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These fine people have had this to say about the website:

Thanks for putting this together. Anyone with a passion for what's happening in the church, beyond their own little corner of the vineyard in Brisbane, will value this site. Thanks.
Phil Smith from Pine Rivers

Fantastic site! Well done!
Justin M from Anchorage, Alaska, USA

This site is the best Christian site ever..... nice work peoples.
Jordan from Caboolture

Hey, cool to see it up and running again!! Woo!

Awesome site guys. It's great to see something boosting the Christian community. Me and my bro (who works at Koorong) are doing our part for Christian music by getting people hooked on Antiskeptic, Rhubarb and Leo Nine (so far we've got about 10 people hooked and buying the albums) and I encourage everyone to support them too. Keep up the good work, God bless and ROCK ON!!!
Sheuy Jr. from Brisbane

Well done on your Christian site here.
Brother-Lee from UK

I think your site is absolutely awesome, keep up the amazing work, and keep serving the Lord!
Hannah, Australia

Great site guys! Its awesome. God bless and keep rockin on!
Gem from Brisbane, Australia

Excellent website. You did a good job. Good luck.
Duygu Boran from Istanbul, Turkey

Hey there. I'm an Aussie Christian living in France this year and just surfed in randomly looking for some music. Site goes well. Thinking about uni in Brisbane next year. Enjoy it all.
Jonathan from France

Hey guys, great site! Keep up the good work. ROCK ON.
Rookie ROX

Totally awesome site!
Hanna Virtanen from Helsinki, Finland

Hey hey, groovy site, I'm impressed! Something local, wahoo! I had fun putting forth submissions for the caption comp and checking out other excellent music etc information on this site. Well done, keep it up, it's handy dandy!
Lynn Boyd from Rockhampton, Queensland

I love this site.
Andy from Charlotte, USA

I'm Silvia who's 18 and love Jesus. I'm a shy gal and love honest people and who love Christ.
Silvia from AP, India

Gnarly website!! You guys have some rawkin' bands over there in Australia!
Aaron Appleton, from Wisconsin, USA

Hey, Id like to say a huge thanks to the guys here at BCC, and at Pillar Bookstore for such an awesome prize. I loved it. Thanks heaps and keep up the good work on this site.
Nathan Roberts

I just wanna take a moment to pray over this site and just the awesome Spirit-tool that it, and everyone who has made it the way it is, is! Don't forget to check out my pad
Shell Lee

Thanks for such an awesome site! It rocks!

Just been checking the site out. It looks really good. Awesome. I'm telling everyone I know about the site.

I'm very excited to see what your website offers.. and in my own backyard! Keep up the nice work. I'm loving some of the material I'm listening to off your site from artists I haven't heard before! Now THIS is what the internet is for.

Your site rocks! Good work! :)

You guys are awesome. I mean that, I really think you guys are doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work. I even have your site as my home page, so I'm not just saying this. I'm trying to think of stuff that you could improve on and it's hard.

Great site. Love the Red Entrance song. Want more!
Gav Dore

Totally awesome site! Thankyou so much for the competitions and the Live Chats. I received the Antiskeptic CD today and it is great. Your MP3 selection is great too! It is wonderful to be able to download all those songs. It sure makes choosing CDs easier! See you all next Live Chat!

Very nice website.

Hey what's up this is Dennis from Holland, I wish everyone on this site much joy and pleasure in life!
Dennis Boxma from alphen aan den rijn, Holland

Hey guys im from nz, big congrats on the site, really good music nice design keep it up :)
Mike M from NZ

well so kool great to be able to chat to other Christians.

hello... God is cool and so are you and this web page!! thankyou for doing it up so we all can see it!!! have a great day and i'll see you all next time!!

Hi Ringo The Clown here. Just wanted to say great website and YES Ringo is a real clown is moving to Queensland real soon. Keep up the great work on this website.
Ringo The Clown

Hey, nice site. How about some CD reviews or gig reviews of some of the bands.

Hey guys! This is a great website! I love it! Bless you guys heaps! Great work!

Well done you guys and gals. I am impressed with your enthusiasm n spreading the gospel with the passion God desires in all us disciples. I will advertise this site to all I think will use this as a tool to bless you, and especially bring all Glory to our Big God.

Very informative web site guys you are doing something right!!!

Great site and a big "high-five for Jesus" to all at Westside Christian City Church, Brisbane.
the jive express from Perth

Very informative web site guys you are doing something right!!!

Totally wonderful! I love everything about this site. chat room, gig guide, contests, downloads. So much useful information - relevant to where I live. Fantastic job all round!
Julie from Australia

Very interesting.

Hey everyone! My name is Alicia and I'm from Brisbane and I've been a Christian for 5 years. I really love the Brisbane Christian Chat site. It is great!
Alicia from Brisbane, Australia

This site really is wonderful, keep up the great work guys!
Finding Mr J  from Brisbane, Australia

Great site.
Jade R

Nice site.
Neil & Sharyn from London, UK

Hey Fellas! Great Job on this site, it's really cool!!!! Keep up the Gr8 work!
Beno ( Social Responsibility) from Logan City, Australia

You guyz rock. It's so good to find a site that is based at home and is worth having the internet for. I heard about this site at my church and ever since then have been on this site nearly every day. Great job guys.

Lord bless you all in Brisbane AU. I found your site while surfing. I am from America and hope to visit you all soon.
Farwalking from USA

i just stumbled on this site looking for some info on soulframe and alabaster box....and wot a discovery!!!! congrats on making such an awesome site!!
Lozza Mc

Great work guys and girls you are doing a GREAT job i think it is great that you have got alot of the brissy bands as well on here. i just have to say GREAT. Well keep it up.

I love the design of the site, it's simple and easy to use and the content is awesome. Keep up the good work.

Wonderful to find you. Thanks for the fantastic site and keep up the great work.
Sharmaine Kruijver

Love you guys. See you in the spring!
SB Verm

good stuff, i enjoyed the download section heaps. keep up the good work.

it looks as though ur site is good, even though no1 was in the chatrooms-:(
Fii the Flea!

This is first Christian chat site ive ever visited and iam thoroughly impressed. u guys have done a fantastic job and keep up the good work!!! i know im soon gonna be a local here...
Jessa (aka coadess)

This site is the best thing since sliced bread. Except you can't eat it. I haven't actually chatted on here yet but have had a look at most other things and it is awesome! your logo took me a while to figure out, i thought it was a piece of, er, hehe, female underwear when i first looked at it. but its ok i've figured it out its a bridge. I hope it is anyway! God bless you guys for doing this!

I think the site is great and its excellent to see you guys really getting out there and supporting local Christian Acts.

Cool web page, I work for a Christian Night Club in the United States:
Young Smith from Jacksonville, FL, USA

Cool Christian Chat page.
Rusty Ford, Christian Long Distance

I would just have to say that this site deserves a double thumbs up...the killer caption competition rocks totally :) and yeah...its kool as!
gummi bear

Be so so encouraged. Great job!
Paradox from Redcliffe, Australia

Hi. I still reckon this is one of the best sites I know of.
Ben Webb from California, USA

thanks for all your tireless effort. we appreciate it alot.
Threefold from Brisbane, Australia

I really like this web site :) very cool, BIG THUMBS UP!
Chaz (Chawee)

I am not really a christian, but this page makes me want to find out more.
tily of taringa from Brisbane, Australia

I think it's great what you do for Christian music...keep it up.
Paul Colman from Melbourne, Australia

Good stuff this that you've made. Good work, I heard of this site at ncyc. glad i did.

I love you guys ever since NCYC!!!!! God Bless and Thanks!!!

hey i am in vic and a friend told me about this site. hey it is the best christian australian band website i have seen yet.

This is a great web page, keep it going. And the chat is cool too.

I hope you can keep your site going for years and years.
Rob from Brisbane, Australia

Thanks for a great site!

This is the best chat site I have found on the net. Well done!!
Ben Meares

I would also just like to say, thankyou for such an awesome website! Its really great to see God is moving, even on the internet! Congrats guys and girls and keep it up!
Ben Higgins from Australia

The site looks cool!  It is so good to be able to follow the local Christian music scene in Brissy from Sydney.
Danny from Sydney, Australia

This site is tops, too bad I live 20+ hours away.
George from Medowie, Australia

I think your site it absolutely fantastic! I love it! Keep up the good work!

Hi. It's really exciting watching this site grow and develop and knowing that people all around Brisbane are reaping the benefits of a home-grown, Christian web site.  I'll continue to spread the word re this site.
Maree from Brisbane, Australia

Wow - Cool - The site looks great!
Alan of Orange, Australia

I just want to say this is a great site. And the Smadd chat room is great and that the jokes are really cool!

Its so awesome to see people who have the same vision that I do. This site is going to be an awesome tool to bring Christian people together all through out Brisbane .. wow! good job! You are in our prayers.
Pete Graham from Brisbane, Australia

Absolutely awesome site. I love how there's access to so many local bands, and gig's great! It's good to know i can come in here and chat with so many kewl people!! God Bless, and keep up the great work!!!

Hey! Thanks soo much for this site! It rocks!!! I've made new friends through chatting here. I'm gonna tell all my friends about this site... and they'll tell all THEIR friends. I really liked the Christian pick-up lines and playing hangman. This is the best Christian website I've ever visited... keep up the good work - there are people out there who stumble across this kind of site by chance, everyday.

Thanks very much for this great site!! Its soo much fun to browse around, and the chat room has been heaps of fun!  Its great to meet fellow Brisbane Christians and be able to chat in a positive atmosphere.  The Events section of the site is an awesome place to see all the interesting Christian events on around the place, and the Killer Captions are always great for a laugh.  Keep up the awesome work, and Keep Rocking For GOD!!

We think your site is fantastic and we are glad to be a part of it.
Atoned from Gold Coast, Australia

Great job you've done on this, guys. It's a treat to sit up until the wee hours, meeting friendly types and hearing about all the exciting stuff God's doing in these parts - and no-one the wiser that you're doing it in your jammies. I'll be sure to post all events and interesting stuff I'm involved with on your site from now on, and check up on your thoughts and verses of choice. Bravo, indeed.
Helen from Brisbane, Australia

Looking good. And I like the Paul Colman MP3.

Great job of the site guys. We need sites like yours BIGTIME. Will tell all my friends about you guys.
Lisa from Brisbane, Australia

What a great idea. Good to see you guys online.
Dale from Brisbane, Australia

Wow. This new website will be great for promotion.
Chris from Brisbane, Australia

Your page looks good, though I haven't spent a lot of time looking at it.
Neil from Brisbane, Australia

Just thought I would let you know that I think the site is looking good and that you a doing a great job.

Great site guys! Wahoo!
Renata from Brisbane, Australia

Great work.
Nathan from Brisbane, Australia

The brisbanechristianchat website looks awesome.
Daniel from Brisbane, Australia

Fantastic job. Great site, well done.
Amy from Brisbane, Australia

I love the site, a big thumbs up.
Carly from Brisbane, Australia

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