World Fantasy Convention

1982 World Fantasy Award
Winners and Nominees

1982 World Fantasy Awards Ballot

WFC, held in New Haven, CT, was chaired by Norman Hood and Harold Kinney.
Judges were Pat Cadigan, Virginia Kidd, Theodore Sturgeon, Douglas E. Winter and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Life Achievement

winner Italo Calvino


winner John Crowley, Little, Big
Ramsey Campbell, The Nameless
Michael Moorcock, The War Hound and the World's Pain
D.M. Thomas, The White Hotel
Gene Wolfe, The Claw of the Conciliator


winner Parke Godwin, "The Fire When It Comes"
C.J. Cherryh, "Ealdwood"
Robert Holdstock, "Mythago Wood"
Karl Edward Wagner, "The River of Night's Dreaming"

Short Fiction

winner Dennis Etchison, "The Dark Country"
winner Stephen King, "Do the Dead Sing?"
Jack Dann, "Fairy Tale"
Charles L. Grant, "Coin of the Realm"


winner Terri Windling & Mark Alan Arnold, ed., Elsewhere
Terry Carr, ed., Fantasy Annual IV
Charles L. Grant, ed., Shadows 4
Charles L. Grant, Tales From the Nightside
Stuart David Schiff, ed., Whispers III


winner Michael Whelan
Alicia Austin
Jill Bauman
Thomas Canty
Don Maitz
Rowena Morrill

Special Award - Professional

winner Edward L. Ferman for F&SF
Donald M. Grant for Donald M. Grant, Publisher
David G. Hartwell for editing
T.E.D. Klein for Twilight Zone
Tim Underwood & Chuck Miller for Underwood - Miller

Special Award - Non-Professional

winner Paul C. Allen & Robert A. Collins for Fantasy Newsletter
W. Paul Ganley for Weirdbook
Stephen Jones & David Sutton for Fantasy Tales
Ken Keller for Trumpet

Convention Award

winner Joseph Payne Brennan
winner Roy Krenkel
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