November News 2005

November 30, 2005

YRB magazine scans
posted by Jas, 11/30/05
Tami has posted scans of Fort Minor photos and article from the current issue of
YRB magazines on the FM board. Here's an excerpt. Update: Tami has sent me the hi-res scans, click on thumbnails to enlarge. Thanks Tami

YRB: Are you working with any other artists outside your newly formed Machine Shop family?
Mike: I just helped score this year's MTV VMA's. Those beats, and the fact that people are starting to hear Fort Minor music, has gotten me a lot of calls to produce songs for people. I did a track on Lupe Fiasco's upcoming album, songs for Styles of Beyond, and worked with Chad from The Neptunes on a song for Kenna. On the rock side, I'm about to get started on a remix of U2 and hopefully a song with Sting. I don't know what will all pan out, but I just go where the path takes me.

YRB: Are there any artists you want to work with?
Mike: I think M.I.A. is really dope. That song "Bucky Done Gun" was our theme song when we were touring in Europe this year. I also should shout out my man Ghostface, because he and I have been trying to get together to do a song since he toured with me on Project Revolution last year. We'll make it happen at some point.

Mike on MTV2's T-Minus Rock
posted by Jas, 11/30/05
From FM Newsletter: Mike Shinoda is co-hosting MTV2's T-Minus Rock, Monday through Friday of this entire week! T-Minus Rock airs Monday through Friday from 11am to 12pm. Check your listings for local airtimes. Go to (Gallery section) to see brand new photos from Fort Minor's release party in New York are in

Interview with Mike on R.AGE
posted by Jas, 11/30/05
These scans got burried in my mailbox :-) Victoria sent me scans of an interview with Mike and article on Fort Minor from November 25th issue of R.AGE magazine

Reviews of The Rising Tied
posted by Jas, 11/30/05
Reviews of Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" album from various sources

From The Badger Herald
A straight hip-hop album from Linkin Park vocalist/keyboardist Mike Shinoda just sounds like a bad idea. After all, Linkin Park is known more for its rock than its rhymes. But the debut album from Shinoda's side project, Fort Minor, isn't half-bad. The Rising Tied may have a lame pun for a name, but its beats are good and the rap is somewhat decent. Jay-Z lends his expertise as executive producer and the result is a mixed bag of styles that works on some songs, but not on others. It's a step up for Shinoda from the overly emotional, high school sound of Linkin Park.

That's not to say the Linkin Park sound is entirely absent from the album. "Red To Black" and "Believe Me" feature the kind of annoyingly melodramatic refrains Linkin Park is so famous for. A Linkin Park-style guitar echo crops up on the narrative-song "Kenji" also, but it matches the haunting lyrics well. Shinoda's rap tells the story of his Japanese-immigrant relatives who were forced into internment camps in the United States during WWII. The song combines bits of first-person accounts with Shinoda's rhymes, which, although awkward at times, carry a powerful message. The song sounds like poetry-slam verse set to music.

Overall, Shinoda's rapping skills aren't too shabby. He doesn't have a memorable voice, but he manages to sound focused and unhurried on most of the songs. He even changes it up once in a while by letting his phrases run over the bar line. But Shinoda's real accomplishment is the wide mix of musical styles he uses as a backdrop to his rapping. "High Road" is based on pop-piano riffs, with some tambourine thrown in for good measure. Even the more standard raps have some unusual touches, like the single "Petrified," which starts off with a strange ambient echo before turning into a bouncing party tune.

Shinoda's at his best when sharing vocal duties with a guest artist. Common makes the funky "Back Home" come alive, and John Legend adds a catchy chorus to "High Road." The Rising Tied also features lesser-known artists signed to Linkin Park's Machine Shop Recordings. Holly Brook provides a chorus on "Where'd You Go" that sounds like Dido on Eminem's "Stan," and Styles of Beyond adds some street-cred to several tracks.

The best song on the album is the Houston-style slow groove "Cigarettes," which is actually all Shinoda. The lyrics scorn the "guns, drugs and misogyny" of modern hip-hop — themes Shinoda avoids on The Rising Tied. The way he ties his love for popular rap to smoking cigarettes makes the song more than a rant: "It's just like a cigarette, nobody's really fooled / I don't want the truth, I wanna feel f-cking cool." But even though Shinoda's lyrics are different from most Top-40 rap, he still tries to get the same sound on several tracks. "In Stereo" is a pointless attempt to mimic the club-stomping style of artists like 50 Cent, minus the raunchy lyrics. Shinoda is hardly comparable to 50 in this aspect, and the track fails miserably.

Shinoda's concern with keeping his lyrics fresh backfires at times, such as on "Remember The Name," where he raps lame verses about himself. The chorus is unique but sounds forced: "This is 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will / Five percent pleasure, 50 percent pain, and 100 percent reason to remember the name." Some of the samples on the CD go awry as well, such as Shinoda's recorded conversation at the beginning of "Get Me Gone." The explanation deflates the song, which is meant to be a poignant reply to early critics of Shinoda's role in Linkin Park, but turns into a whiny complaint instead.

All in all, the songs on The Rising Tied hit exhilarating highs and depressing lows, making it a unique but flawed attempt. For fans of Linkin Park or rap with a message, this album isn't a bad buy. But anyone looking for the next 50 Cent would do well to pass this one over. Grade: BC

From Herald News Daily
Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda flexes his lyrical muscle on this all-rap album. To ease his transition into the urban arena, he enlists Common, the Roots' Black Thought and John Legend. (Jay-Z, listed as Shawn Carter, is the executive producer and makes an all-too-brief appearance on the album's intro.) Most songs find Shinoda rhyming over theatrical string arrangements, brooding pianos and thumping basslines. Aside from the braggadocious rhymes on "Remember the Name" and the single "Petrified," he is more often in a pensive mood, spinning tales about the pitfalls of balancing a relationship with life on the road ("Where'd You Go") and the exploitative nature of the music industry ("Cigarettes"). Although the lyrics tread familiar ground, Shinoda's production acumen makes this more than worth a listen.

From Billboard
Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda has enough name recognition to get a side project off the ground. But he topped off his upcoming album, "The Rising Tied," by having Shawn Carter (better-known as Jay-Z) as executive producer. Those two factors would spell a hit whether a song was deserving or not. However, the energetic "Petrified" has merit. As the rap voice of Linkin Park, it is no surprise that Shinoda is fully diving into the genre for his solo turn, as evidenced here. The booming, hollow synths form a slinky melody that dominates the track, which is braced by drums that are more hip-hop than heavy metal. Shinoda's lyrical flow is confident and smooth, and he has already got a minor beef: "You really must be so lonely/Puffed up like you're tough but so phony." Guess he is preparing for all the potential haters out there who are "petrified" of his sound.

From College Club
A conversational introduction by executive producer Jay-Z off starts Mike Shinoda's first foray into the solo game under his Machine Shop record label. Most would recognize Mike from the 35 million record selling alt-rap outfit, Linkin Park. He's the hip-hop voice amongst the diverse group and is now dropping his first rap album under the name Fort Minor. Concocting all the beats, playing every instrument, and writing all the rhymes for the project puts a hungry touch to this platinum selling artist's "debut." The album runs with the underground feel of the phenomenal Reanimation remix project.

"Remember the Name" featuring Styles of Beyond starts the musical part of the record in a dope mid-90s way. It's apparent that Shinoda is influenced by this period of hip-hop, as the album is filled with samples and dirty drums. Shinoda comes hard with lines such as, "I know you must really be so lonely/Puffed up like you tough but so phony/You and your boys you don't know me/You really wanna hold me, show me homie" in the headnodding "Petrified." The Rising Tied, a play on words, is wholly Shinoda's baby, and allows him to collaborate with artists like Black Thought, Common, and the dope but forgotten Kenna. These mixtures that wouldn't usually appear on a LP album is exactly what make this record hot.

Shinoda paints a vivid picture with "Kenji" by touching upon the internment of the Japanese in the U.S. during World War II. He even has his family members drop their painful memories over the track, making it even more poignant. Changing course, the upbeat "High Road" floats along nicely with fierce battle raps and a breezy hook by R&B; crooner, John Legend. The most complete track on the album, "Cigarettes" makes the analogy between rap-reality and smokes. Shinoda legitimizes liking dumbed-down musical content because he "don't want the truth, I wants to feel fuckin' cool."

Going out alone after being in a super successful group is never easy (just ask David Lee Roth), but Shinoda does an amazing job. He keeps the vibe melodic and catchy throughout, making for a listen similar to an urban-themed Linkin Park record. (Jigga finally got it right!) Fort Minor proves that this is more than just a side project, and more of a natural progression toward the LP dynasty.

November 23, 2005

Video Download: Fort Minor on 7th Avenue Drop
posted by Jas, 11/25/05
My friend Serein has captured Fort Minor's performance on Fuse's 7th Avenue Drop. They performed 'Remember The Name', 'Believe Me', 'Red To Black', 'High Road', 'Petrified' and 'Feel Like Home'. Download video at megaupload or zupload. Please note that the audio is a little bit off, it's not in sync with the video, I'll see if I can fix it.

Reviews of The Rising Tied
posted by Jas, 11/25/05
Reviews of Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" album from various sources

From Los Angeles Times
Mike Shinoda is Linkin Park's setup man -- the one who articulates the angst and builds the tension with a rap verse before tossing it to singer Chester Bennington. Now we have a whole album of Shinoda's rap without the rock, an unfettered indulgence of his fascination with hip-hop. On this disc, he uses live instruments and original samples to construct a varied series of tracks that makes heavy use of those portentous orchestral fragments that have become a Linkin Park signature.

Over those tracks, Shinoda offers sober vignettes about people scraping for survival, as well as self-affirming, go-for-your-dreams celebrations of the underdog. The album's most powerful piece, ``Kenji,'' is an account of his Japanese-born forebears' internment at Manzanar. As a rapper, Shinoda sounds like a suburban b-boy, amiable and sensitive but not charismatic or colorful. ``The Rising Tied'' gets its vocal heft and energy from his sidekicks and guests such as Common, Black Thought and John Legend. Shinoda himself tries to put on a little swagger, but his real appeal is pure puppy dog. ** 1/2 stars

From Wessex Scene
Fort Minor's 'Believe Me' - Linkin' Park's MC travelling in a new direction with his first single. Less harsh than his part in da Park, the single begins with a piano introduction leading into a wonderfully memorable and melodic chorus that is sure to attract the attention of hip-hop and pop music fans alike. I highly recommend this single to all.

November 23, 2005

Reviews of The Rising Tied
posted by Jas, 11/23/05
Reviews of Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" album from various sources

From The Guardian
Two tracks into his solo debut, moonlighting Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda shares his formula for success: "10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain". You get the idea: Shinoda is a grafter and The Rising Tied (oh dear) is a grafter's record that succeeds despite its limitations.

His earnest, methodical rapping may be effortlessly outclassed by guest stars such as Common, but he bolsters it with sulky, darkly metallic beats that sound like Dr Dre crossed with Depeche Mode. There's also a compelling candour that is far removed from Linkin Park's amorphous angst. Shinoda lacerates himself for putting career before family on Where'd You Go and movingly recounts his Japanese family's experiences in WW2 internment camps on Kenji.

But he might have thought twice about the anti-media tirade, Get Me Gone. There's just no way of rapping the lines, "Now I've got the interviews on file/What people said what, what number to dial", without sounding like a crazy person.

From The New Paper
Take one Linkin Park, minus one part screaming frontman and add two parts hip-hop and rap. Then throw in a mix of old school rhythm and groove and you've got yourself some Fort Minor - a solo project by Linkin Park rapper Mike Shinoda. Not surprisingly, Shinoda retains elements of his first band, right from the piano intro in the first track, Introduction. But when the album starts getting rap and hip-hop heavy, Fort Minor takes on an identity of its own.

I think few people appreciate Shinoda's contribution to Linkin Park. With frontman Chester Bennington - who possesses a more flamboyant, rock star-worthy personality streak - dominating the headlines, it was easy to forget his comparatively docile, clean-living right hand man. It was only until Collision Course - Linkin Park's collaboration with rapper Jay-Z - did Shinoda's importance as a band member really show. It's then that you realise his raps, which seem at first like supporting material, are what really give each Linkin Park song that distinctive rhythm.

Same thing here. The dominant driving force in each track, whether it's the requisite first single here's-where-I-introduce-myself Remember The Name or reflective ballad Where'd You Go, is Shinoda's punchy rap style. Joining him is a diverse underground group of artistes such as Black Thought (frontman of Philadelphia hip-hoppers The Roots), rapper Common (formerly Common Sense) and newbie Lupe Fiasco. Jay-Z also returns as executive producer here. Shinoda keeps the hip-hop touches old school - from the screeching sounds on Petrified, to the sharp synthesisers in In Stereo, to the two-part harmonies in High Road. Linkin Park fans should take to this like fish to water and be suitably impressed. (4 stars)

From Chart Attack
Surrounded by lumbering, overproduced guitars and the angsty wail of singer Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda's mediocre rhymes always seemed like an afterthought in Linkin Park. As such, Shinoda's solo effort, The Rising Tied, recorded under his Fort Minor moniker, is a bit surprising for the way it validates the rapper-producer's skills. Shinoda may still be an amateurish MC, but on this record he masks his weaknesses with more heartfelt lyrics and the wise use of guest artists like Common and Black Thought. Sonically, Shinoda mixes traditional scratching, moody keyboards and sprinkles of electronica to create a compelling and confident sound. Linkin Park may have made him famous, but this record is certainly a stronger expression of Shinoda's talents.

From Rolling Stone
Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park demands more respect for his mike skills on hip-hop LP on the debut of his full-on hip-hop project Fort Minor, Linkin Park MC Mike Shinoda gets his Eminem Show on, self-producing dark, rock-schooled beats and dropping brassy rhymes about haters ("High Road"), his struggles as a rapper ("Remember the Name") and the internment of the Shinoda family during World War II ("Kenji"). On "Petrified," the album's club-shaking first single, Shinoda spits some surprisingly dexterous boasts, and on "Back Home," Common helps him work up sympathy for the urban poor amid a spare scratch guitar loop. With supervision from executive producer Jay-Z, tracks such as "Believe Me" translate Linkin Park's stylized angst into sleek boom-bap, complete with agitated pop choruses and deft instrumental ornamentation. Shinoda's weighty raps get wearisome over sixteen cuts, but Rising Tied has plenty of humanist appeal; in all, not a bad use of his pop-star status.

Linkin Park rapper goes solo
posted by Jas, 11/23/05
An article about Mike and Fort Minor from UPI

A desire to rap a bit more inspired Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda to start his new solo project, Fort Minor. His first album under that name, "The Rising Tied," comes out Tuesday, and Shinoda says it allows him to tap deeper into his personal music roots.

"The first type of music I listened to was hip-hop," says Shinoda, who co-founded Linkin Park in the late '90s in Los Angeles. "While Linkin Park was going on I didn't really have any straight-up hip-hop songs. I didn't get a chance to do that. At a certain point, about two years ago, I started missing it and wondering what would happen I took all those things I learned in Linkin Park and applied them to the hip-hop I used to make. And the answer to that question is Fort Minor."

"The Rising Tied" was executive produced by rapper Jay-Z and features guest appearances by rappers Common and Black Thought and singers John Legend and Kenna, as well as Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn. Linkin Park has started recording its third studio album, which will be its first studio release since 2003's 10-times platinum "Meteora."

Shinoda giveaway
posted by Jas, 11/23/05
The Star is giving away Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" album, details here

Mike's favourite spot
posted by Jas, 11/23/05 reveals Mike favourite spot

I'm up in the Valley a lot, go to Little Tokyo quite a bit, and I got a lot business downtown in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all of that. That's kinda where I like to hang out. I got friends up here in the Valley. Styles of Beyond, these guys are up here. I live up here in the Valley, I always lived up here in the Valley, and it's just more mellow than down over the Hill too. Like, you get into downtown and it gets more hectic. Traffic sucks. I don't like to deal with it.

Mike bought his copy of TRT
posted by Jas, 11/22/05
In his latest blog entry, Mike said he bought his own copy of Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" album last night and said that he did a fun interview at this site

Video Download: Mike interview on AOL
posted by Jas, 11/22/05
Kelly Reeves from AOL informed me that you can now listen to the entire Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" album on AOL all week long, click here to listen to the tracks. Speaking of AOL, Kasaweb managed to capture Mike's interview from the AOL Session. Download question #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8

November 22, 2005

The Rising Tied out today
posted by Jas, 11/22/05
The wait is over, Fort Minor's debut album, "The Rising Tied" is in stores today! go grab a copy. Please note that there are two editions of this album, the Standard Edition and the Limited Special Edition. The Limited Special Edition features 3 bonus audio tracks, a DVD, as well as special packaging and exclusive additional art. You can preview the album at (flash page) and listen to all the tracks, you need to disable your popup blocker in order to see the popup window.

Video Download: Mike Shinoda: Storyteller
posted by Jas, 11/22/05
Here are the download links for the video clips that come with the interview with Mike on, all files hosted at megaupload.

  • Mike on Believe Me
  • Mike on Cigerettes
  • Mike on Kenji
  • Mike on Music
  • Mike on Remember The Name
  • Mike on Right Now
  • Mike on Where'd You Go

    LPU 5 launched
    posted by Jas, 11/22/05
    The new LPU 5 is launched today at Here's what you'll get in the LPU 5 membership package

  • LPU5 CD with Live LP Tracks from their Live 8 performance
  • New LPU5 T-shirt
  • Linkin Park Sticker Sheet featuring 8 collectible stickers with artwork from past LP albums, such as Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, Live in Texas, Meteora, Collision Course and more
  • Keychain
  • Cell Phone Sticker
  • Pin
  • Guitar Pick
  • Letter from Phoenix
    Also, look out for your LPU4 newsletter poster in the mail now if you are an LPU4 All Access Member!

    Free one month access to Fort Minor Militia
    posted by Jas, 11/22/05
    From LPU Newsletter: As a benefit of already being a member of the LP Underground, we are offering LPU members a FREE ONE MONTH at Fort Minor Militia starting today. If you have already purchased your Militia membership, this one month will be added to your existing membership, so you'll get 13 months for the price of 12. All free membership months will expire on 12/22, one month from today, so if you decide you like the Militia and want to join and get your package in the mail, be sure to upgrade your membership.

    You will find your Fort Minor Militia FREE membership code within the MY LPU section of So simply log into the site starting sometime today, go to MY LPU, find your code and then visit and click REDEEM CODE and follow instructions with your code to get your free month access. If you are currently a Fort Minor Militia member, be sure to enter in your username and password after you click REDEEM CODE to add your free month to your current membership.

    Fort Minor TV Appearances update
    posted by Jas, 11/22/05
    Here's a TV watch list for Fort Minor

    November 24
    Fuse's 7th Avenue Drop
    5:30 pm ET
    Repeat on 11/25 at 1am, 5pm; 11/26 at 4pm; 11/27 at 12:00am, 4:30am; 11/27 at 10:30pm; 11/30 at 2 pm

    December 7
    Taping of Fort Minor's performance on Last Call with Carson Daly at Burbank, CA
    5 pm, click here for tickets, no info on the air date yet

    December 9
    Jimmy Kimmel Live
    12:05 am (11:05 CT)
    Taping of the show is on Dec 8 at 6:00pm, in Los Angeles, CA, click here for tickets

    TRT DVD clip #6
    posted by Jas, 11/22/05
    Fort Minor Player has released clip #6. It's a preview of the DVD included with the Limited Special Edition version of the album

    November 21, 2005

    Video Download: Interview with Mike Part 2 - TVBS
    posted by Jas, 11/21/05
    Pamela has captured part 2 of Mike's interview from TVBS-G (Taiwan TV). Not only did Mike speaks a little bit of Chinese, he also talks about 'Kenji', my favourite track on The Rising Tied album. And Joe was not happy to hear Mike and Fort Minor's version of 'In The End' when he heard it during one of FM's concerts. Download clip here to find out why.

    Fort Minor: A guided tour
    posted by Jas, 11/21/05
    MTV has posted an interview with Mike where he talked about some of the tracks on The Rising Tied album. He said 'Believe Me' will be the next single to be released in the US. I will have the video clips from the interview up for download later. has also posted their interview with Mike

    " 'Kenji' is about the time during World War II, after Pearl Harbor was bombed, when the U.S. government put [thousands of people of Japanese descent] from the West Coast in prison camps. A lot of kids don't even know this — your history book in high school devoted like two paragraphs to it. I'm half Japanese and my family went through that, so I wanted to take that story and put it in a song. I felt really strongly about putting something on the record that was totally, uniquely me.

    "I did an interview with my dad and I did an interview with my aunt, who is almost 90 years old, and so they told me really what went on. I included that in the song. She was there when people were getting pulled out of their houses, and they had absolutely nothing to do with anything [involving the war]. It'd be your average neighbor — or you — getting pulled out of your house because you were racially profiled as somebody dangerous." -- Full interview

    LPU 5 goes live today
    posted by Jas, 11/21/05
    From LPU Newsletter: The new version of LP Underground, LPU 5.0 launches on Monday, November 21st! Look forward to a brand new website look for year five, plus a LPU 5.0 membership package with all-new exclusive LPU merchandise, including a new Linkin Park CD, t-shirt, and brand new package items. Details on the membership package and how to join LPU 5.0 will be announced in an email blast this coming Monday.

    Speaking of LPU, video clip #3 of Joe's short film "The Seed" is now up for download. Log on to LP Underground to watch Brad on the set of "The Seed"

    Reviews of The Rising Tied
    posted by Jas, 11/21/05
    Early reviews of Fort Minor's The Rising Tied which will be released tomorrow.

    From Newsday
    "The Rising Tied" (Warner Bros.), the debut album from Linkin Park rapper Mike Shinoda's solo project, Fort Minor, is ambitious and well-constructed, powered by clear thoughts, crisp rhymes and rap-rock-friendly beats. It stumbles, like a lot of solo debuts, because it lacks the system of checks and balances that comes with being part of a band.

    In Linkin Park, Shinoda is part of a three-pronged attack, offering the rap counterpoint to Chester Bennington's howls and Brad Delson's guitars' roars. In Fort Minor, he is the sole focus and sometimes being good is just not good enough. His vision is strong on the first single "Believe Me," which boasts a bigger groove and a speedier flow than the rest of the album. It also feels most like a Linkin Park song, with his raps mixed with a sung chorus.

    "Kenji," a moving tale about Japanese-Americans' time in internment camps during World War II, is another example of the full realization of Shinoda's ambitious plans. His smartest track is "Cigarettes," where he compares gangsta rap to smoking, "I'm running out to get the next rapper's CD, just sucking up the guns, drugs and misogyny." At times, Shinoda's conscious-rap vibe gets to be a bit preachy and his anti-media rants get raised to Eminem-level paranoia. For the most part, though "The Rising Tied" shows that Shinoda has plenty to say and will only improve at finding better ways to say it. ("The Rising Tied," in stores today; Grade: B)

    From The Detroit News
    As one fifth of the multi-platinum, grammy-winning rock-rap group Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda gets to spit the occasional rap over lead screamer Chester Bennington's wails. "The Rising Tied," is a pure hip-hop album where Shinoda doesn't have to share scream time. Executive produced by Jay-Z, which means he had a cup of coffee with Shinoda, "The Rising Tied" proves two things: 1. Shinoda is a master beat maker as "Tied" has some of the phattest beats of the year -- "Petrified" and "In Stereo" come to mind. 2. Shinoda as a rapper is slightly above K-Fed territory. Luckily for him and us guest rappers abound including Styles of Beyond and Common. Despite Shinoda's lackluster MC skills, "The Rising Tied" is a surprisingly good album making Fort Minor more than a minor threat. GRADE: B-

    From Hartford Courant
    Linkin Park has sold millions of albums imitating a rap-rock formula established by a band that actually had something to say: Rage Against the Machine. So it's reasonable to ask why you should care that Linkin Park's MC and vocalist Mike Shinoda is releasing "The Rising Tied" on Tuesday, (Warner Bros.), essentially a solo album under the name Fort Minor.

    There are four reasons to care: Jay-Z, Common, John Legend and Black Thought. Jay-Z executive produced the record, and musicians Common, Legend and Black Thought (of the Roots) make guest appearances. Shinoda is an adequate lyricist and rapper, but he pushes beyond the usual rap-metal solipsism on "Kenji." The tune, about the federal government's internment of Japanese-American citizens during World War II, features the voices of Shinoda's father and aunt, both of whom were sent to "relocation camps."

    FM Militia rehearsal video
    posted by Jas, 11/21/05
    The second video clip from the MySpace Anniversary show rehearsal has just been released on Meet some of the other members that make up Fort Minor. Thanks to FMM member MarissaE for the update.

    Fort Minor on Fuse
    posted by Jas, 11/21/05
    From FM Newsletter: Fort Minor will be taping FUSE's 7th Avenue Drop on Monday, Nov. 21st, in New York City and we want Fort Minor Street Team representing! If you are between the ages of 15 and 25, and you want to check out this opportunity to see Fort Minor live at this exclusive taping, here's your chance. To attend the taping, please contact FUSE's audience department at or call (212) 324-3461. This episode of Fort Minor on FUSE's 7th Avenue Drop will air on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 24 at 5:30pm EST. Check your local listings for airtimes.

    TRT tracks on
    posted by Jas, 11/21/05
    You can now listen to the tracks on The Rising Tied album at The album will be out tomorrow.

    November 18, 2005

    Fort Minor on TRL UK
    posted by Jas, 11/18/05
    Sorry about the delay, here's the video clip of Fort Minor's appearance on TRL UK. Thanks Penny, you can now download the clip here or here

    November 17, 2005

    Linkin Park to appear at the Billboard Music Awards
    posted by Jas, 11/17/05 reports that Linkin Park is among the artist to appear at the 2005 Billboard Music Awards, which will be held Dec. 6 at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena and broadcast live on Fox.

    Video Download: Fort Minor's AOL session
    posted by Jas, 11/17/05
    Fort Minor did a live session on AOL recently, you can watch the performance here. Will try to grab the videos and post them later. Mike sings!!! Update: Download video below.


  • Believe Me
  • There They Go
  • High Road
  • Remember The Name
  • Petrified


  • Believe Me
  • There They Go
  • High Road
  • Remember The Name
  • Petrified

    TRT DVD clip #5
    posted by Jas, 11/17/05
    Fort Minor Player has released clip #5 from the DVD of exclusive footage of Fort Minor, available only with the special edition package of The Rising Tied out on November 22. Mike talks about the artwork

    Video Download: Fort Minor in Japan - TVBS-G
    posted by Jas, 11/17/05
    My friend Pamela has captured Mike's interview and a clip of Fort Minor's concert in Yokohama, Japan (performing 'Believe Me' and 'In The End'), last week from TVBS-G (Taiwan TV). Download clip here or here. Thanks Pamela

    New Linkin Park album in mid 2006
    posted by Jas, 11/17/05
    Phoenix sent a message via the LP Newsletter and said that fans can expect the new Linkin Park album in mid 2006

    My Linkin Park People,

    How's it going? For me (and us), things are moving very well. We have taken about a year off and are now back into full work mode. What does a year off look like for Linkin Park? Surprisingly, it was a lot of work. During our "down time," we started Music For Relief, a non-profit organization working to mobilize musicians and their fans to aid in times of disaster. We also played Live 8, the largest show in our band's history. Mike, workaholic that he is, wrote, recorded, and promoted his own side project, Fort Minor. In case you are completely out of the loop, the album releases on 11/22, and is brilliant. Check it out on THE LEAK, and let us know what you think on the LP boards. In addition Chester has been working on some great music that you will surely hear about in the future.

    Now, after all that has transpired over the last 12+ months, we are writing a new album. I can honestly say that I am more enthusiastic and excited about the music we are writing and the direction of this album than anything we have ever done. We are planning to have the album released mid 2006. I hope your collective patience will not be exhausted!

    I am also excited about LPU5. We are including exclusive music we played at Live 8 with Jay Z, along with a lot of other cool stuff in the package. Check out all that information at starting 11/21 when the new fan club launches.

    To all of you LP fans, LPUers, and Street Teamers, thanks for being an integral part of everything we do. We appreciate all of your support, and we are working hard to bring you an excellent new album!


    The Rising Tied early reviews
    posted by Jas, 11/17/05
    Early reviews of Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" from Spin and Rolling Stone

    Fort Minor: "Jay-Z Was A Huge Help"
    posted by Jas, 11/17/05
    MTV UK has a report on Mike's appearance on TRL UK

    Speaking as guests on today's TRL, Fort Minor – fronted by Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park - bigged-up the rap legend, who was the executive producer of their album. "People ask me if Jay wrote anything on the album," Mike told TRL's Dave Berry - also a rap legend in many people's eyes. "He didn't write any lyrics, he didn't write any of the music.

    "So it's like, 'what did he do?' Well I'm a pretty versatile writer, I write pop songs, punk songs, rock songs, hip-hop songs, whatever. And what Jay would do as executive producer is help me go through all these types of songs that I was thinking of doing and decide what to use. These were all hip-hop songs and Jay helped me pick the right ones."

    Fort Minor's debut single 'Believe Me' hit the shops today.

    November 15, 2005

    Fort Minor on The Leak
    posted by Jas, 11/15/05
    Listen to the entire Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" album now on The Leak. Update from FM Newsletter: Starting today, Nov. 15, you will be able to listen to all the album tracks for the next 7 days before The Rising Tied drops Tuesday 11/22 in stores everywhere. Look out for Fort Minor promos for The Leak whenever you see the "Petrified" video on MTV and MTV2. MTV is checking out how many times fans listen to the tracks, so spread the word and listen to the album as many times as you want. The more you click on the tracks - it shows MTV how popular the songs are and how excited fans are for the album release! Also when promoting The Leak and telling all your friends about it, make sure that they are also clicking on each track and listening to it fully! Check out the poll on to rate your favorite "The Rising Tied" track.

    Interview with Mike
    posted by Jas, 11/15/05
    Empathy Promotion has an interview with Mike

    TRT DVD clip #4
    posted by Jas, 11/15/05
    Fort Minor Player has released clip #4 from the DVD of exclusive footage of Fort Minor, available only with the special edition package of The Rising Tied out on November 22. The clip introduces Jay-Z as the executive producer and his contribution to the Fort Minor album.

    Request 'Petrified'
    posted by Jas, 11/15/05
    From FMST Newsletter: If you are a Michigan resident and your local radio station is 104.5 WSNX- Grand Rapids, don't forget to continue to call and request "Petrified." Make sure your requests are personal and you are talking as a fan and not a street team member, so they will take your request into consideration. You should be emailing your requests at least once a day and calling in twice! If you do not live in the Michigan area, click here for the list of radio stations to request either "Petrified" or "Remember The Name". The request URL is: The request line is: (616) 770-8104

    Linkin Park's Bennington, Shinoda Help Do The Honors For Shortlist's Successor
    posted by Jas, 11/15/05
    MTV reports that Chester and Mike are on the list of judges for the inaugural New Pantheon, an award given to acts that have released albums that have not been certified gold. More details

    November 14, 2005

    Fort Minor on The Leak tomorrow
    posted by Jas, 11/14/05
    Reminder from FM Myspace: Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" album will be up on MTV's The Leak starting tomorrow, Nov. 15 where you will be able to listen to all the album tracks for the next 7 days before The Rising Tied drops Tuesday 11/22. Look out for Fort Minor promos for The Leak whenever you see the "Petrified" video on MTV and MTV2. MTV is checking out how many times fans listen to the tracks, so spread the word and listen to the album as many times as you want - the more you listen, the more that we show MTV how excited we are for the Fort Minor album to come out!

    Interview with Mike
    posted by Jas, 11/13/05
    My friend Pamela informs me that Chinese website, Liberty Times has an article (looks like Japan concert review) and an interview with Mike. Update: Pamela sent a brief translation

    We had this interview with Mike, from Fort Minor, on the day after the concert in Yokohama. Married Mike didn't give too much details about his private life, but he said that he wants sexy M.I.A. to be the leading lady in his music video. This is his first time doing a concert outside the States alone, and Mike thought he did very great performance. "That is all because of the fans, what they did was so passionate that it inspires me to do better." said Mike. "It is kind of pity that I dropped my Japanese class to take up painting at school. Otherwise, I could have chatted with my Japanese fans by myself."

    Speaking of drawing, Mike said before he became a singer, he had a job as graphic designer. He can sit there and draw for several hours, and this is also the best way for him to release the pressure of producing songs. The cover arts for both Linkin Park and Fort Minor's albums were all created by his magical hands. When our reporter asked him if he could draw a picture for our readers, a drawing was done in no more than 5 minutes.

    What is the biggest problem, and cost most time during producing Fort Minor's first album, The Rising Tied? "Selecting songs, I think." Mike said. Some guys think that Mike is quite picky, he admitted that he is indeed extremely fastidious. But he also thinks that it is a expression of being professional. In the latest music video, 'Remember The Name', you can see members of Linkin Park in their cameo appearance, but there's no female in it. We asked him if he intends to find some female singer to be the leading lady. He thought about it quite a while, and gave us the answer. "M.I.A., who has Sri Lanka's blood, and Bjork are both perfect choices".

    Video Download: Fort Minor in Japan - MTV
    posted by Jas, 11/13/05
    Tatikogi has captured Mike's interview and a clip of Fort Minor's concert in Yokohama, Japan (performing 'Believe Me'), last week from MTV Japan. Download clip here or here. Thanks Tatikogi

    November 13, 2005

    Fort Minor on TRL
    posted by Jas, 11/13/05
    Mike is now in London. thebritishsurfer posted on the FM board that Mike and Fort Minor will be on TRL UK on November 14 at 6 pm and Fort Minor UK reports that Mike and FM will be on TRL Germany on November 15. Can't promise anything but will try to get a clip.

    Believe Me single
    posted by Jas, 11/13/05
    MarissaE has bought her copy of 'Believe Me' single in Australia and she sent in these scans new look
    posted by Jas, 11/13/05 front page has a new look with a video of Fort Minor's 'Petrified'

    Fort Minor makes an album
    posted by Jas, 11/13/05
    Here are video clips from Fort Minor Makes an Album from MTV Overdrive.


  • Intro
  • Artwork
  • In The Studio
  • Meeting Jay-Z Pt 1
  • Meeting Jay-Z Pt 2
  • Petrified Videoshoot


  • Intro
  • Artwork
  • In The Studio
  • Meeting Jay-Z Pt 1
  • Meeting Jay-Z Pt 2
  • Petrified Videoshoot

    FM Paris show cancelled
    posted by Jas, 11/13/05
    According to, Fort Minor's concert at the Elysee Montmere in Paris on Nov 18 has been cancelled. Contact your local ticket outlets for details.

    November 11, 2005

    Fort Minor makes an album
    posted by Jas, 11/11/05
    MTV Overdrive has posted clips from Fort Minor Makes an Album, watch it here. Update: I've grabbed all the clips, I will make them available for download after the Fort Minor Makes an Album special airs on MTV 2 tomorrow. Don't forget chat with Kenna at this afternoon at 3 pm PST

    Fort Minor's first TV appearance
    posted by Jas, 11/11/05
    Splatsomething posted on the FM board that Fort Minor will be taping their performance on Last Call with Carson Daily on December 7. You can get tickets to the taping of the show at

    TRT DVD clip #3
    posted by Jas, 11/11/05
    Fort Minor Player has released clip #3 from the DVD of exclusive footage of Fort Minor, available only with the special edition package of The Rising Tied out on November 22.

    November 10, 2005

    Win Fort Minor tickets
    posted by Jas, 11/10/05
    Kerrang! is giving away a pair of tickets to Fort Minor concert at the at London's Mean Fiddler on November 14. Details here

    November 9, 2005

    Mike on TRL
    posted by Jas, 11/09/05
    From FM Newsletter: Mike will be calling into TRL today, Nov. 9, all the way from Japan! Jay-Z will be appearing live to discuss Fort Minor's The Rising Tied with Mike and the TRL audience. Tune in to MTV on Nov 9 at 5pm ET/PT (4pm CT) to see what Mike and Jay-Z have to say.

    November 8, 2005

    Mike in Australia in February?
    posted by Jas, 11/08/05
    MarissaE reports that according to DC Shoes newsletter (Australia) Mike maybe visiting Australia in early February

    He's the sort of man you shouldn't pigeon hole. It's not like he'd smack the grey out of you if you did, it's just that it's pointless. Mike Shinoda's collaboration with DC for the epic Clientele Remix Series shoe was enhanced by the Linkin Park main man's generosity and altruism – he donated all proceeds of the shoe to an art college scholarship for young talented artists. Fast forward a year and Shinoda's spirit rides high with the release of his solo project recording as Fort Minor. Executively Produced by Jay Z, Fort Minor's first album is straight up hip hop featuring collaborations from Common, Black Thought and Styles of Beyond. Shinoda had this to say of the debut album The Rising Tide, "I love hip hop so I wanted to make an album from that standpoint, 'cause that's who I am. The Fort Minor project is just as much about getting back to hip hop as it is moving forward."

    The Rising Tide album will be available on November 22nd, with the first single Relief out Nov 14. To check out Fort Minor's website, listen to music and read the latest news, click here. Or, to read an interview with Shinoda about his upcoming album, go here. Warner Music Australia is sending journos from news limited, Video Hits, Urban Hitz and Nova FM to Japan to catch the Asian leg of his tour on Nov 9. A quiet word on the side tells us Shinoda may be visiting Aus in early February.

    Bucket of Weenies mention
    posted by Jas, 11/08/05
    MarissaE reports that LA Weekly has a short blurb about Bucket of Weenies show at the Avalon

    "No album, no studio, just live rock music." So said the press alert for Bucket of Weenies' first-ever show, at Avalon last Tuesday.Billed as an all-star band, but essentially Linkin Park crooner Chester Bennington's vanity project (c'mon, the other guys are from Orgy, Grey Daze, The Bleeders and TSOL), BOW do charmingly amped-up versions of Oasis' "Wonderwall" and Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" (which Giant Drag do better).

    LP is biggest selling artist
    posted by Jas, 11/08/05
    Robyn reports that Linkin Park were on the biggest selling artists of the 21st century on Channel 4 (UK) on Sunday (7/11/05) night.

    TRT DVD clip #2
    posted by Jas, 11/08/05
    Fort Minor Player has released clip #2 from the DVD of exclusive footage of Fort Minor, available only with the special edition package of The Rising Tied out on November 22. See Mike Shinoda in the recording studio and hear how he got started on the record.

    Mike Shinoda: We Major, Not Minor
    posted by Jas, 11/08/05
    Ballerstatus has posted their interview with Mike. Click here to read

    Fort Minor on The Leak
    posted by Jas, 11/08/05
    Fort Minor will be on MTV The Leak on November 15

    Chat with Brad and Styles of Beyond
    posted by Jas, 11/08/05
    From Brad will be in the Fort Minor chat room today at 4 pm PST and Styles of Beyond will be in tomorrow at 5 pm PST. Kenna, Holly Brook, Celph Titled, Black Thought and Apathy will all be in the chat room at a scheduled time and date. Log into the chat using your message board username and password. More details at

    Mike Shinoda "Munny"
    posted by Jas, 11/08/05
    Mike recently created a customized "Munny" and piece of art is now up for auction at Ebay. All profits from the sale of this item and The MUNNY Show will be donated to Feed The Children to benefit children affected by Hurricane Katrina. Click here for more details and to place your bid.

    Get autographed TRT CD
    posted by Jas, 11/08/05
    From FM Newsletter: Pre-order Fort Minor's The Rising Tied at now and your copy will be personally autographed by Fort Minor! Offer good while supplies last. Offer Rules: You will receive one autographed CD booklet with each CD purchased. The autographed booklet will be shipped to arrive with your CD order. Offer ONLY applies to addresses within the U.S. and Canada. No exceptions. You may also pre-order The Rising Tied at the Fort Minor Official Store with options to have the CD bundled with an album t-shirt, and/or Fort Minor Militia (fan club) package.

    November 5, 2005

    Revamped Fort Minor Player
    posted by Jas, 11/05/05
    First of all my apologies for no updates the past few days, had some family gatherings that I couldn't get away from. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. Now back to business, the Fort Minor Player now has a new look which also includes the first special edition DVD clip from The Rising Tied, a total of 6 clips will be shown one by one till November 22

    Greetings from Japan
    posted by Jas, 11/05/05
    Mike is now in Japan for the Fort Minor concert at the Yokohama Blitz on November 9 at 7 pm. He has posted a short message here. There's a new interview with Mike at Impact 210

    Scans of LP article in Hit Parader
    posted by Jas, 11/05/05
    Josh sent these scans of LP article from November issue of Hit Parader magazine (US)

    Mike interview on Yam
    posted by Jas, 11/05/05
    Julie reports that there's an interview with Mike on the latest issue of Yam magazine (Germany). Mike wrote 'Where'd You Go' for Anna, awww..... here's a brief translation, thanks Julie

    Yam: Tell me , who is Fort Minor?
    Mike: That´s me! I just don´t want to bring out an album under my name, because then everybody would say ," Oh its that guy from Linkin Park."Besides I attach great importance to my privacy.If there were my name everywhere I would be scared.I´ not keen on to be a star and I´m not fancy that paparazzis will follow me.

    Yam: But at concerts you play with many people?
    Mike: These are the guys from Styles Of Beyond ,a Hip-Hop-band from L.A.,They ´have supported me with the songs and they are also on stage with me.

    Yam: Is it weird for you to be on the way without your LP-colleagues?
    Mike: Yes, particularly on stage! And I have to give interviews alone. But on the other hand it is really cool to be responsible for yourself. I´ve wrote every single song on my own and actually I play every instrument.with bass,cguitar,cdrums,ckeyboard and organ it worked, but with the string parts I had to give up.

    Yam: You are a little workaholic, or?
    Mike:Yes, that´s me.Our LP-guitarist Brad is worried about that I´m working too much. Exactly like my wife! But I´m working at home so I can sleep in my bed and eat with my family.

    Yam: Is it true that you wrote a song for your wife on the album?
    Mike: True! "Where´d you go" is about how it is when you sit at home, when your partner is on tour. A really crazy love song.

    Yam: And how she likes the song?
    Mike:Everytime when Anna hears the song she cries. I hope that "Where´d You Go" won´t be a hit, because then she would cry everytime she hears the song on the radio.

    Yam:Did the guys from Linkin Park hear the album?
    Mike:Sure! I wouldn't bring it out if they didnt´t like it. Brad really helped me to pick out the right songs and to decide all the musical decisions.

    Yam: Do you meet them also privately?
    Mike: We see each other often. Do sport together or go to the cinema. I hang out with Joe alot, our DJ.

    Yam: What's next?
    Mike: I will tour a little bit with Fort Minor and bring out a mixtape from "The Rising Tied". After that Linkin Park will be the first priority. I promise

    Fort Minor's MySpace concert set list
    posted by Jas, 11/05/05
    Darthyak sent this set list from Fort Minor's MySpace Anniversary concert last weekend
    In The End
    In Stereo
    Believe Me
    Feel Like Home
    Red to Black
    There They Go
    High Road
    Speaking of concert, Alan send in this link that has concert pictures of Fort Minor from the LA show on Thursday

    Fort Minor Militia first video exclusive
    posted by Jas, 11/05/05
    From Fort Minor Militia Newsletter via MarissaE: Check out the first Militia video exclusive shot in Fort Minor's rehearsal studio in preparation for the upcoming performances. This and other upcoming video exclusives can be viewed in the VIDEO section of MEDIA on Coming soon are

    - Fort Minor Militia chat is launching next week, with special appearances to come soon from Mike and Styles of Beyond.
    - New video content from the Petrified video shoot and Fort Minor rehearsals are being edited together now for launch in the coming weeks!
    - An exclusive Fort Minor Militia merchandise store is being built now with all new FM.Militia products marked down for Militia members.

    Live 8 concerts captured on new 4-DVD set
    posted by Jas, 11/05/05
    Review of Live 8 DVD from The Star Ledger. The 4 set DVD will be released on November 7.

    November 1, 2005

    Linkin Park Frontman Plans To Brainwash Kids Into Liking His Side Projects
    posted by Jas, 10/31/05
    MTV has an interview with Chester where he talked about his side projects

    "We've been working for a long time on these projects, and they're really interesting and different," Bennington said. "I don't know if I want to let too much of the cat out of the bag at this point, but when the time is right I think people are really gonna enjoy what we've been doing, and hopefully it kind of adds a new flavor to the music scene."

    Like Linkin Park MC Mike Shinoda's Fort Minor, which is pure hip-hop, Snow White Tan and Julien-K are much different than Linkin Park. "It's not done purposely," Bennington said. "It's just that way, it's just naturally different." Shuck, who met Bennington when Linkin Park were recording their first album at the same studio where Orgy were working, said some of the Snow White Tan material dates back five or six years.

    "I always used to go to his house and hear him play acoustic guitar," Shuck said. "And I always thought to myself, 'Oh my God, these are such good songs.'" Both the Snow White Tan and Julien-K albums are nearly complete, but the guys want to properly release and promote both the projects, which is where the scheduling issue comes into play.

    "Timing is everything, and because of the kind of lives that we have, with so many different things going on, we have to really make sure that it's the appropriate time," Bennington said. "By the time it actually comes out, we're gonna have probably three or four records' worth of material to release," he said. "But we'll see."

    In the meantime, Bennington and Shuck are having the time of their lives with Bucket of Weenies, who put a punk or hard-rock spin on a variety of covers, including Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds," Oasis' "Wonderwall" and Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game." At the Avalon, the band also played Snow White Tan's "The Morning After" and a few Brown originals.

    Bucket of Weenies formed last spring to play a Tempe, Arizona, show celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bennington, Brown and Dowdell's Club Tattoo chain. "What was gonna be a small thing turned out to be 6,000 people, and we had a ton of fun," Brown said. "And then we thought, 'Let's keep playing.'" "It's really kinda cool 'cause we play like, not the typical stuff — it's not 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' " Bennington said. "We're doing tracks that I think are songs that when you listen to them you go, 'Wow that's a really cool song.' "

    The band apparently built its set list while jamming in Shuck's basement, yelling out songs and seeing if they could figure out how to play them."We're all over the map," Rouse said. "We've got Dramarama, we've got the Cure, we've got Bowie, just kind of like a collective sort of what we all listened to growing up and kind of got us to where we're at now. And we're having fun re-exploring it."

    As for the name Bucket of Weenies, Shuck came up with it during a live radio interview in Tempe."It's just when you're partying and all your friends are, like, pulling their shirts off and you're just like, 'What a bucket of weenies,' " he explained. "It was fantastic and stuck," said Bennington, who noted that the initials spell "bow." "Join the BOW movement!" -- Full interview

    Holly Brook to perform with Fort Minor at Universal Amphitheater
    posted by Jas, 11/01/05
    According to Holly Brook MySpace blog, she will be performing "Where'd You Go" live with Fort Minor at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, CA, on November 3rd. Fort Minor will be opening for Mos Def on that day.

    Vote for Fort Minor
    posted by Jas, 11/01/05
    Mike reports that Fort Minor has been nominated for Artist of the Month for December on Hitz FM (Malaysia). Madonna is currently leading with 42% and Fort Minor with 0.1%.. so sad :-( Come on, we can change that, click here to vote. Speaking of voting, Fort Minor's 'Petrified' video is now #9 on TRL, keep voting as many times as you can. To vote by phone Call 1-800-DIALMTV (1-800-342-5688). To vote by artist, press "1" and then enter the first 3 letters of your artist's first name. To vote by video, press "2" and then enter the first 3 letters of the song. Remember phone votes are much more important and count more than online votes so keep calling. The TRL Countdown airs every day at 5pm ET/PT, 4pm CT

    Linkin' Park's Shinoda talks of 'invaluable' Jay-Z production
    posted by Jas, 11/01/05
    Soundgenerator has an article about Mike talking about Fort Minor

    Fort Minor on 10 Spot Drop
    posted by Jas, 11/01/05
    From FM Newsletter: Fort Minor will be a 10 Spot Drop artist all day on Tuesday, Nov. 8th for Spankin' New Music Week. Check into MTV on your television screens for Fort Minor promos that will be airing all day that day.

    Mike's voicemail and FM ringtones
    posted by Jas, 11/01/05
    From FM Newsletter: Mike has left a voicemail for the fans. To hear what he has to say, click on one of these options: Windows Lo | Windows Hi | Quicktime. Get your cell phone ringing with the new "Petrified" and "Remember The Name" ringtones. These Fort Minor ringtones are available now by texting the words "Fort Minor" to 73804 on your cell phone.

    "Kun Fu High School" mention
    posted by Jas, 11/01/05
    Fort Wayne News Sentinel has a short blub on Joe's upcoming feature film, "King Fu High School"

    "Kung Fu High School," his new novel, has captured the attention of a circle of edgy young filmmakers. It's been optioned by the producers of the eerie thriller "The Ring," and is set to be the much-anticipated feature-film debut of DJ Joe Hahn, of the rap-metal band Linkin Park.