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  1. Chris Mundy

  2. Paul Colman

  3. Soulframe

  4. Geoff Rankin

  5. Atoned

  6. Tone Rangers

  7. Gerald

  8. The Last Resort

  9. The Agents

  10. The Scooter Two

  11. Alabaster Box

  12. Telegram Sam

  13. Barb Chapman

  14. Fiery Fergus

  15. Nagasaki

  16. Rhubarb

  17. The Frugals

  18. Paradox

  19. Futhermore

  20. Void If Removed

  21. Half Way Out

  22. The Screamin' Jamaican

  23. Interim

  24. Squipplepippy

  25. Atoned

  26. Tonjip

  27. Distinguished Guests

  28. Rocfish

  29. Pseudo Llama

  30. Justin Mark

  31. Paul Davis

  32. Red Entrance

  33. Chris Mundy

  34. Soulframe

  35. Lads

  36. Roma Waterman

  37. Compliments Of Gus

  38. Antiskeptic

  39. Aliki

  40. Another Day Down

  41. Famularo

  42. 211 In Progress

  43. Gerald

  44. Alabaster Box

  45. the jive express

  46. Citrus

  47. Geoff Rankin

  48. Ostella

  49. Rookie

  50. Shell Lee

  51. Void If Removed

  52. Sounds Like Chicken

  53. Finding Mr J

  54. stu

  55. Phil Spence

  56. Crying Out Loud

  57. Distinguished Guests

  58. the refrains

  59. Aliki

  60. Iron & Clay

  61. Scat

  62. Daniel Kay

  63. Adrian Rowse

What you have to do...

Write a caption in the box below for the photo on the right to be in with a chance to win a prize. The best caption(s) will win the prize. The best captions will be published.

A competition begins on a Wednesday, and runs for a couple of weeks or so.

Enter as many times as you like. Good luck.

Want to be featured?

We are always looking for new artists/bands for the Killer Captions competitions. If you/your band would like to participate, please get in contact by phone or email (our contact details). All you need to provide is a photo and a prize.

Top 10 Captions for previous comp
(...that's the one lower right)

  1. "For the last time... you are NOT Nicodemas!!!"
    Submitted by ros mayes.

  2. "Don't you make me come up there!"
    Submitted by JodieAnne OBrien.

  3. ...and you could meet other guys like me on
    Submitted by moo moo.

  4. They had to shoot a close-up, as Simon had forgotten to wear any trousers.
    Submitted by Rob Falconer.

  5. It took the next two hours for Simon to convince that cheeky monkey to give the camera back!!
    Submitted by jf_40.

  6. "Ok sure Mr Gandalf, I'll carry the ring to Mordor."
    Submitted by katey kate.

  7. Simon enjoys walks along the beach and romantic dinners so ladies please call.
    Submitted by cheese_cake.

  8. I wonder if this is enough of a boy band pose?
    Submitted by Kelly Laidlaw.

  9. You are thinking of a number, ah yes it is 23! Muhahahaha!
    Submitted by Noah4040.

  10. Simon contemplates what will happen to the band at his next birthday, when he turns 24.
    Submitted by cheese_cake.

Current competition (#65) -
started 24/01/07

The current Killer Captions photo is of Sunshine Coast based Christian band JaeL. The prize is a JaeL merch pack! Good luck with all your entries. Put them in the box over there <--.

Previous comp photo -

This previous Killer Captions photo is of Simon Garth from Brisbane Christian band Twenty Three. The prize is a copy of Twenty Three's debut EP plus 23 jelly guitars won by ros mayes.

Download Twenty Three's MP3s here. More MP3s are available here.

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