Shanghai Vantage Airship Manufacture Company Limited is special for design, manufacturing and maintenance of helium manned airship that approved by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC in brief).Itis an individual enterprise for civil aircraft manufacturing registered in May. 2000 in Shanghai,China with capital of CNY ten millions.

Take the advantages of international up-dated technical, equipment, material and processes our model CA-80 airship, which was launched in 2000, had a successful trial flight in September 2001. This model of airship is designed for the purpose of advertisement and propagation, air-photo, scientific test, tour and surveillance duties. It has been certified as a grade A Hi-Tech introduction program [No.20000186] in Shanghai . After tough and long term coordination and evaluation, the CAAC authority has granted a type design approval and certificate of airworthiness model CA-80 airship, which has been published in the Jane's All the World's Aircraft for four times(2003--2007).

Vantage airship compared with the same product in world wide, type CA-80 airship is designed more advantage, more safe and reliable, more ready in control, more easy to use, more reasonable in price and economy for operation. It's advantages are clear at airship field.


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