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  Berkeley Design Automation Precision Circuit Analysis™ tools deliver true SPICE accuracy 5x-10x faster and with 5x-10x higher capacity than any other approach:
Our tools solve big analog/RF verification problems that would otherwise be impractical or impossible. This includes thorough characterization of complex blocks such as PLLs, ADCs, PHYs, Tx/Rx chains, and DC:DC converters. It also includes performance simulation for full circuits including wireless transceivers, wireline transceivers, memories, microcontrollers, data converters, and power converters.

Berkeley Design Automation tools use standard SPICE netlists and models, produce standard outputs, and are plug-in compatible with existing flows.

Our customers include top-10 semiconductor companies to leading-edge startups who are using Berkeley Design Automation tools to get their leading-edge silicon to market faster.

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Anaheim, CA - June 9-12

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