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We want you all to know that we want to give away as many things as possible through this website. This is to reward our dedicated users for their on-going loyalty & support.

Prizes will be given away in various formats. Our on-going Killer Captions comp is a way we have given away many, many prizes -> see the list on the right.

We will also be running other comps like those below.

We also occasionally give away prizes through our mailing list. You have to register here to be eligible.

We also give away prizes during our Live Chats & Trivia Nights.

If you have things you'd like to give away through this website, please contact us via here.

Current comps...

Killer Captions. The prize(s): It changes each time. Write a caption to the photo of the fortnight to win a great prize. Each Killer Caption competition runs for a couple of weeks or so with the Top 10 entries being posted for all to see.

Killer Captions has been successfully running as long as this website - since Jan 01!

Previous comps...

Live At The Princess Competition.

The prizes...
Third Day video 
+ new release DVD sampler

E-mail us (ie admin@bris...) by the end of Sun 29 Aug 2004 and in 50 words or less let us know why you are going to September's Live At The Princess. Include a contact ph number. The writer of the best entry (the winner will be notified on Mon 30 Aug 2004) must go to Live At The Princess on Fri 03 Sep 2004 to claim their prize. The prizes were won by Carly.

'The Pillar' Christmas Hamper Give-Away! The prize: A hamper full of CDs, books, videos, gifts, t-shirts, jewellery & more worth over $500. Click here for more info.

VIR CD Launch Competitions! The prizes: 2 VIR 'Craving' CDs, Juxtapose CD, 2 Refusethemark t-shirts, Rtm hat, 15 CD launch tickets. Click here for more info.

'The Working Singers Handbook' Comp. The prize: A personally autographed copy of Roma Waterman's new book 'The Working Singers Handbook'. Click here for more info.
The Pillar... CD A Day Give-away! The prizes: A different new release CD every day (excluding weekends) for a limited time. Thanks to BCC and The Pillar Music & Book Stores - Morayfield & Nundah. Click here for more info.

Antiskeptic '4 Seasons Across 5 States' comp. The prizes: 2 double passes (ie 2 winners) to Antiskeptic's Brisbane shows. Click here for the winners' entries.

Roktober 2002. The prize: 2 free tickets to Roktober 2002 plus 2 autographed Soulframe CDs plus an autographed Soulframe t-shirt! Click here for more info.

Rhubarb 'Hottest 100' CD Give-away. The prizes: 5 copies of Rhubarb's 'Light On Your Shoulder' Limited Edition CD single. Click here for more info.

Chris Mundy 'Star Wars' competition. The prizes: 2 copies of Chris Mundy's CD 'Welcome to the World'. Click here for more info.

Sonfest 2002 comp. The prize: Sonfest V neck shirt won by Ariana Gillrie.


What we've given away
so far...

Here's a photo of the pair of 'Signature Edition' Chris Mundy undies won in Killer Captions comp #32 by braindead. These ones went straight to the pool room.

Click the pic for a closer look.

Here's a list of what else has been won on this site...

Live Chats... coming soon!

Trivia Nights... coming soon!

Mailing List... coming soon!

Killer Captions... coming soon!

Other... coming soon!


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