First Name : Todd
When did you start Playing Tradewars : Nov 98
How Long have you Played Tradewars : 2+ years but currently on hiatus from active competition
Alias Used in the Game : Timberwolf
How I Choose my Alias : I just love animal
Are You a Member of any Group in TW ( If Yes , can you play with other teams ) : Well .. officially I'm still a member of the Coalition .. but my CEO Saint is in retirement so the corp currently is in limbo. Otherwise I'm not associated with anyone and can play with anyone.
( Major / Minor )
WTC 2000 (finished second with the Huns - Atilla, Tweety, Banano, Catholica, and Morpheus - good players.
Name 3-5 players you like to corp with in a game ? Atilla, Guardian, Jackbox, Epicenter for starters but i'll play with anyone who does their turns daily and do their assignments well.
What Playing style do you prefer ( blue/red .. aggressive/passive ) ? depends on who I'm working with. If my team doesnt have a killer, I'll play an aggy style. If we have a killer, then i'll play as a non-aggy red cashier or blue builder.
What players  influenced your style of playing (mentors/Opponents) Guardian and Space Ghost influenced how i played red. Atilla is just one of many that influenced how i play blue.
Helpers / Programs Used : Zoc for actual game play. Swath to map and grab data like port reports.
Awards / Recognition Received 2nd in WTC 2000 with the Huns (see above)
Rankings of Timberwolf Guardian's Rankings : Leader(2.2) , Evil(2.0) , Builder(2.0) , Invader(2.0) and  Killer(1.5) 
Epicenter's Rankings : 3 out of 5 Stars 
Anything else you might want to add : I'll be back