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Find out all about Brisbane Christian Chat ( (Brisbane Christian Chat) is a Brisbane-based interdenominational web site catering for the needs of Brisbane’s Christians and was officially launched during the first week of January 2001. currently focuses on on-line fellowship (live chat), local Christian news, local events (including concerts, seminars, church services & more), local Christian music & more including Christian humour, On-line Christian resources and Verses for the Day. Much more still is planned for the site. All access to the site is free. was created to help facilitate better communication between Brisbane’s Christians of all denominations. Updated 6 days per week is a dynamic web site that is specifically designed to help all Christians communicate more effectively.

Brisbane Christian Chat has been conceived, designed, built, and is administered, run, and updated by a team of committed Christians from Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane Christian Chat is not associated with any particular church, denomination or other organisation.

How we can help your church...
Here are some ways can help your church right now. All the following are quick and easy to do. No fee whatsoever is associated with any of the following.

>> EVENTS - Using the free Events Calendar you can promote all your church events including services, concerts, seminars, fund raisers (like car washes), youth activities, special functions & more. To submit an event click on Events and follow the simple instructions.

>> NEWS - Your church can submit news of all kinds that you believe will be of interest to other Brisbane Christians. This is another way to promote special events that your church is hosting or associated with. To submit a news item click on News and follow the simple instructions.

>> MUSIC – You can promote the Christian Bands/Artists within your congregation. You can also find local Christian Bands/Artists for church activities and download/listen to their music.

>> CHAT – Fellowship in real time with other Christians from around Brisbane. You can even use one of the chat rooms for church meetings. The chat rooms have word filters permanently running to filter undesirable language.

>> LINKS – Promote your church’s web site by adding it to our links page.

Your congregation will be better informed about what is happening with regard to Christianity in Brisbane. Your church can keep the rest of Brisbane up-to-date with what it is doing. is an on-going way your church can promote itself. All submissions are screened before being added to the site to keep out undesirable information. is a growing resource that your church can freely use.



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