Project Management Software Web

JOHNB 503 days ago

Project Management Software Web – Reviews, rankings, and advice on innovative project management software tools.

The Problem With Programming

KOPANAS 524 days ago

Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of the C++ programming language, defends his legacy and examines what’s wrong with most software code.

Comparing the Intrinsic Qualities of Java, Rails and PHP

KOPANAS 549 days ago

Tim Bray’s (of Sun Microsystems) comparison of the intrinsic qualitires of Java, Rails and PHP

DavidCo’s Robert Peake on “Getting Software Done” (part 2)

KOPANAS 575 days ago

Part 2 of the two part series… excellent read.

DavidCo’s Robert Peake on “Getting Software Done” (part 1)

KOPANAS 575 days ago

Part 1 of a two part series on how the CTO David Allen’s company, author of Getting Things Done, used GTD to develop one of their products. Excellent articles.

Security Engineering

KOPANAS 624 days ago

“If you’re even thinking of doing any security engineering, you need to read this book” – Bruce Schneier

Agile Axioms - A Brief Exposition

KOPANAS 669 days ago

I read this short essary a couple days and it really hit home. Rules to not only develop by but live your life by.

Agile Axioms: We are Creators, Reality is Perceived, Change is Natural

Agile Cheat Sheets

KOPANAS 669 days ago

Agile Cheat Sheets that I have personally printed and thumb tacked to my wall in my office. Me like.

Video Webcasts From Collaborative Technology Conference 2006

KOPANAS 693 days ago

Some great presentations that were given at CTC 2006 are available online for those who could not attend the conference.

Unconcious Interface Design

KOPANAS 694 days ago

Great article introducing unconcious interface design and examples on how to improve designs. Good read.

15 Excercise Problems To Help You Learn A Programming Language

KOPANAS 694 days ago

Reading and studying is never enough. You have to do play with the language. Here are 15 problems that will help you get familiar with the programming language you are studying.

The Little Book of Ruby

KOPANAS 694 days ago

Another free book. This one is an introduction to the programming language Ruby. Considering the book is free it looks really good.

Book Of Algorithms

KOPANAS 694 days ago

A complete book of algorithms yet to be published is available online in PDF format. For those interested in algorithms this looks like it could be an interesting read.

Crossing the Chasm - From Traditional To Agile

KOPANAS 706 days ago

One authors argument that we have, or are coming very close, to crossing the chasm and moving towards wide spread acceptance.

Some nice diagrams in the article. Check it out!

Type Theory and Functional Programming

KOPANAS 732 days ago

Simon Thompson’s has made his book titled “Type Theory and Functional Programming” available free for download for anyone who is interested in type theory and functional programming.

What The Software Industry Is Missing

KOPANAS 732 days ago

I couldn’t agree more.

Code Ownership

KOPANAS 735 days ago

The differences between Strong, Weak and Collective code ownership with Martin Fowler’s opinion of each.

Evaluating Ruby

KOPANAS 736 days ago

Martin Fowler’s evaluation of Ruby to date.

Follow Carson Workshops While They Develop Their Next Web Application

KOPANAS 737 days ago

Carson Worshops has started a blog called BareNakeApp were they document the building of their next web-application. I just got caught up with all their posts today. It is a good read if want to build your own web-application.

Of topic slightly, Ryan Carson’s (owner of Carson Systems/Workshops) wife is really hot.

Computer Science Education

KOPANAS 737 days ago

Grady Booch responds to an article we just indexed about computer science education where he covers his views.

He also covers, to a certain extent, what he feel to be the difference between computer science and software engineering.