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Founded in 1980, Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI), provides Policy Insight, the leading economic-forecasting and policy-analysis model; TranSight, a tool for evaluating the total economic effects of transportation improvements; and full-service economic consulting. See our client list. Read more about our software and services:

Regions as the Building Blocks of the Global Economy

Nissan is the economic champion of Nashville; Intel locates as easily in Ireland or Israel, Chandler, Arizona or Chengdu, China. It used to be said that, “what’s good for GM is good for America.” Now, this might read, “what’s good for GM is good for Michigan, but what’s good for Toyota is good for Kentucky …”

Indeed, regions have become the building blocks of the global economy. Capital, information and ideas cross borders; and the economic prosperity of a city depends on its ability to compete with other cities around the globe.

REMI developed Policy Insight® and TranSight® to better demonstrate how policy decisions affect jobs, income and output in geographic areas such as a county, metropolitan area, or state.

We invite you to learn more about regional economies, and encourage you to explore our website, participate in one of our events, and/or contact us directly for more information.

REMI Seminars

Whether you are interested in learning more about Policy Insight or Transight for a future purchase, or if your organization has already purchased a model, we are here to support you. We offer in-person seminars to introduce our models to all those who are interested, or would like some additional training for models already purchased. In addition, we offer On-line Training sessions, for current users, or those doing more intensive research into what REMI models can offer. For more information, please see Coming Events.