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College Results Online 
Using this interactive database, you can:


Ø       Examine graduation rates by race, ethnicity and gender at virtually any four-year college and university in the nation;

Ø       Compare the graduation rates for groups across similar institutions; or, even,

Ø       Design your own comparison.  You pick the schools and see which is doing best in getting all students through.


Whether you’re a school counselor guiding students in college selection, a parent or student applying for college, or a higher education administrator interested in how your campus is doing compared to similar institutions, this web tool can get you the information you need.


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EdWatch State Reports

Looking for a comprehensive snapshot of education in your state?  Download our detailed EdWatch state summaries and:


Ø       Learn how students are doing on NAEP and state assessments;

Ø       See where achievement gaps exist and how big they are;

Ø       Find out how your state is doing compared to other states on achievement and achievement gaps;

Ø       Get the facts on high school and college participation, persistence and attainment; and,

Ø       Uncover the opportunity gaps underlying the achievement gaps on measures of teacher quality, curricular rigor and more.


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Education Watch Online 

With this searchable database, you can:


Ø      Examine achievement and opportunity patterns, kindergarten through college, by race, ethnicity and family income.

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Dispelling the Myth Online 

This groundbreaking web tool allows users to select their own criteria and conduct rapid searches for high-performing schools in nearly every state across the nations.


**UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Check back soon for new data, new analyses and new schools that, every year, are dispelling the myth!
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Data Presentations

View, download and use our most frequently requested PowerPoint presentations, including recent presentations by Ed Trust president, Kati Haycock.


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Each year, our conference features powerful speakers and presentations. Check out what these leaders and groundbreakers have to say and remember to join us at our next national conference for a front row seat!


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Achievement Gap Theater

Struggling to mount an honest conversation about gap closing in your school, community or university?  Click here to check out the Education Trust's issue-focused theater work.


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