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This site is dedicated to the QBasic - old good programming language. Here you will find many QB-programs: 9 of them and 3 under Protuberance Shell are made by Fomalhaut Software, 77 games, 14 demo-versions and 27 utils - by other authors. For your valuable opinions site guestbook is always open, and forum will help to find answers to your QB-related questions. Also here's a catalogue of useful links to QB-sites (btw if you have QB-site and want to exchange links - email us). Hope you'll enjoy staying here!

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2nd july 2004
Alas, half-year has passed, but without any update. Yes, I don't trace the doings in QB World anymore, don't download new programs. And the most imortant, I almost don't programming in QB, now BlitzBasic only.. It means, I don't plan to update site in the future (however, who knows, maybe I'll have a wish?). For the last, I'll add the link to my photoalbum and fast mirror of this site. So, all the best to You, QBers, bye. BASIC forever!
28th december 2003
Happy New Year to everyone! As you see, site design is cardinally changed - thanks Hell /HiLevel Bot/ for valuable advices.
10th december 2003
I proudly present new project - Crag3D engine. You can download demo from "Protuberance" section and also pack of my small (but cool) programs from "Programs" section. +7 games, +2 demos, +3 utils, +3-3 links
3rd august 2003
I finally finished Protuberance (it's graphic interface) and two progs written under it - Background Designer and QBView. Yeah, we're now partners with QB New Zealand, The Geekery, HAR-Software and Fro Moe Software. We have shared forum. Buttons highlighting added.
8th july 2003
+10 games, +1 demo +5 utils +9-5 links. We have new address: .
16th march 2003
+10 games, +4 demos +6-7 links.
11st january 2003
Missed IDKFA archive uploaded.
31st december 2002
Happy New Year! +5 games, +1 demo, +1 utilite, +4 links.
14th october 2002
Thanks to everybody, who sign the guestbook! +6 games, +2 demos, +6 links.
31st july 2002
"QB-Collection" slots now have page selectors. +2 games, +2 utils, +4 links. Compilation error of PTW was exterminated (convertor unit was unable to convert). The site will be registered (or updated) in the largest search engines soon.
20th july 2002
Today it's my birthday and birthday of this English version of the website. Welcome!

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