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Enterprise Statistics was not funded for 1997; Therefore, the 1992 data available at this site are the most current for the Enterprise Statistics program.

As an alternative, Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB) provides enterprise size data on an annual basis. These data are tabulated from the County Business Patterns database and are available from 1989-1999. Due to differences in scope, methodology, and industry classification, the 1992 Enterprise data and 1992 SUSB data are not comparable at all levels.
(for more information, see section 4.6 in the following paper: Data on Establishments by Firm Size(.pdf) )

As part of the Surveys of Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (SMOBE), a 1997 COMPANY SUMMARY report.(pdf) has been released.
This report is new for 1997 and is not a sequel to the 1992 Company Summary Report from the Enterprise Statistics program. In addition, the data from the 1997 Company Summary report are not comparable to the 1997 Statistics of US Businesses (SUSB) data due to differences in scope, methodology, and industry classification.
SMOBE's 1997 Company Summary report publishes statistics for all U.S. firms (paid employer firms and nonemployers) by race, gender, ethnicity, industry, legal form of organization and employment and receipt size.

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Last revised: 11-2003

Enterprise Statistics -- 1992

The Enterprise Statistics program is based on establishment data collected in the Economic Censuses. Selected data of these establishments are aggregated to the enterprise level to provide comprehensive data for entire companies and their owned establishments, including auxiliary establishments (i.e. headquarters offices, research and development facilities, and data processing centers).

For more details, go to Introduction or Coverage and Methodology.

Enterprise Statistics data include:
  • Company Summary
  • Large Companies
  • Auxiliary Establishments
Consolidated company data include sales, employment, payroll, form of organization and enterprise industry classification. Supplementary data for large companies include inventories, assets, fringe benefits, capital and research and development (R&D) expenditures, and depreciation. Data for auxiliaries include sales, employment and payroll, billings, inventories, capital and R&D expenditures, and selected purchased services.

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    1992 COMPANY SUMMARY REPORT (ES92-1)    
     PDF Viewing of entire publication requires Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded free from Adobe Home Page

    1992 Auxiliary Statistics data are currently available on the 1992 Economic CD-ROM_1i.

Economic Census CD-ROM, Volume 1 contains the Enterprise Statistics publication data.
The final CD-ROM _1J in the Economic Census series may be ordered through customer service at (301) 457-4100.

DATA   -- [samples] It is important to note that establishment figures in Enterprise Statistics are based on the company classification of their owning firms, and are not directly comparable with any of the regular economic censuses totals, which were tabulated only on an establishment classification basis.

For additional detail on business establishments, see results of the 1992 Economic Census.

Similar Programs were conducted by the Census Bureau to provide Enterprise Statistics data in
1954, 1958, 1963, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, and 1987.
Limited data for 1958-1987 are available in our office and can be requested by sending email to csd@census.gov or by calling (301) 763-3321.

Auxiliary data are now available through the 1997 Economic Census. (see definition of auxiliaries)

Corporate, Subsidiary & Regional Managing Offices (NAICS 551114) -
    Geographic Area Series or Miscellaneous Subjects

Auxiliaries, excluding NAICS 551114 -
    Geographic Area Series or Miscellaneous Subjects
    PDF Viewing of entire publication requires Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded free from Adobe Home Page

In addition, 1997 auxiliary data are available for selected purchased services and expense items (SIC and NAICS).
The data are in the format of Microsoft Excel files and can be requested by sending email to csd@census.gov or by calling (301) 763-3321.