Brooks, Noah . First Across the Continent; The Story of The Exploring Expedition of Lewis and Clark in 1804-5-6
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  • Header
  • Front Matter
  • Chapter 1 Chapter I A Great Transaction in Land
  • Chapter 2 Chapter II Beginning a Long Journey
  • Chapter 3 Chapter III From the Lower to the Upper River
  • Chapter 4 Chapter IV Novel Experiences among the Indians
  • Chapter 5 Chapter V From the Tetons to the Mandans
  • Chapter 6 Chapter VI Winter among the Mandans
  • Chapter 7 Chapter VII From Fort Mandan to the Yellowstone
  • Chapter 8 Chapter VIII In the Haunts of Grizzlies and Buffalo
  • Chapter 9 Chapter IX In the Solitudes of the Upper Missouri
  • Chapter 10 Chapter X To the Great Falls of the Missouri
  • Chapter 11 Chapter XI In the Heart of the Continent
  • Chapter 12 Chapter XII At the Sources of the Missouri
  • Chapter 13 Chapter XIII From the Minnetarees to the Shoshonees
  • Chapter 14 Chapter XIV Across the Great Divide
  • Chapter 15 Chapter XV Down the Pacific Slope
  • Chapter 16 Chapter XVI Down the Columbia to Tidewater
  • Chapter 17 Chapter XVII From Tidewater to the Sea
  • Chapter 18 Chapter XVIII Camping by the Pacific
  • Chapter 19 Chapter XIX With Faces turned Homeward
  • Chapter 20 Chapter XX The Last Stage of the Columbia
  • Chapter 21 Chapter XXI Overland east of the Columbia
  • Chapter 22 Chapter XXII Camping with the Nez Percés
  • Chapter 23 Chapter XXIII Crossing the Bitter Root Mountains
  • Chapter 24 Chapter XXIV The Expedition Subdivided
  • Chapter 25 Chapter XXV Adventures on the Yellowstone
  • Chapter 26 Chapter XXVI The End of a Long Journey
  • Back Matter