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The Center for World Indigenous Studies is a
non profit 501c(3) research and education organization

  • Access to indigenous peoples knowledge and ideas
  • Conflict resolution based on mutual consent
  • Protecting the rights of indigenous peoples

  As one of the 100,000 people who visit the CWIS site monthly can we rely on your support so we can continue as an independent institute to restore traditional knowledge through research and education? If just 1000 visitors contribute we will make the needed funds. We ask for your donation today by simply Clicking here to donate!

News and Research

The Forum for Global Exchange reports news as well as facilitates active participation by Indigenous people, resolution of violent conflicts, development of international law, and exchange of knowledge and information. The FGE News Page also hosts a large collection of Indigenous related web links.
Fourth World Eye 

The Fourth Word Eye (FWE) is an online “ezine,” a daily journal published by the Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) since June 1999. FWE offers our readers insightful opinion and comments on the events of the day in the Fourth World and in the world unavailable elsewhere.
CWIS Media Center

The CWIS Media Center has opened! We will be adding Indigenous related video & audio media for you to enjoy. You may also enjoy a fine selection of books & maps. When purchasing a book through the bookstore some of the proceeds go to the Center. Please be sure to bookmark us!
Robert Harper Gallery 

The Center for World Indigenous Studies is pleased to share a portion of the works of photographer Robert Harper (1931-1993). We have been given the privilege of sharing his world of indigenous peoples photography: photos from the Kiriwina Islands, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and Guatemala. The photography ranges from the 50's to the 80's.
CWIS Biafran Newspages

The Biafran territory is currently part of Nigeria. Our main focus is to provide news related to Biafran self-governance and the injustices being forced upon the Biafran people.
Chief George Manuel Virtual Library open to researchers

The Research Branch is an online database of scanned documents, reports, publications and  image resources held in the Library Archives in hardcopy form. Collections include documents, essays, manuscripts and records in the fields of Traditional Healing Arts and Sciences, Fourth World Geopolitics, Holistic Environmental Management, Fourth World Studies, and Consciousness Studies.
CWIS Picture Gallery

The CWIS Picture Gallery is a collection of the events that we have hosted, have taken part in or have visited. We take pride in the work we do both locally and abroad. Enjoy. 
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