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Publications: Markets

Working Papers:

W07-7: Projecting the Underlying Demand for New Housing Units: Inferences from the Past, Assumptions about the Future Eric S. Belsky, Rachel Bogardus Drew, and Daniel McCue

W07-3: Why Do House Prices Fall? Perspectives on the Historical Drivers of Large Nominal House Price Declines Daniel McCue and Eric S. Belsky

W07-1: Growing Wealth, Inequality, and Housing in the United States Zhu Xiao Di

W05-5: The Impact of Minority Growth and Minorities’ Rising Household Income on Housing Markets Zhu Xiao Di, Ruby Henry, Eric Belsky, and George Masnick

W05-3: The Emergence of the Galactic City: Population and Employment Growth in American Metropolitan Areas, 1970-2000 Alexander von Hoffman

WH05-1: Strengthening Our Workforce and Our Communities Through Housing Solutions

W04-11: Rethinking Rental Housing: Expanding the Ability of Rental Housing to Serve as a Pathway to Economic and Social Opportunity William Apgar

W04-10: Job Creation and Housing Construction: Constraints on Employment Growth in Metropolitan Areas Raven E. Saks

W04-9: Assessing Property Management for Affordable Housing Marc Diaz

W04-7: Determinants of Operating Costs of Multifamily Rental Housing Jack Goodman

W03-3: How Local Rent Change and Earning Capacity Affect Natural Household Formation by Young Adults Zhu Xiao Di and Xiaodong Liu

W02-10: Mixed-Income Housing Developements: Promise and Reality Alastair Smith

W02-3:  Young American Adults Living in Parental Homes Zhu Xiao Di, Yi Yang and Xioadong Liu

W01-11:  The New Demographics of Housing; George S. Masnick.

W01-2: Lifestyle Market Research for the Design of Production Houses; Amy B. Noble.

W01-6: The Role of Housing as a Component of Household Wealth; Zhu Xiao Di.

W01-7: Immigration and Rental Prices; Albert Saiz.

W99-9: Home Building Patterns in Metropolitan Areas; Alexander von Hoffman.

W95-5: Home-Building Companies: A Preliminary Report; H. James Brown, Gerald McCue, Lois Stanley and Michael Watkins.

Research Notes:

N06-4: Addendum to Research Note N06-1: Hispanic Household Projections Including Additional Tenure Projection Detail by Age and Broad Family Type for Non-Hispanic White and Total Minority Households George S. Masnick and Eric S. Belsky

N06-3: Buying For Themselves: An Analysis of Unmarried Female Home Buyers Rachel Bogardus Drew

N06-1: Revised Interim Joint Center Household Projections Based Upon 1.2 Million Annual Net Immigrants George S. Masnick and Eric S. Belsky

N04-1: The Impact of New Census Bureau Interim National Population Projections on Projected Household Growth in the United States George S. Masnick, Eric S. Belsky, and Zhu Xiao Di

N02-2: New Americans, New Homeowners: The Role and Relevance of Foreign-Born First-Time Homebuyers in the U.S. Housing Market; Rachel Bogardus Drew

N96-1: Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage and Household Growth in the U.S.: 1940-1995; George S. Masnick.

N96-2: Population Growth 1990-1995: Regional Differences and Components of Change; George S. Masnick.

N96-3: The Living Arrangements of Young Adults; George S. Masnick.

N95-1: Its the Economy, Stupid!; H. James Brown.


SON-07: State of the Nation's Housing 2007

SON-06: State of the Nation's Housing 2006

SON-05: State of the Nation's Housing: 2005

SON-04: State of the Nation's Housing: 2004;  View Appendix Tables

MMR04-1: Middle Market Rentals: Hiding in Plain Sight (10MB)

SON-03: State of the Nation's Housing: 2003;  View Appendix Tables

SON-02: State of the Nation's Housing: 2002;  View Appendix Tables

SON-01: State of the Nation's Housing: 2001

SON-00: State of the Nation's Housing: 2000

M00-1: The U.S. Homebuilding Industry: A Half Century of Building the American Dream; Barbara T. Alexander.

SON-99: State of the Nation's Housing: 1999

M99-1: Housing at the Millenium; Kent W. Colton.

SON-98: State of the Nation's Housing: 1998

SON-97: State of the Nation's Housing: 1997

R97-1: The Future of Manufactured Housing; Josephine Louie and Kimberly Vermeer.

SON-96: State of the Nation's Housing: 1996

SON-95: State of the Nation's Housing: 1995



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