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The 2007 Economic Census - Encourage Businesses to Respond!

This is your chance to help ensure that the economic census data and the data measures that use the economic census— including the Gross Domestic Product, the Monthly Retail Trade Survey, and County Business Patterns — are as accurate as possible.  Please help promote census response among the businesses in your constituency through your newsletter, e-mails, website, and even presentations.  There is material available at that you can use.  The site was created to help businesses (and business leaders) to better understand how the economic census benefits us all.  The site includes significant facts and snapshots about selected industries. more

Our Mission

The mission of the State Data Center program is to provide efficient access to U.S. Census Bureau data and data products. We provide training and technical assistance to data users as well as provide a mechanism for feedback to the Census Bureau on data usability for state and local government data needs, and operational issues.

In order to accomplish this, the Data Centers work in partnership with the Census Bureau through the Customer Liaison Office (CLO) and the Regional Offices of the Census Bureau. A Memorandum of Agreement between each State, the District of Columbia and the outlying areas of American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands supports this partnership.

1,800 agencies - Helping the nation access and understand Census data.

Since 1978 , the State Data Center and Business Industry Network has provided access and education on Census Bureau products as well as other statistical resources to millions of data users. With 1,800 agencies nationwide, each state has a network of affiliates that serves their constituents, be they government, business, nonprofits, educators, or anyone in need of economic and demographic data.

This website serves that network. We intend to provide resources and information in an effort to assist those than need to work with the Census Bureau. The Network section helps us to link to our partners nationwide. The Steering Committee is the means by which all of us can share our concerns and needs, serving as representatives of the Network and of data users nationwide.