The Indelicates - 'America' (Weekender, 2008)
The Indelicates are one of Eddie Argos' (of Art Brut fame) favourite bands. FACT.  And he does have exquisite taste in music after all, he also likes the Hold Steady.  The Indelicates first came to the fore on MySpace with a delightful little tune called, 'Waiting for Pete Doherty to Die' but this new single is bolder, more accomplished and probably one of the best songs from a 'small' band that I've heard in ages.  Stomping piano drives the song forward with momentum to a crescendo of noise, while heavy Hold Steady-esque guitar riffage punctuates the song at opportune moments.

Lyrically, the song is also brilliant and can be seen as either a homage or critique to America or the music industry.  I'm not really sure who their targets might be, but it could be all of those things put together.  All in all, it's a great tune, which highlights just what a band can do with a little TLC from a record producer and a record label. Expect this tune to be the one which brings them to a whole new audience.  They'll no longer be Eddie Argos' dirty little secret.  This single will also feature on the Indelicates debut album, set for release later this year on Weekender Records.

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What Would Jesus Drive – 'Boomtown Twats' (Split Records, 2008)
The first thing that hits you when looking at the new single of What Would Jesus Drive? is the humour.  First of all the name – very good, plus points for that, then the actual name of the single, ‘Boomtown Twats’.  That Bob Geldof is indeed a twat and his band was absolutely piss-poor. If I never hear ‘I don’t like Mondays’ again, my life would actually improve considerably.

WWJD? are Anglo/Aussie bedroom musicians writing lo-fi indie tunes thanks to the help of a vintage drum machine.  The duo are now married and their DIY project has seen them play with the likes of the View, Art Brut, and Bromheads Jacket.  And it’s easy to see why – this is catchy lo-fi homemade indie rock the likes of the Ting Tings would love to write.  Catchy musically, they do indeed scale lyrically hilarity heights. B-sides, ‘I think we rushed into this’ is more of the same with humour and dry observations still at the forefront.  Finally, ‘The One I Want’ is a cover of the famous Grease soundtrack. Yes, you’ve read that right. And great it is too.  Bound to work a treat at an indie disco.

If you’re into the whole lo-fi indie pop-rock then this may well be your new favourite band. If you’re a little bit allergic to the idea of a band without a real drummer then the electronic fuzziness may well put you off.  But please don’t let that happen before you’ve at least given this a chance, you may well be pleasantly surprised.

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