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State Capitol Building Higher education will feel deep budget pains next year
Web-posted: 5/13/08
Fewer students, fewer professors and higher tuitions could be a hallmark of Florida's public universities next school year.

Legislators: We did our best with the budget
Web-posted: 5/4/08
TALLAHASSEE - Unable to dodge a huge budgetary bullet, the Florida Legislature has settled for promising voters the wound isn't that bad.

House reverses field on Senate sales-tax repeal
Web-posted: 5/2/08
Representative files bill to restore exemption for Super Bowl tickets.

Money for prisons, cuts for schools
Web-posted: 5/1/08
Millions of dollars for prisons, sure. Money for schools, not so much. The lock-'em-up Florida Legislature is set to approve a budget that includes $305 million to build three new prisons.

Schools evolution proposal could die
Web-posted: 5/1/08
A proposal to let schoolteachers criticize the scientific basis of evolution may die in the Legislature because dueling plans haven't been reconciled into a single bill.

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