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Robinson, H.P.
English (1830-1901)


albumen print, combination print from five negatives
24.4 x 39.3 cm.
Gift of Alden Scott Boyer
GEH NEGS: 25788 5044 450


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GEH submitted this image, among others, to Museum Education Site Licensing Project - Round 2, 1996.//

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INSCRIPTION: mat recto-(signed and handwritten notations in pencil by artist) "Photographed from life by Henry P. Robinson" "Printed in 1858 on homemade albumenized paper same year as plate broken-with starch"

NOTES: Cataloged 12/83, DZ, updated 10/90, MMC. Also cataloged for IMP/GEH Video Disc project, Fall 1982. Video disc frame reference #V28945. After reviewing the frequent and recent exhibition history of the print, it was determined that in order to preserve the photograph, we must retire it from exhibition for the indefinite future. [10/95]

SUBJECT: allegory, death

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Fading Away

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