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Dirt Roads by VicDiesel [Email]

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Hits: 244
Comments: 18
Plays: 53
Last Played: May 10, 2008 - 08:49:43 PM
Downloads: 10
Fans: 14
Uploaded: May 03, 2008 - 12:57:50 PM
Last Updated: May 03, 2008 - 01:16:52 PM

native american (13)flute (76)arizona (2)
Somewhere in Arizona I saw a sign pointing towards a small town, apparently 50 miles away. The sign pointed away from the main road, unto an unpaved dirt road, and in the distance I could see a pickup truck. This song is dedicated to the brave soul in that pickup.

One Ugly Boy in Ab.

Logic, couple of instances of Zebra, EVD6 clavinet, one duduk sample. And tons of delay. Tons.
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Dirt Roads — 05/03/08 - 01:06:31 PM
This sounds really cool some gorgous sounds here Vic I love the flute.
great job- superb music -
i really mean that too. You have done great job- congratulations,
i will download this nto my Iopd and thank you for sharing this beautiful sounding work of art.

Peace Dee.

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wonderfully atmospheric — 05/03/08 - 01:56:28 PM
I'm glad I happened to see you online with a new tune today!

This is an excellent blend of modern technology and the primal, ancient sound of the Native American flute. You've woven the various sounds together in an imaginative way which is very pleasing to the ear.

The quick high sixteenth-note repetitive synth pattern is mesmerizing, and just a little "imperfect" in the rhythm, which makes it sound very natural and NOT mechanical.

I was hoping the slow, sustained section at the end would lead to MORE of the same! Maybe write a sequel?

This is wonderful music.

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All in the blender — 05/03/08 - 02:07:02 PM
Thanks for listening and thanks for the compliments.

Yep, I enjoy the blend of old and new sounds. The fact that the native flute is such a primal instrument (one octave range, mostly pentatonic) does not prevent me from playing it against buckets of software. (Btw, if you haven't found them yet, I have two more tracks in the same vein. If I can turn out a few more like this I'll issue them as a CD and for once in my life try to make some money from music.)

Imperfections: yep. I play most of my synth parts life, and usually don't quantize them, or at least not more than necessary. Even synthetic sounds can have a life to them!

Make it longer? Maybe. I find it hard to stretch that pentatonic material much beyond a certain point. I'll give a try.

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Dirt Roads — 05/03/08 - 04:31:20 PM
The flute ... I always impressed by the sound of the
native american 's flute ..as I know you as a recorder
player ..now I m so amazed by this song .it has a
straight tone usualy they make some bendings but
I love it ..a very remarkable song my friend .brought
a nice scenary ..thnx alot for sharin it !

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slow road — 05/03/08 - 05:00:27 PM
It took me awhile to get used to the bumpy road that straddled the synths and the gorgeous wild live sound of the flute... I'm pretty sure it is just my slow head. But about 1/3 in I was enjoying the ride, and by the end, I think it was well worth the jarring juxtaposition up front. I really love your playing, and recording, since you keep the sound of breathing in there it adds a great deal of warmth and human expression to the music. Overall mixing is perfection, loved the subtle panning of synths all over my brain.

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road song — 05/03/08 - 06:38:55 PM
You create a real nice sound here, Victor. It has that way-out-west, indigenous American feel.

I like dirt road imagery. It is integral to my song Dreamville.

For so many years I've been working like a dog.
Seems my day is done, I'm really in a fog.
Now I'm comin' home on a hot and dusty road.
Home to Dreamville with a story to be told!

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Why mr S... — 05/03/08 - 08:10:23 PM
You're right, the road is a fruitful image. It's a state of transition, an uncertain future, or in your case the way home. For me it's mostly a fount of possibilities, a new life there for the trouble of going and finding it.

Thanks for the compliments.

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Tension — 05/04/08 - 06:56:38 AM
Interesting juxtapositions here; the synthesized harpsichord-like (clavinet) sound (which, until the flute comes in, seems like it might be heading towards an intense, neo-baroque type piece, maybe a toccata) with the natural, soulful sound of the flute; the standard, modern equal temperament of the synthesized sounds versus the tuning of the flute. This contrast of tuning systems creates a kind of tension that I found slightly unsettling (but in keeping with the spirit of the piece), and it contributes to a third juxtaposition, between the tension/intensity of the motoric 16th notes and the expansive, meditative quality of the flute melody.

The image this conjures up for me is of a long drive across a dusty desert plain in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the American west, where the scenery is huge, profound, and peaceful, but you're feeling some tension because you're in the middle of nowhere and you're worried about the car breaking down or running out of gas...

Great job here.

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Juxta-po-what? — 05/04/08 - 10:34:02 AM
Hey Clark,

yes, using a native flute is almost inherently a study in contrasting textures since it's such a limited instrument, at least in a technical sense. Its ranger is barely over an octave, and it's really most comfortable with material that barely goes outside pentatonic. The other instruments then quickly extend this to a full diatonic or perhaps chromatic realm. There is indeed also a bit of a tuning issue. Native flute makers seem to cherish the idiosyncracies of their instrument. They don't necessarily go for perfecting in the well-tempered sense.

Thanks for your observations. Always much appreciated. You're right about the imagery: for me, coming from a small country, the American west is endlessly fascinating.

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You really — 05/04/08 - 10:12:49 AM
have something interesting here.Your flute playing is beautiful.Superimposing it over the clavinet was a brilliant idea.This could be a movie soundtrack for sure.

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Dusty roads — 05/06/08 - 01:58:13 PM
I got the feeling of being in a warm and dry place somewhere in desert land... A cactus here and there... Your description of the dirt road and the feeling of being out in nowhere land was very suited to what I might visualize listening to your music.

Good stuff!

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Spent 6 years... — 05/06/08 - 06:24:17 PM
...in Tucson. Fell in love with the desert. This is a very nice painting of it...

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so hot out here it made me thirsty — 05/07/08 - 09:13:42 AM
this is different i love anything that takes something old like that flute and puts it with something new. nice job i definitely see helicopter camera shots over a desert when i'm listening. it'd be cool to hear some native americans talking in some sound bites. maybe something from "black elk speaks" if you wanted a translated thing or some true words of wisdom. its so cool how something like that truck you saw can turn into something like this. its cool you have a sense of wonder like that, so now everybody can see that truck that desert and feel what you were feeling.

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Code talkers? — 05/07/08 - 09:29:31 AM
Interesting idea, to use some native am. language. I like that sort of thing. I'll see what I can dig up.

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Wow! — 05/07/08 - 09:51:24 PM
This is so friggin weird and intense bro! It gets way out there but you manage to keep it within the same zip code, by no means an easy task! I'm quite impressed Vic and I regret not having been by for an earful in so long! Keep up the good work for you rock! Enjoyed this much.


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Listening over and over — 05/08/08 - 08:25:22 AM
and catching more each time. What a creative piece you did here, combining ancient with modern, creating a sense of music spanning the ages in the notes and textures. I think the guy in the pickup truck had his radio on while driving over the arrowheads. Really cool and well mixed tune, Vic.

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Lovely — 05/10/08 - 09:02:40 AM
playing Vic - nice to hear something different. Reminds me of the old Kung Fu programme - which I loved when I was a kid.

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Evocative — 05/10/08 - 03:04:37 PM
Hey Vic, this is really atmospheric - great playing, and a real sense of space, heat and dust.... lovely track, great production too!

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