Undeclared Naval War in the Atlantic 1941

The North Atlantic 1941, map from Bailey p. 365
Atlantic convoy at sunrise
photo from Naval Historical Center

Sept. 11 - US freighter "Montana" sunk en route to Iceland, none killed

Sept. 19 - armed US-Panama freighter "Pink Star" sunk en route to Iceland with cargo of food

Sept. 27 - US-Panamanian oil tanker "I.C. White" sunk en route to South Africa, 3 killed

Oct. 9 - FDR seeks revision of 1939 Neutrality Act to arm merchant ships

Oct. 16 - US tanker "W.C. Teagle" sunk and U.S.-Panama freighter "Bold Venture" sunk

Oct. 17 - US destroyer "Kearny" torpedoed and damaged with 11 killed inside Security Zone

Oct. 19 - U.S. freighter "Lehigh" sunk in South Atlantic

Oct. 27 - FDR Navy Day speech - "I have in my possession a secret map made in Germany by Hitler's government-by the planners of the new world order. It is a map of South America and a part of Central America, as Hitler proposes to reorganize it." (but the map was a fake from the British Secret Service)

Oct. 30 - U.S.-Panama armed tanker "Salinas" torpedoed and damaged

Oct. 31 - U.S. destroyer "Reuben James" sunk inside Security Zone, 115 killed

Nov. 13 - House approves Neutrality Act revision

  1. merchant ships may be armed
  2. U.S. ships may enter combat zones
  3. U.S. ships may enter belligerent ports

Nov. 24 - U.S. Army to occupy bauxite-rich Dutch Guiana

Nov. 30 - Hearst newsreel "Roosevelt Warns Nation Shooting Has Started."

December Disaster
Japan Victorious
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