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small-love-guru 'Guru-Shishya' tradition ridiculed in Hollywood’s movie 'The Love Guru'
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Boycott Jodha Akbar Boycott movie 'Jodhaa Akbar'...
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Temple in danger Congress government is going to break Sree Ram Setu...
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If the person performing a religious act understands the exact Science in it, his belief in the act increases. Benefit of an act done with faith is greater. The special feature of this series is that, besides explaining the subtle Science of Spirituality in the various religious acts, the correct methods of performing them are also mentioned.

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Hindu Festivals 2008

Jan 15 Makar Sankranti
Feb 11 Vasant Panchami
Jan 13 Ratha Saptami
Mar 6 Maha Shivaratri
Mar 21 Holi
Mar 22 Dhulivandhan
Mar 27 Rang Panchami
Apr 6 Gudi Padwa (Hindu new year)
Apr 13 Sree Rama Navmi
Apr 20 Hanuman Jayanti
May 5 Akshaya Tritiya
Jun 18 Vata Savitri
Jul 18 Guru Pournima
Aug 6 Naag Panchami
Aug 16 Narali Purnima
Aug 16 Raksha Bandhan
Aug 23 Sree Krishna Jayanti
Aug 24 Gopal Kala
Sep 3 Ganesh Chaturthi
Sep 4 Rishi Panchami
Sep 14 Anant Chaturdashi
Sep 28 Sarva Pitri Shraddha
Sep 30 Navratri (Ghat Sthapana)
Oct 9 Dassehra (Vijaya Dashami)
Oct 26 Dhan Teras (Diwali)
Oct 27 Narak Chaturdashi (Diwali)
Oct 28 Diwali (Lakshmi Pujan)
Oct 29 Vikram New Year (Diwali)
Oct 30 Bhaidooj (Diwali)
Nov 13 Tulasi Vivah
Dec 12 Datta Jayanti

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1. Spiritual Practice of Protecting Seekers and Destroying Evildoers (Kshatradharma Sadhana)

Kshatradharma Sadhana Compilers: H.H. Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale & Dr. [Mrs.] Kunda Jayant Athavale
  • What is Kshatradharma Sadhana described in Gita?
  • Whay it is best spiritual practice in Kaliyug?
  • Why Kshatradharma Sadhana is necessary in present time?
  • Who are the evildoers?
  • What is the form of Kshatradharma Sadhana?
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2. Holy Festivals, Religious Festivals and Vowed Religious Observances

Kshatradharma Sadhana

Compilers: H.H. Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale & Dr. [Mrs.] Kunda Jayant Athavale

This holy book scientifically explains why religious festivals are celebrated in a particular way, for instance why on the festival of Gudhipadva one should have an ablution with oil (abhyangasnan), hoist a gudhi, etc. It also provides information on the mode of celebrating various religious festivals, the importance and benefits of vowed observances (vrats) and their types.

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National Icons

Shivaji Maharaj   Veer Savarkar
Shivaji Maharaj   Veer Savarkar

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