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spreadsheetThe National Center for Charitable Statistics is the national clearinghouse of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States. NCCS is a program of the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy (CNP) at the Urban Institute.

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Where to Start

For quick answers about the nonprofit sector and information about how many organizations there are in the U.S. or your state, visit our Statistics and Profiles pages.

If you are a researcher interested in using or obtaining organization-level data on nonprofit organizations or on charitable giving patterns, access the NCCS DataWeb.

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Current NCCS Projects include:

  • The "Form 990 Wiki" is a collaborative website for helping the nonprofit research and practitioner communities reason together about the draft IRS Form 990 released in June 2007 by the IRS.  The goal was to develop a set of practical recommendations that were carefully vetted to minimize their costs and maximize their potential benefit for researchers, regulators and practitioners. NCCS submitted comments to the IRS in early September but we are hoping to expand the use of the wiki to other applications for use by researchers and policy-makers.
  • Classification of nonprofit organizations and their programs. NCCS has classified more than 2 million organizations.  To learn more, click on the links below.
    • Types of organizations - NTEE
    • Types of programs - NPC
  • Improving the quality of data on nonprofit organizations:
    • The Unified Chart of Accounts promotes uniform accounting practices throughout the nonprofit sector.
    • The Nonprofit Overhead Cost Study aims to to understand and improve the measurement and reporting of fundraising and administrative expenses.
    • The Quality 990 website focuses on improving the quality of IRS form 990 reporting by nonprofit organizations.
  • Research on 501(c)(3) Supporting Organizations

national clearinghouse of nonprofit data

Learn more about the nonprofit community in your state.

Almanac 2008
See our brief for a preview of the The Nonprofit Almanac 2008.

Create a Form 990
Use our easy-to-use Form 990 Online website to complete your organization's form.

Quick answers and reports on the nonprofit sector in the U.S.

Form 990 images, the IRS list of active organizations, or the NCCS Master List

NCCS DataWeb
Register to view, extract, and download data on nonprofit organizations and charitable behavior.

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