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You've found Gary's personal web pages. This is intended as a showcase for my hobby of collecting and restoring certain old motorcycles. I emphasize hobby because this is NOT a business. I do this for fun, not for making money.

I'd like to acknowledge the help and friendship of Richard Clark, who has been supplying Bridgestone parts and advice to BS fans all over the world for years.

Bridgestone owners might want to join Rick McKean's BRIDGESTONE REGISTRY, a listing of enthusiasts and newsletter: 203 Kennel Lane, Carlsbad, NM 88220.

Mike Brown maintains a Bridgestone Web Site which you can find by searching on "Bridgestone". Other useful web sites are those of the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (VJMC) and Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World (VJMW).

Gary's future projects:

A 1967 YM2C, and; a TR2 road racer being adapted to the street.
Five more SR175's; two more SR100's; a "Dual Twin"175; an SS200 scrambler; another GTR; a 100cc TMX; a GP100; a Sport 100; an early Sport 90, and; an early Deluxe 90.
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