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May 12, 2008 NY Time
bid 882.38
change -2.55
contractmonth 2008-05-11
high 885.10
open 884.93
pctchangeS -0.29
prevclose 884.93
time_ymdhms 2008-05-12 06:02:47
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May 12, 2008 NY Time
bid 16.76
change -0.04
contractmonth 2008-05-11
high 16.82
open 16.80
pctchangeS -0.24
prevclose 16.8
time_ymdhms 2008-05-12 06:02:46
TOCOM - okt - 27, 2006



Ladies and Gentlemen:


During the October 24th TOCOM sessions the seven big gold shorts reduced their net short position by only 135 contracts to a total of 100,225 contracts.


In silver, the same dealers increased their net short position by just 30 contracts to a total of 1,998 contracts.






In the October 24 session on the TOCOM Goldman Sachs started a panic rush for the exits and COVERED an absolutely astonishing 1,493 contracts to bring their net short position down to 28,220 contracts. This is their lowest net short position since January 19. Considering how well connected GS is to the Cartel Headquarters at the Treasury Department the stunning rate at which toxic waste is being disposed of can not be ignored. This is very, very significant. This is the early warning signal that Krakatau is about to blow. The cartel is betting the farm that they can distort the financial markets enough for the elections to be swung in favor of the Republicans.


They have requisitioned every last ounce of physical that they can lay their hands on to pull this off. Failure to remain in control of the two houses will mean certain congressional inquiries and certain impeachment. There are no holds barred. This is do or die. But their partners in crime seem to be hedging their bets. If you recruit someone to do unscrupulous work then don’t expect them to have any scruples! In that regard they don’t come any finer than Goldman Sachs!


When you see how Goldman Sachs TOCOM position has been played the last few days it is of no surprise that the HUI has started to signal an opposing trend to the gold price decline. I would be very surprised if GS has not been directly or indirectly acquiring mining equities. GS has reduced their gold short on TOCOM by 7200 contract in just 15 trading days. A reduction of 21%! Barrick has extended their offer for Novagold to a tantalizingly important date of November 7 as a last ditch effort to "cover" their obscene short position with gold in the ground at a price that makes the Great Train Robbers look like choir boys.


As extra reinforcement my proprietary analysis is flashing a low risk entry point on both gold and silver.


If you put everything in the cocktail shaker and mix it up you make a refreshingly lip-smacking "Gold Cartel Zinger" that has a kick like a mule and leaves you with no hangover (unless you are short gold in which case the headache could be excruciatingly painful).


It’s Happy Hour again!




How ironic that currency manipulation is discussed rather routinely and without much emotion. Yet, the mainstream gold world goes into hysterics when GATA presents so much evidence re the blatant manipulation of the price of gold …

[7:27:28 AM] Sean Trainor says: Central bank currency manipulation pontification By Jon Nones

24 Oct 2006 at 11:07 AM


Here is an excerpt from an article by Gary Dorsch, Editor of Global Money Trends Magazine, entitled, "How Does the US Dollar Defy the Law of Gravity?" Click the link to read the full story.


    "Nearly every central bank is engaging in some sort of manipulation of its currency, from outright intervention in the marketplace, such as in Brazil and China, to pumping up the money supply to inflate local stock markets, such as in Australia, China, England, the Euro zone, and India."

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