the VP of this Nation, and in other positions of power in my Administration. I also
wants for my cabinet; former NJ Congressman Bob Franks as The White House Chief of Staff. Katherine Harris as
Secretary of State.

Upon becoming President, I plan to remove ALL US Supreme Court Justices. I plan on appointing Minnesota State
Supreme Court Justice (and former Minnesota Viking) Alan Paige as Supreme Court Chief Justice.  The Assistant Chief
Justice will be Federal Judge Sarah Evans Barker.  I'll also appoint IUPUI Law Professor Joel Schumm as a Justice.

President John F. Kennedy stated only 2-months before his assassination, “
We have the power to make this the
best generation of mankind in history, or make it the last.”
I promise you as your President, I will make your
life and that of all Americans, the best it has ever been.

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