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Public Elementary-Secondary Education Finance Data

Education finance data include revenues, expenditures, debt, and assets (cash and security holdings) of elementary and secondary public school systems. Statistics cover all states, including the District of Columbia, and are available on an annual basis. File formats for downloadable data may vary by year.
 Available Data
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Description of Available Files
* Viewable Data
Annual publication containing data tables and explanatory text.
* Downloadable Data
Files are available that contain complete data for all items surveyed and data item flags, as well as downloadable files of data shown in the Viewable Data Report. Consult each year's Technical Documentation for detailed descriptions of the files.
* Historical Data Prior to 1992
Public Education Finances reports prior to FY 1992 are available through your local Federal Depository Library. A list of all Federal Depository Libraries can be found at Please contact survey staff for information on acquiring historical electronic data files.
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* Contact us by regular mail at:
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