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Spanish for Travelers

In this program you will learn how to make yourself understood in situations like in hotels, buses, restaurants, cinemas, bars, on the street etc…  You will learn the grammar, vocabulary, writing and lecture which are necessary in these situations.

Economics, Politics and History

1. Economic and social structure of Guatemala

A. Dual nature of economic structure
B. Primary structure
C. Instability and dependence
D. The vicious circle of poverty
E. Current economic signals

2. Brief history of Guatemala

A. Pre-colonial period
B. Colonial period
C. Central American Federation
D. Period of post-colonial independence
E. Contemporary period

3. Other topics for study and discussion

A. The Central American Common Market
B. Education in Guatemala
C. Underdevelopment and economic growth
D. Civil rights
E. The richness and natural beauty of Guatemla

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Maya Ancestral Anthropology

1. The various indigenous American cultures

A. Definition
B. Geographical location

2. Mayan culture

A. Definition
B. Geographical location
C. Political and social organization
D. General themes of Mayan science

1. The Mayan calendar
2. Mayan mathematics
3. Mayan natural medicine
4. Architecture, etc

3. The ancient and esoteric philosophy of the Mayas

A. Definition
B. The Mayan view of man
C. The Mayan view of nature
D. The universe
E. Origins of the Mayas
F. The use of energy
G. The three aspects of the Mayan conception of consciousness
H. Mayan symbology
I. Mayan literature

*An exclusive course concerning the true esoteric and ancient thought of the Mayas—psychological, philosophical, esoteric, practical and extraordinary.

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Spanish for Employees & Volunteers in Latin America

You are going to learn the grammar, vocabulary, writing and lecture that you will need for working as a volunteer. You will learn how to survive in a special situation, for example in a church, in a hospital or in a school for special children etc. 

Teaching Spanish to Speakers of Other languages

In this course you have to speak good Spanish. You are going to learn how to teach Spanish to foreigners. At the end of this course you will receive a special certification. This program is very intensive and you are learning from two teachers. 

The price of this course is $50 more than the other courses: $190 each week. 

Spanish for Children

We have the experience and the capability of taking care of "young adults.". Children who are older than 5 years old, can learn Spanish here in our school. They are learning Spanish in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. Through game playing and other methods your children will be learning Spanish little by little. 

Spanish for International Business

For studying Spanish for International Business you need the basic knowledge of Spanish. In this course you will study the grammar, vocabulary, writing and lecture in business, administration, accounting and management situations. 

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1. Primary Section

A. Brief history of the Guatemalan natural habitat
B. The forestry problem
C. Atmospheric alterations
D. Water sources
E. Panorama of Guatemalan ecological issues
F. Additional specific topics

2. Secondary Section

A. An integrated conception of ecology
B. Indigenous Latin American ecological practices
C. Brief history of Central American natural habitat
D. Unsuccessful ecosystems (natural and artificial)
E. Human health and ecology
F. Impact of social instability on natural habitat
G. Premature death
H. Foreign debt and ecological projects
I. Additional specific topics

*A panorama of current ecological conditions of the region and their economic, political and social impact, outlook and responsibilities.

The Minerva Spanish School is an active member of IPHN
- Instituto para la preservación humana y la naturalwza de
Quetzaltenango/Guatemala - Institute for the preservation of humanity and nature in Quetzaltenango/Guatemala.


You can focus your studies on Law, History, Economy, Ecology and Politics. The teachers in our school are specialized in teaching Spanish with a combination of these subjects. 

Recomended by Lonely Planet
"Warm welcoming staff; plenty of activities".

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Escuela Minerva

Lonely Planet - 2004

"Warm welcoming staff; plenty of activities".

Kerry Murray Thunderbird University Magazine
"Minerva Spanish School is a Great Experience..!!"

George Woywood Wisconsin Univ. Revue
"Minerva Spanish School is the best place to learn Spanish in Guatemala´s Highland".





































































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