Efficient, affordable coffee roaster
Following is a fax received from Pacific Gas & Electric regarding natural gas consumption comparing the Kestrel S35 with a customers existing ¼ bag drum/afterburner coffee roaster.

The test was performed to determine if the customer qualified for a Pacific Gas & Electric rebate for installing energy-saving equipment.
Answer: Yes, the Kestrel S35 easily saved enough natural gas to qualify for a rebate. However, because the equipment was installed prior to the test, the rebate was not paid.
Lesson: Contact your utility company and arrange for a rebate before installing a Kestrel!

Pacific Gas & Electric Fax Cover Page
Fax cover page
To protect the confidentiality of our client, names and phone numbers have been obscured. Please contact us for further information.
Page 1 -- Test Methodology
Roaster efficiency test
Test performed by Pacific Gas & Electric to determine relative efficiency of customers existing roaster vs. Kestrel S35.
  • Test roasts were undertaken with meter readings noted at the beginning and end of each roast.
  • 30lbs of coffee were roasted in the old roaster for 16.5 minutes which used 180ft³ of gas.
  • 60lbs were roasted in the Kestrel for 20.75 minutes using 71¼ ft³ of gas.
Page 3 contains the data sheet for these tests.
Page 2 -- Calculation of Savings
Calulation of Savings
Estimates based upon last years production of 153,225 pounds of coffee:
Therm use old machine: 3549 therms
Therm use new machine: 702 therms
Savings: 2847 therms!
Page 3 -- Test Chart
Data for energy savings
The data sheet for the tests.