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Friday, April 18, 2008
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Thursday, May 1, 2008
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Subject: AOL Radio & XM Update: 4/30
Time: 2:37:00 PM EDT
Author:  theradioblog

Dear AOL Radio listeners

Today the partnership between AOL Radio and XM Satellite Radio ended. As you may or may not be aware, XM’s business is focused on having consumers pay for their channels and AOL's business has changed from subscription based to advertising supported, so we are no longer able to offer XM’s channels. In addition, the record labels have dramatically increased the music royalty rates paid for Internet Radio. This action by the record labels left us no choice but to look for an alternative way to stay in the internet radio business. These new rates have impacted the entire internet radio industry, not just AOL. SoundExchange is the organization that is responsible for the increased fees and we have tried over and over to work with them to adjust the rates to a fair level to no avail.

If you would like to voice your support of lowering these fees to protect the future of Internet Radio, please feel free to email John Simson, SoundExchange Executive Director at or call him at (202) 640-5890.

The good news is that even with all these changes, we have a lot of great things planned for the future. The upcoming partnership with CBS RADIO will offer AOL Radio listeners access to an additional 150+ channels. For the first time, AOL Radio will offer an extensive line-up of news, sports and talk stations, in addition to music. In addition to the new content offerings, we’ll also be launching a new player that will have new functionality, including song skipping -- which is just a start to the new things planned.

The AOL Radio staff is very passionate about what we do and we work very hard to give you the best radio experience possible. We understand that change is hard and but we must adapt to the changing times in order to keep AOL Radio available for our listeners.

In order to maintain your listening experience, we have set up a page which highlights the AOL stations which are similar to the XM channels. For example AOL Radio's Pop Mix & XM's Flight 26 play similar artists. Click here to check out the related station page

We understand your concerns about the upcoming changes and hope you'll give us a chance to show you that the AOL Radio experience will continue to be the best radio offering on the web.


The AOL Radio Team

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  • #28 Comment from nancydrew78
    5/9/08 6:40 PM | Permalink
    I would have considered paying for XM with the offer AOL has but not after they are doubling my monthly fee as of next month!!
  • #27 Comment from nancydrew78
    5/9/08 6:38 PM | Permalink
    I am very disappointed....I listened today to some of the 'similar' stations that didn't come close to what XM plays.  And I just received an email the other day that AOL is doubling my monthly fee for broadband??!! Isn't my monthly fee considered a subscription that they are supposedly not using to fund their business anymore?  One of the reasons that I kept AOL was the great radio stations.  I can just use my broaband company email anytime without being an AOL customer.  :(
  • #26 Comment from hford235
    5/9/08 1:49 PM | Permalink
    I think you guys are doind a great job, I look forward to the coming changes keep up the good work. Also your music is as good as XM's,I love it. Keep it coming.
  • #25 Comment from dani33139
    5/9/08 4:39 AM | Permalink
    Get over it people. Haven't you heard of the music crisis going on? It's not only about the music they can play, but also it all depends on the record label, whether they want their music played for free or not. Eitherway, XM radio ain't that expensive, if you like it so much just pay for it.
  • #24 Comment from weaselbutt
    5/8/08 10:20 PM | Permalink
    I totally agree with #23.  He knows what he is talking about.
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