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Men Championing Patriarchy

Mission Statement:

MIOMS exists to promote the virtues of traditional roles for men and women, and to demonstrate their value to society. We expose the deficiencies of equal opportunities, and of the threat this poses to the stability of family life and by extension society as a whole. Men and women are in equal in status, and before the law. Equality in status does not imply sameness of purpose or function.

The sexes have a complementary relationship to each other and mutual respect and harmony can only occur when this complementary nature is upheld and promoted throughout society. Feminism is a regressive, counter culture movement whose self-centred ideologies not only undermine civil and personal liberties, but also destroys the foundation of stable family life. 

History will judge this generation most severely for making some critical errors regarding the over zealous pursuit of equality for women.  Most gender `reforms' like affirmative action were carried out on the  basis of ideology rather than popular consensus or validated scientific research.
  The drive to equalize the roles of men and women is not a fight against alleged male bias as such, but rather represents a retreat from reality and common sense, a futile war against nature.  The equality for women jihad is in reality waging a war against the primacy and stability of family life, due democratic processes, and ultimately against the concepts of masculinity and femininity.

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