Rawcliffe to Goole

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The Ouse Bridge (J36 to west of J37)

The Ouse bridge

A transportation study into road communication between the Great North Road and Kingston-upon-Hull was undertaken in 1964 by Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Partners on behalf of the Department of the Environment. The route of the Rawcliffe to Balkholme Section on the M62, including the crossing of the River Ouse, resulted from that study. This section relieved the A614 between Rawcliffe and Howden and the A63 between Howden and Balkholme.

These roads carried a large volume of traffic with a high proportion of heavy commercial vehicles proceeding to and from the city of Hull. Traffic flow on the A614 is restricted at the Boothferry Bridge over the River Ouse. It is a swing bridge and is frequently closed to road traffic to allow passage of shipping, which resulted in long queues of waiting vehicles in the past. It wa