Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp

by Peter Norvig

A book published by Morgan Kaufmann, 1992.
Paperbound, xxviii + 946 pages, ISBN 1-55860-191-0.
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I: Introduction to Common Lisp
1. Introduction to Lisp
2. A Simple Lisp Program
3. Overview of Lisp
II: Early AI Programs
4. GPS: The General Problem Solver
5. ELIZA: Dialog with a Machine
6. Building Software Tools
7. STUDENT: Solving Algebra Word Problems
8. Symbolic Mathematics: A Simplification Program
III: Tools and Techniques
9. Efficiency Issues
10. Low Level Efficiency Issues
11. Logic Programming
12. Compiling Logic Programs

13. Object-Oriented Programming
14. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
IV: Advanced AI Programs
15. Symbolic Mathematics with Canonical Form
16. Expert Systems
17. Line-Diagram Labeling by Constraint Satisfaction
18. Search and the Game of Othello
19. Introduction to Natural Language
20. Unification Grammars
21. A Grammar of English
V: The Rest of Lisp
22. Scheme: An Uncommon Lisp
23. Compiling Lisp
24. ANSI Common Lisp
25. Troubleshooting

Peter Norvig