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Virginia Internet Real Estate Services has been in business since 1995, putting our knowledge to work for best Internet placement for your company. Our initial work centered around the development of Real Estate sites. But the unique knowledge and experience gained by combining expertise in sales of Real Estate and development of top Internet placement is crucial for ANY company wanting maximum exposure on the Internet. Any ad is only as good as it's ability to be found. In that we excel. Our first site is now ranked in the top 1% of ALL Internet sites for the number of customers who visit and has been for the last 5 years. Our other sites show up in top search engine placement.

Choosing a company to do advertising can be complicated. Most businesses make an error assuming Internet development companies are experts in search engine placement, most are not, their expertise is only in design of Internet sites. We excel in both fields, design and placement! Think large national advertising is better? In the unique, fast paced Internet environment, our smaller company can more quickly serve your needs best by providing top notch, hands-on experience necessary to get your job done at modest cost with top search engine placement.


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Rate Card for Our Services 

If Your business isn't on, or linked with one
of our city pages below, then your business is missing contacts.

Does losing this business for an on-line cost of
LESS than
$.50 a day for a banner ad, make good business sense to you?

Banner Ads: a 400 x 50-60 pixel Banner Ad which hyperlinks to your Web Site.  Averages $200 per year
Button Banners: a 90 x 90 pixel Button Banner which hyperlinks to your Web Site.  Averages $150 per year
Home Page Ads: a 400 X 50 pixel Button Ad which hyperlinks to your Web Site - $1000 per year
Individual Home Listings: Lynchburg agent associated with MLS, you may list homes for $15.00 per month

Web Page Development & On-line Minimum Annual Rates

Real Estate related businesses may have web pages for the costs listed below. This rate is designed to allow all customers, regardless of the size of their business, to have an Internet presence for a cost that will not break their advertising budget. These web pages are available for special Real Estate needs, estate properties, acreage, historic homes, farms, high end properties , mortgage companies, inspection services, builder/realtors/ appraisers, lawyers and individual homes linked to our search site. We work with you on the design or you can come with your own layout which we will attempt to duplicate. Costs include placement on one page for up to one year.

# of Web Pages Annual on-line cost
paid in advance
1 $199
each additional page $150 each page

A "basic" Web Page has text, and scanned in graphics and/or color photos and can contain the amount of information normally found on one 8½ x 11 sheet of paper.

To accurately estimate exactly what it will cost you to have a 1, 2 or 3 page Web Site use the following table:

# of Web Pages 1st Year Cost
1 Page $199
2 Page $349
3 Page $499

There are extra charges for web Pages with forms, intense graphic design and/or animated graphics, etc. Need a quote for special work, just call us below.

What other advantages exist if I sign up with your company?

Remember that web pages created through our firm enjoy being linked to a site that maintains top positions on the Internet search engines. Web pages don't just materialize on the Internet, they require submission and constant maintenance to stay in the top positions. Most Businesses do not know that maintenance needs to be done. We have a 5 year tract record of being in the top positions on the major search engines. Placement translates into customers for your business.

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We reserve the right to reject Banner Ads, Button Banners, Classified Ads,
Hyperlinks and Web Pages that we feel are not appropriate to run on lynchburgva.com.