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2005 TED Prize winners from left: medical inventor Robert Fischell, musician and activist Bono, photographer Edward Burtynsky

A musician, a photographer and an inventor prove that they can ...


WISH ONE: I wish for you to help build a social movement of more than ONE MILLION American activists for Africa.


  • Empower Americans to fight stupid, crushing poverty in Africa and AIDS by making a big noise.

Actions Taken:

  • Rights to the URL www.ONE.org secured and delivered by the Jane Addams Hull House.
  • Sun builds cool SMS technology that allows instant sign-ups at U2 concerts; a team from Sun travels with the U2 tour to run it.
  • Multi-company team of Sun, Macromedia, Microsoft and Tribe, redesigns the www.ONE.org website.
  • Anonymous TEDster commits $10M over five years to Bono's team.

1.4M signups ahead of G8 summit where major debt cancellation/AID package agreed. One.org signups subsequently exceed 2M.

WISH TWO: I wish to tell people ONE BILLION times about ONE, with as much of this as possible before the G8 Africa Summit in July 2005.


  • ONE billion media impressions for the mass-market campaign to tell everyone in the U.S. about ONE and the global fight against poverty.

Actions Taken:

  • John Kamen, of Radical Media, creates ONE film which plays all over TV Networks and the Internet
  • Google contribute adwords
  • Jay Amato and Viewpoint negotiate 1.5 BILLION online ads with help from 24/7 Real Media, About.com, Accuweather, ad pepper, AOL, Boston.com, Burst Media, CBS, UPN and CBSNews, Ebay, Gamespot, iVillage, MaxOnline, Monster.com, MSN, MSNBC, NowPublic, Right Media, UGO, ValueClick, VIEWPOINT Search, Whitepages.com

Exceeded ONE BILLION impressions target before the G8 summit. Total impressions granted eventually exceeded TWO billion.

WISH THREE: I wish for you to show the power of information —its power to rewrite the rules and to transform lives — by connecting every hospital, health clinic, and school in one Africa