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Pete Fenson

The Short List
  • 2006 Olympic bronze medalist, leading his team to the first American curling Olympic medal
  • 2005 World Trials champion
  • 2006 Olympic team trial champion
Did You Know?
  • Finished sixth at the 2005 World Curling Championships after defeating New Zealand 7-6 with an extra end, which qualified the team for the Olympics
  • Won five Minnesota State Men�s Championships
  • Named the 2003 U.S. Curling Association Athlete of the Year
  • Started curling at age 13 with his parents
  • Listens to Van Morrison, ZZ Top and Ray Charles before bonspiels
  • Owner and operator of Dave�s Pizza in Bemidji, Minn. � �I am just your friendly neighborhood Pizza Man,� Fenson said.
  • Says the Road Runner is the cartoon character that best describes his personality and out of The Osmonds, The Brady Six and The Partridge Family, Fenson says the Partridge family produced better music
  • Would try bobsledding if he wasn�t a curler � �Does Jamaica still have a team?�
  • Mantra: �Be like water my friend,� Bruce Lee
  • Eats pizza before competitions � �It has brought me luck a number of times.�
  • Enjoys cycling, cooking, family time and a movie now and then
  • Favorite movies are The Sting, Cool hand Luke � vacation spot is the beach � sporting event is the World Series and the Summer Olympics � music is classic rock and something with a little soul
It's Every Day

Curling is a family event for the Fensons. Fenson�s parents curled competitively as well as Fenson�s wife. Now he and his wife are teaching their two boys to curl. "I guess it's just one of those things that the family does," Fenson said. "It's hard to explain why, obviously once you begin to do it you fall in love with the game. It's what we talk about at dinner. It's just a thing that we've kind of grown together with."

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On what makes him a good skip: �I just happen to have a very short memory. It�s said sometimes a skip has to have a short memory. It doesn�t have to do with my technical background; it just has to do with my bad memory. It helps me a lot. It helps me forget all the bad shots.�

Height: 6�1�
Born: 29-Feb-1968
Hometown: Bemidji, Minn.
Resides: Bemidji, Minn.
Sport: Curling
Event: Skip

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