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Previous events...

Mon 16 Sep 2002 / 7pm (9pm NZ time), Live Chat with the Lads. 5 signed Lads CDs won by just being there!

Wed 04 Sep 2002 / 9pm, Trivia Night in our chatrooms.

Mon 02 Sep 2002 / 9pm - Live Chat with the jive express. 5 signed CDs won by just being there!

Mon 26 Aug 2002 / 9pm, Live Chat with Antiskeptic. 5 signed CDs won by just being there!

Wed 21 Aug 2002 / 9pm, Trivia Night in our chatrooms.

Mon 05 Aug 2002 / 9pm, Live Chat with Compliments Of Gus!

Mon 29 Jul 2002 / 9pm, Live Chat with Rhubarb! 5 CD giveaways.

Sun 28 Jul 2002 / 9pm, 'The Official On-line Post-Groundswell Chat Party'!

Mon 20 Aug 2001 / 9pm, Live Chat with The Frugals.

Mon 13 Aug 2001 / 9pm, Live chat with Soulframe.

Mon 06 Aug 2001 / 9pm, Live chat with Alabaster Box.

Mon 30 Jul 2001 / 9pm, Live chat with Nagasaki.

Mon 23 Jul 2001 / 9pm, Live chat with the Paul Colman Trio.

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We have closed our chat rooms for the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience.

What our Live Chat special guests have said...

The Live Chat we did with Brisbane Christian Chat was run with extreme professionalism, efficiency and respect. We had a great time and would do it again. Paul Colman, pc3.

We pc3 fellows had so much fun when we did the BCC Live Chat. And it was so well administered by their team too. I actually ended up staying on-line to chat with people for a lot longer than I thought I would! Grant Norsworthy, pc3.

Rhubarb were involved in one of the Live Chats and to be honest, we were impressed with how well organised it was ... highly recommended way to connect with fans and interested people! Dave Drinkall, Rhubarb.

We had a whole lot of fun on BCC's Live Chat. Mark Millard, Lads (NZ).

BCC's Live Chats ROCK!! We had a great night having a bit of a social chat with those who joined us. The BCC team were super helpful and professional which made the 'chat experience' a great one for all involved. Highly recommend BCC Live Chats for anyone who's considering them - definitely a great chance to kick back have a bit of a laugh with some techno-savvy friends and supporters. Hayden Whitworth, Soulframe.

The Live Chat was great fun; everyone was courteous, the questions were probing, and the host ever so polite. I have never typed so fast in my life, and for that experience alone, I highly recommend being involved in a Live Chat at BCC. Jared Haschek, Compliments Of Gus.

Brisbane Christian Chat is a professional and courteous organisation. Alabaster Box took part in a Live Chat in 2001 which BCC handled and monitored very well. The band is looking forward to working with BCC in the future. Alabaster Box would fully recommend a BCC Live Chat for any national or international Christian Artist. Alabaster Box.

On behalf of Nagasaki, we really enjoyed participating in the Live Chats on Brisbane Christian Chat. It was a great opportunity for people to find out more information about the band and most importantly it was fun! Charlie Thompson, Nagasaki

Live Chat facts...

  • Word filters run in our chat rooms so people can't use objectionable language. 
  • All Live Chats are monitored so people abusing the privilege of chatting to our guests are kicked out. 
  • Only one person has ever been kicked out. 
  • All questions pass before a selection team before being forwarded to our guests to answer. 
  • For any troubleshooting, there is information provided on the right & on the Chat Tips page.

Trivia Night trivia questions are based on general knowledge (ie world, Australiana, Brisbanian, music, sport, entertainment etc), some bible trivia plus questions thrown in about this website. The questions as a whole aren't too difficult. It's more a case of fastest fingers than anything. We make sure that there's something for everyone.


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