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Psychic Warfare – The Top Secret Mind Interfacing Technology
Decrypted by The Saint




This report details the best civilian knowledge about the US government’s latest research into neurological weapons. It cost over $150,000 to research and is the summation of over 650 in depth interviews. Additionally, it is a timely critique of America’s current political plight and it contains testimony from a Harvard graduate and former department of defense scientist who was tortured for a year using the same system that was used on Saddam Hussein by the CIA instigating a second invasion. This is a full disclosure of the long running random human weapons testing, remote renditions, and eugenics programs conducted on worldwide citizens for advancing the killing capability of this very secret weapon system and the methods used to cover it up from mass media.


It is unusually written in a style of sarcasm and grandiose language to engage readers of all walks of life. The science is intense but graspable and laid out for the scientific neophyte.



Who should read this book


·       Venture Capitalists who want an early insight into the next displacing technology. Here are some leaders in the field: NeuralSignals, British Telecom, US Air Force perception and cognitive deception warfare division, IBM, Lockheed Martin.

·       Military, DoD and justice department personnel will gain insight into some of the activities they are not cleared to know about but unwittingly participate in.

·       Psychologists and Psychiatrists who study bipolar, paranoid schizophrenia, satanic ritual abuse, alien abductees, and false memories - it explains how these conditions truly arise in many cases. They need to update their knowledge in this area because many famous doctors have been misdiagnosing neurological weapons test victims.

·       Foreign governments especially ambassadors - they need to know how the CIA and military are engineering war, terrorism, and social change using these weapons in other countries

·       Scientists involved in research of bioelectric and biomagnetic fields - so they understand how their research is being used in the most antidemocratic ways imaginable.

·       Medical research scientists who are unknowingly involved in torture and killing of test subjects in Universities accepting CIA, DoD, NASA, NSA, and DARPA grants.

·       Social scientists who are interested in better understanding trends and population behavior control mechanisms implemented in the U.S.

·       Law students and political scientists who can appreciate how carefully laws need to be worded in order to avoid abuse by the corrupt individuals who will "creatively" reinterpret them for their own personal glorification with grave long term consequences.

·       But most of all, it is an important work for the common man to understand how government when unchecked can spin out of control. Understanding how we are programmed, can free us from those influences.





There is a $50,000 reward offered for information leading to the prosecution of many American officials. Find out how you can collect it.




Copyright 2006 Higher Order Thinkers Publishing



Contained within this book are the answers to:


*    Why is this technology so valuable to the CIA and department of defense that they had to kill President J. F. Kennedy and Jr. to ensure its secrecy and further the devolution of the Constitution and American values?

*    What was behind all the haunted houses, poltergeists, alien abductions, and psychic phenomena in the 60s,70s, and 80s? The usual suspects create the scripts for the common beliefs of the gullible masses. How does psychological profiling work to cover up the weapons testing?

*    How were the UNA-bomber and Okalahoma bomber programmed to kill and whose mind was actually behind it? The UNA-bomber stayed at the same dorm in Harvard as I stayed in. He was part of project Moon Struck in the late 1950’s, a CIA mind control project.  The Oklahoma bomber was involved in a military remote control soldier program. The second day of my torture and brainwashing, I was told “Harvard grads make good patsies.”

*    What is the nature of the top secret technology which came over with the Nazi scientists in project Paper Clip in 1947 and caused the formation of the CIA from the National Security Act signed by President Truman? The technology is very much in wide spread use today, so why don’t we learn about these technologies on the hypnotube (TV)? How many Americans have been tortured and killed for the development of these weapons?

*    What is EEG cloning? What is the Global Brain project? What are the “Cataloguing and Cloning Operations” done by the CIA? How have these treasonous acts gone on so long without the public consciously knowing?

*    What are the capabilities of what the military is touting as “a break through in weapons so revolutionary that it will change war more than the atomic bomb”? It has more secrecy in the US than the Manhattan project did but is commonly known in Eastern block countries as bio-communication technology. The U.S. military says it must change the minds of the people to accept this weapon. How does terrorism play into this strategy?

*    What is the next major disruptive technology that will be available to the commercial segment in the year 2025?  It will create a trillion dollar market. Find out which companies are poised to lead this revolution?

*    What will the human race look like in 2030? George Orwell and Aldus Huxley were correct way before they could have possibly imagined. The human race’s concept of self is going to change overnight without your consent. Why? How are eugenics, directed evolution, and ‘intelligent’ design disguised?

*    How are terrorists created? How was Saddam Hussein tortured and provoked by the CIA/DoD in 1992 according to USA Today newspaper? Was there proof ahead of time that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction? How did Saddam Hussein save my life and his scientists inadvertently help free Americans and other world citizens by their public disclosure of the CIA’s and NORAD’s weapon?

*    Who controls America’s mass news media?  How are politicians manipulated? The judicial branch? The voting system? Hear first hand accounts by reporters and others who were attacked by the U.S. secret torture weapon to shut them up. The US made a deal with the devil back in ’47. Find out how this “devil”, now referred to as the shadow government, the octopus, omeganet,  took control with the means to assassinate fellow admirals, generals, and presidents when they are done serving their purpose, growing in power and influence using deception since its formation under the guise of national security.

*    This report has been issued to every security agency around the globe. Find out what their interest is in it and why the American public will be the last to know.

*    What kind of defenses work against directed energy weapons and bio-communication technologies? Will this arms race end with the end of the human race?

*    Why won’t the mass media report the testimony of x-CIA, x-FBI, x-DoD, police officers, lawyers, doctors, priests, and others about these “psychoterrorist” attacks on the U.S. population?

*    I shook hands with General Colin Powell at my under-graduation at Harvard. General ‘Hitler’ Hayden (current CIA director) had two of his direct reports quit and who now are working with our group to expose the fascist takeover.  I met Newt Gingrich at Dartmouth. He said recently that the CIA needs to be dissolved. (Later he changes his mind). Why have so many people quit around Bush? High treason is punishable by hanging. Many say they are trying to escape the aftermath of the random tortures and killing of US citizens if public awareness reaches critical mass. Hopefully we will see the guillotine used on several NORAD air force generals and the Bush crime syndicate in our lifetime to restore our hope in American values, justice, and constitutional controls.

*    And many more answers that the public has the right to know!


The book on CD with the author reading it and pdf version is here. This is a pre-hard cover publication. There will be edits before the printed media. If you purchase now you will receive a free printed version when it becomes available.



Please contact to have the book shipped to you for $17.00. All money goes towards various charities.

If you can not afford it, just ask for it.

Click here to pay with pay pal and to see other products.


This book is finally being edited by Stanford University, Caltech, Yale, and Harvard University. It is being translated into Arabic, German, Swedish, Russian, Hebrew, and Polish now. More translators wanted especially Japanese and Chinese.


*               This report will be hand delivered to several members of congress on June 14th-17th.

*        I gave expert testimony on Non-Lethal weapons, Directed Energy weapons, Bio-communication weapons, and advanced secret surveillance technologies to 23 congressional members and staff including the Judiciary Committee and closed door meetings with the Senate Intelligence Committee members. The former head of Southern California’s FBI accompanied me to the meetings to testify. We have had several follow up meetings since. One of the democratic congressional offices said, “we can’t investigate torture of Americans until the republicans are a minority in Congress.” Let’s see whether they pass Congressional House Resolution 1026 or if they are all talk. Here is a short video from CSPAN on Co-intel pro and the Church hearings to give you some background. This is a true story. The Senate Intelligence Committee members we met with had never heard of MKULTRA or Co-intel pro they said. How can they do their job for the American people if they don’t even know the basic rap sheet of the criminals that found their way into our system?



*               All embassies in Washington DC will receive a copy on June 16th.

*        I have approached many embassies asking for them to translate my two year investigation into their native language. Oddly enough, China, North Korean, and the Ukraine seemed to be most receptive to getting a report on the weapons capabilities that I acquired from interviewing the American test subjects. The “free world” countries seemed to deny knowledge of such weapons and experiments on humans. I am trying to negotiate money to build defensive shelters in the US for citizens with a dedicating plaque for their help in exchange for this data and defensive technologies.

*               June 9-12, 26 colleges in the Boston vicinity will get free copies.

*           MIT and Harvard were the campuses with whom I networked the most. Until the school session reconvenes in September, I will hold off introducing the book to the campuses around the country. Over 200 copies were distributed around Washington D.C. and randomly in airports for analysis and feedback.

*               The shooting for the pilot of the movie, “The Enemy Within - Psychic Warfare” will begin in October 2007. It is about treason in the highest ranks of U.S. government and the technology they have kept hidden because they have killed and tortured to death tens of thousands of people in order to further develop the killing effectiveness and gain some practice. (Ahead of schedule – shooting locations and permits are in the works.)

       Movie Teaser: This true and prophetic drama, passed off as fiction, takes place in current day. It boldly concludes the conspiracy speculation where no others have dared. It spins the age old tale between the classic battle between good and evil. This screenplay is fresh and full of plot twists, completely unpredictable. A technology which will change the way mankind defines itself has evolved in secrecy for over 50 years but hidden in plain view and its power has corrupted everyone who has control of it.  It has inspired almost a quarter of Hollywood movies but only a select few can tell you how.  An intelligent man of pure convictions is accidentally brought into the pentagon’s dark underworld where he becomes a saint, a soldier in the rebellion, in order to fight the greatest diabolical evil the human race has ever faced. 

A mind once stretched will never regain its original shape. Beware, the enemy is within.

*               A member of the  mind hacking strategy group will be interviewed for 3 hours on a national radio talk show December 5th, 11pm – 2 am (PST) discussing directed energy weapons, their abuse and use in U.S./U.K. joint government genocide/menticide programs, and the psychological cover-up techniques. If you would like to listen live, find the frequency of the radio station in your part of the world. Roughly 4 million listeners.

         An inspiring email from a listener: I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being there for me on the  "Art Bell/George Noorey/Coast to Coast AM" program.  I have what I call "Three Gifts" which enabled me to identify the who, what and how, so I may understand what was happening to me.  You were one of the “gifts.”

-       Another member of the  mind hacking strategy group will be on the Alex Ansery show April 19th, 2007 to discuss neurological weapons abuses on the American public. Alex Ansery has interviewed some of the most brilliant people of our time such as the author of “Gödel, Escher, Bach”, Douglas Hofstadter.

-       And another representative will have a guest appearance at the Harvard Club of Silicon Valley, for a discussion called “Mapping the Mind: Intersections of Science, Technology, and Medicine”, April 20th, 2007 at the Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club.

-       On May 12th at 8:15 EST there will another opportunity to hear the truth on The Edge Radio and internet stream with Daniel Ott. Tailer.  Link to interview: TheEdgeAM.

·                  Free Radio Olympia, WA 98.5 FM May 26th at 5pm PST. < best interview so far

·                liberty radio investigative reporting 6/7/2007 9PM PST.

·                 Dr. Nick Begich google video ß Must see


Dates and locations of other interviews in the works:

o      A transcript of an interview with a CIA human modification  project who survived with all their memories intact.

o       Free Lecture for students and the public on wireless cybernetics and biological sensor feedback technologies at BSU – Look for flyers and posters. Topics include: Cybernetic hive mind work groups, sub-vocalizations/telepathy technologies, brain to computer to brain interfacing technologies, brain print classifications and bio-metric recognition algorithms and systems(retina, voice prints, finger prints, walking gates, ear shape, infra-red vascular signatures, face recognition), eye gaze trackers, stress/truth detection/deception, emotional state identification, rewiring brains to understand tactile information as visual, wet/dry neural network modeling and feedback systems, artificial life, genetic algorithmic programming. Additional topics include massively parallel computing architectures (Viking boards, grid computing,  hypercubes, butterfly, and pipeline). How missile targeting systems work, plane and tank recognition algorithms.

o      Secrets of the NSA: Deception, Decoding, and Encoding (highlights of an NSA signal intelligence employee who has witnessed this government betray the country)

o      Weekly news stories on psychological warfare, information warfare, electronic warfare, communication warfare, directed energy weapons, neurological weapons, torture, brain washing and subliminal technologies used on thousands of Americans with testimonies – Tune into TheEdgeAM on Thursdays. (Dallas talk radio and internet streamed)

o      The Science Channel – ‘Spies R us’ : Hacking into minds.

o     Venezuela radio (in Spanish) – TBD (Check back for link to recording). Noam Chomsky – MIT Professor in linguistics / artificial intelligence / and political genius.

o      Ontario, Canada (in English) – June 26th 9pm MST. Richard Syrett has interviewed brilliant people such as the author of “Hyperspace”, “Beyond Einstein”, a master of theoretical physics, Dr. Michio Kaku. The  Mind hacking strategy group member’s interview can be found here.


Another interview this Feb 12th, 2008 @ 11:30pm on the Richard Syrett show. The topics are broad: directed energy neurological weapons, EEG cloning/psychic warfare, brain washing, torture, interrogation, mind viruses, silent eugenics programs, silent assassination/warfare, military deception tactics, discrediting tactics, creating public myths, false flag operations, psychological warfare, information warfare, cognitive warfare, cultural engineering, remote renditions, the CIA’s “scripts and tricks”, NSA signal encoding/decryption/deception methods, human behavior modification experiments, etc.  WWIII has already begun but it is fought in the hearts and minds of people silently. Choice and freedom are merely an illusion.

February 11th interview 1st half hour

February 11th interview 2nd hour

[Answer to the Riddle for the Richard Syrett Show]


o      Munich, Germany (in German) – TBD. Topics include: Distributed death camps, worse-than-lethal weapons, disguising genocides in statistics of common diseases, neurological cognitive containment fields, US sponsored psychoterrorism, media manipulation event staging, and more. Hitler is rolling in his grave out of jealousy of what the US and its territories (Canada, Australia, and the UK) have done.

o      Speech in Etlingen, Germany (in German) – May 23

o      Cairo, Egypt (in Arabic) – TBD

·                  The Mind Hacking Strategy Group has also issued a challenge for a public speaking event to find out if Col. Tom Bearden and Col. John Alexander are for real or disinformation agents and part of the conspiracy to dupe the American public about the use of these weapons on them. Will they accept our challenge or chicken out? So far no response…


*               Series of On-line lectures are in the works.

1)    Physics of ion cyclotronic resonance, and directed energy.

2)    Mind Mapping, auto-correlation algorithms, and defining intelligence.

3)    The history of mind influencing technologies and weapons and the current covert uses in the silent worldwide eugenics programs and other capabilities.

4)    Why is building a firewall for the human mind so difficult?


·          We are also working on scientific papers to publish in peer reviewed journals. Do not expect them to be in English since filtering of the progress of these technologies from the general public’s awareness are done more in English speaking countries than others. There is about a 45 year gap admitted to about this technology in Western countries vs. their civilian populations.


All proceeds of this book will go to charities and to fund civilian defense research. Charities include The Harvard College Fund, The Graduate Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard, The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, civilian defense research and directed energy human effects test victims’ fund.


The book that the CIA and military desperately tried to stop

from being written and published.

With knowledge comes responsibility.

I offer you only the truth.


Quotes from early readers:

“Amazing. This has to be made into a movie! But you must publish it as fiction.” – My CIA friend stationed in China. Here is an entertaining movie passed off as fiction about this technology that is quite real and wireless. click here to download movie

“Astounding that this has been going on so long. Truly eye-opening.” – Lawyer and Boise resident.

“I wish I had this information when my torture began five years ago.” – A directed energy and MKULTRA survivor, CA.

“I can see the message in the cover. I’m in. When does it start?” – A citizen fed up with the lies.

“I just took down my US flag and took off the support-our-troops ribbon from my car. I feel like such a fool.” – A nurse, OR.

“I did my homework. And it is true. How have I been ignorant about this for so long? I have been awoken from the Matrix!” – A systems analyst, Nebraska.

“When will the cost of immortality come down so I can afford it?  Of all the technologies that are coming soon, I want to try ‘The Ego Trip’” – Excited geek from an Oregon college.

“I've got a business and a family to think about, so I know you might think I'm being lame, but I can't … take on adversaries like the DoD.  Sorry if this sounds wimpy.” – my life long friend from Harvard graduate school and typical American response who isn’t ready to pay the piper for freedom and who hopes that the civil war occurs after they are dead or their fragile reality doesn’t come crashing down soon. Yes, the book will scare you into silence or action!

“I told you not to tell the public about the retired 4 star general who embezzled money from my vineyards! He is a member of the Bohemian club and has connections.” – A friend who doesn’t want me reporting the truth due to fear of reprisals. I didn’t give the retired general’s name out but his friends in the club know who he is. But here is the funny part. My friend’s lawyer had this scumbag who hangs out with world leaders crying in court. The x-general wouldn’t even admit it until the last moment where irrefutable evidence faced him. He obviously had lots of practice in lying and plausible denial. Just a good reminder that glitter and flare doesn’t make you a noble nor honorable human being. Can you imagine how these weak characters funnel money from the black budget or betray Americans at the highest levels when there is no oversight?


“The best $20 I have ever spent. I learned more from reading your book than many of my $5,000 a year classes. My life is now dedicated to this research.” – An MIT student.


“I wish it wasn’t true. I researched your claims and found many programs in the Air Force such as the ‘personnel effects” project that exactly describe everything you talk about. I am so ashamed but I’m locked into the system.” – My Uncle and Colonel in the Air Force.


“When I first saw you, at a conference in Davis, I had my doubts about you. You were too good-looking, too healthy, too shook my confidence. How could this intelligent, lucent, and committed young idealist be the real thing? Isn't this what a perfect government plant looks like? But you are. You are my Saint. Please don't ever lose that moniker, for it means more to me than to you. Frankly, sometimes, I think that's what keeps me going.” – I’m blushing. To read the rest of this inspiring letter about the book click here.



Outstanding Responses for quotations:


Dr. Nicholas BegichAuthor of “Angels don’t play this HAARP”. He also just published another book called “Earth Rising II– The Betrayal of Science”.

Lindsay Moran, Harvard Classmate I just met at my 15th reunion and author ofBlowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy”.

Walter Kohl, the former President’s son of West Germany and my brother’s roommate at Harvard. He better review my book since it was rumored that he black balled me from one of the secret societies called “finals clubs” at Harvard.

Matt Damon. Yes, the one and only. We had a couple moments at the Delphic club, a final’s club,  together. You need to read the book to find out what I reveal about his shenanigans. And did you see his latest movie “The Good Shepard”? Nice job, Matt, in revealing the cult like practices of some of our retarded rival school classmates that join the CIA and Skull and Bones, like Bush Jr. and Sr. They probably have a need to be pissed on again to feel like they belong. The enemy infiltrated the American dream and here we stand as nothing but an economic engine. Too many liars and cowards whether raised as Americans or not have embarrassed and betrayed our forefathers’ ideals to the point that we are not one, nor of like minds.  The network of scum is international. It  crosses borders and has placed several members in English parliament and other positions in MI and the Defence Ministry. Tony Blair is an example. Their associations are made obvious as they feel comfortable with their current grip of power using bribery, extortion, and silent assignations to quiet the competition.

Sharon Weinberger, Washington Post reporter and author of several books including “Imaginary Weapons: A Journey Through the Pentagon's Scientific Underworld”. She is a delicate writer and knows how to walk the tight rope with these thugs. With a wink and a shrug, she will tell you the CIA/DoD do not have neurological weapons with any precision.

General Feedback

“Why don’t we force Congress and public servants to take an IQ test, a test on American history, and an ethics test? Their vote in Congress or position of power should be based on these measures.” – A Boston University student. Why not extend that model of better collective decision making to voting too? That would help drown out the noise from the uninformed, unenlightened and easily manipulated.


“I don’t understand how these issues of such importance to the future of America are ignored by the mass media?” – Housewife in Ohio, who is unable to grasp the tactics, explicit and unconstitutional controls over main stream information.


Bad Feedback

“I’m not a scientist. If you want to keep the attention of the average reader, you need to just reference the equations.” – Left no biographical information.

“I voted for Bush. You don’t know if he is aware of this. You shouldn’t assume that he does.” – A voter who assumes the highest office in the U.S. could or should be ignorant of this topic.

“Calling for civil war makes you sound nutty. I’m not being manipulated or tortured so why would I want a civil war?” – A deluded American who can’t be awoken from the psychological set of controls nor can grasp how this technology affects everyone on the planet.

Thank you all who have given me valuable feedback and criticism on this early work.

 The Non-opinionated, non-political, scientific and more palatable for a reader who has yet to be indoctrinated into the U.S. torture and mind control network is almost here ……










This book publication is postponed until the next administration. We were told it would be censored.


TO visit the store of classified information, documents and “Science Fiction” technologies and weapons, you may want to cloak your Web browser first.  

Free cloaking service at

Then visit     ß Don’t miss



Another promo to hype the series…


Designing Gods


This book is the third in the trilogy by the mind hacking strategy group. The intellectually mature, those only self actualized, will find this book amongst the most influential in their journey through life to discover, comprehend, and accept  the truth.


There are tools, the tool users, the tool makers, and their gods. Learn how to design culture, religions, leaders, and gods in order to be on top of the food chain of the higher order intelligence and influence hierarchy. This book covers the mathematics of optimizing societies through manipulation of belief systems, and creating cultural protocols while only using the levers of psychology.


The final chapter will leave you speechless by evolving psychological strategies toward the ultimate weapon of controls. The advanced theories of adaptive convolution neural networks with a priori information built into them that can be integrated into human beings through a multitude of technologies.


Click here for a sample section on designing silent eugenics and directed human evolution programs.


We strongly recommend this movie if you are a truth seeker. 5stars!



Expected Release Date: 12/07

Another book by our colleagues that we recommend is of a “fictitious” nature titled:


Spook Hunters

The art of tracking and killing intelligence agents


This novel exposes the cleverest methods developed for plausible denial murders out of the CIA and KGB. It shows how to set up networks of observation for the recruitment of agents and to ousting those on the field as told by retired intelligence agents who survived the game and were betrayed. But it is an intrigue based on the game of counter intelligence and a secret society of counter-counter intelligence, a kind of internal affairs watch, which keeps these brainwashed drones of the trade in check. A leak out of TSS, the CIA’s chemical division of tricks, supplies the tools of the trade. The book describes how Angel investors of humanity’s future indirectly transfer the payoffs to these ghost busters and spook hunters. Better than any old school spy novel that we have read and includes real names of the players in today’s new world order. A must read for any ambitious American hero.


They recommend this web link for reasons why one might decide to be a hero:


And this one



Here is another organization of true Americans who had retribution done to them for trying to do the right thing and alert the people of the corruption networks.

Whistle Blowers and Truth Tellers Another recent NSA whistle blower.


The DoD used their popular discrediting phrase,  they are crazy” to discredit the NSA whistle blowers who brought the Bush sanctioned crimes on Americans to light. Remember that with genocide and menticide programs occurring of grand proportion, it is easy to lose touch with how you will be perceived by Americans if it reaches mainstream news with what they think of as petty crimes like this in comparison.

Call this number to report Bush family crimes: 1-866-445-6580 . This will be your future.


Due to the new laws that allow Bush and his minions to torture, imprison, or kill anyone in the US, we can no longer say the following, “The current Bush regime should not be recognized as the legitimate US government. To understand how infected our illegitimate government has become with the traitor mentality, just look at a recent quote by a senior Air Force official. Americans have been duped and are being attacked in greater numbers. I have interviewed over 650 torture and weapons test victims in the US so far who are still alive….”

So please ignore the previous statement. We are sorry for making that very articulate, above average IQ, noble leader feel bad by our statement. However, I can report and quote one of his classmates who he should torture. I was at a Harvard/Yale football game and went into the Skull and Bones club. I met one of Bush’s old classmates who had had a few drinks and said, “He wasn’t a very bright guy. He clearly was only admitted to the Ivy League because of his family name and wealth. He will be another stain on Yale’s record.” In fact if I were one of Bush’s reputation protectors, I’d torture every Yale alumni and student just to make sure. And I think an exact quote from Bush Jr. himself who often has Freudian slips is appropriate, “Every day Terrorists are coming up with innovative ways to harm Americans, and so are we.”  And to quote his Dad, a crying Bush Sr., “My son, Jebb, is such a good loser.” But George what about your other loser son? You can read about him if you type “miserable failure” into Google search engine. It must be hard being a president that falsely signaled their intelligence level all their life and became delusional because he was surrounded by yes-men, a father who diluted any intelligence in their genetic line with a trophy wife, and having to find a vice presidential running mate dumber than Dan Quayle to make him look good.  Here, maybe this song will cheer him up. George_Bush_Blues.mp3. Just compare the quality of human being and intelligence of House Majority Leader Harry Reid to any of the Bush family and their running mates. The Bush’s paid the cover to enter the good old boys network, but none of them hold the mental muster. None of my colleagues nor I can cover for complete ineptitude when judged in any context leads to the purposeful destruction of America’s values and the world’s future.


Check out this clip to understand what happens when ignorance and cowards are given too much unchecked responsibility. It transforms into injustice, brutality, and despotism.

Current estimates are that 2,400 US citizens have come forward to say they have been tortured in the last 3 years for CIA interrogation practice and directed energy weapons testing according to several organizations and several hundred others have died for these exercises according to FBI case files.

Oct. 17: "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann talks to Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University, about the implications of the Military Commissions Act.

 “What did you do to stop it?” will be what future generations will ask. Will you be a hero or a coward? You have no right to bring children into the world as it is being shaped if you do nothing, but breed.


Another excellent short movie about the silent holocaust, silent takeover, silent cultural war, silent assassinations with the silent sound systems, and the screams that can’t be heard around the world. The human race has been gagged and blindfolded.


Another recommendation to see the blatant lies and incompetence with the dishonorable non-American crooks in power: Keep researching and you can see that 9/11 events were merely an opportunity for these horrific plans to be executed. Keep the common people stupid and no one will notice is the strategy.   (long movie)


Another movie by the producer of Trading Placing with Eddy Murphy. He decided to do this serious documentary instead of humor in the most shameful moment in American and human history. (after the time of this writing he has died) (long movie)


A 4 star general who is an expert in ballistics and demolition has spoken up but even he can’t get the media to cover his testimony. Truly incredible just how control by the editors of a few large publishing and media companies can silence the truth. They are traitors for selling out America to their private wealth.


 Letter To The Editor in the San Diego Tribune:


A 'public threat against the American people'


    That suggestion by Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne to test microwave weapons on American citizens was nothing less than an open and public threat against the American people by a senior official of the U.S. military ("non lethal weapons pushed for U.S. use," News, Sept. 13). Let that sink in for a moment, and recall that Saddam Hussein became the personification of evil for "gassing his own people" while members of this administration seem to think it's perfectly OK to cook their own people. 


    Now a top-level United States military official has made a public threat against Americans- especially those who might use their constitutional rights to oppose their government's actions or policies-(to use a device) that would in any other context be defined as WMD. Any member of Congress who is not calling for Wynne's resignation is no longer qualified to serve as a representative of the people.



North Park


Here is a great video of how to use the internet to hunt humans. Remember if it doesn’t look or think like you and it moves, kill it. Just replace the joystick with automated targeting and the projectiles with directed energy weapons.  ->Real Video


But understand veterans of America, this is nothing new. These grotesque creatures that feed you lies since birth so as to make you sign up to defend America give many an extra parting gift…of vaccine testing, drug testing, torture testing, and steeling your very soul. (DARPA)




To understand how America was overthrown in this diabolical, psychological, and technological method, we must look back to the formation of the CIA by Harry Truman. Later, after Kennedy’s assassination, the founder of the CIA wrote in shame that he made a mistake; it is being used against American interests by an outside power. The enemy is within now controlling our politics and popular opinions, taking advantage of the weakest minds to control the popular vote…


"When even one American -- who has done nothing wrong -- is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril."

-- Harry S. Truman

{There are 2,400 people still alive who have been tortured in the US by the CIA that the news media won’t cover. How many are too afraid to speak up?}


Then the president who signed the act that created the bastard branch of government called the CIA regrets what he had done and sees the treason in every act they do but feels powerless to stop them. They continue to place more political leaders in power like Bush senior by using the votes of the simpletons, greedy, and easily manipulated and promising the DoD big budgets if they use the subliminal mind technology to influence the votes by a few percent.


On the same day that the McNamara report was being handed to President Johnson, a former President was writing a totally different statement for the readership of the general pubic. President Harry S. Truman, observing the turn of events since the death of President Kennedy, and pondering developments since his Administration, wrote for the Washington Post a column also datelined December 21, 1963:

          For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government... I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak-and-dagger operations. Some of the complications and embarrassment that I think we have experienced are in part attributable to the fact that this quiet intelligence arm of the President has been so removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue and a subject for cold war enemy propaganda.

          Truman was disturbed by the events of the past ninety days, those ominous days of October, November, and December 1963. Men all over the world were disturbed by those events. Few men, however could have judged them with more wisdom and experience than Harry S. Truman, for it was he who, in late 1947, had signed unto law the National Security Act. This Act, in addition to establishing the Department of Defense (DOD) with a single Secretary at its head and with three equal and independent services -- the Army, Navy, and Air Force -- also provided for a National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency. And during those historic and sometimes tragic sixteen years since the Act had become law, he had witnessed changes that disturbed him, as he saw that the CIA "had been diverted" from the original assignment that he and the legislators who drafted the Act had so carefully planned. Although even in his time he had seen the beginning of the move of the CIA into covert activities, there can be little doubt that the "diversion" to which he made reference was not one that he would have attributed to himself or to any other President. Rather, the fact that the CIA had gone into clandestine operations and had been "injected into peacetime cloak-and-dagger operations", and "has been so much removed from its intended role" was more properly attributable to the growing and secret pressures of some other power source. As he said, the CIA had become "a symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue".


The real Constitutional Americans have held treason trials for those who have breeched the contract between the people that binds us. No retroactive proclamations will save them. We have been swift and just in according with the contract of the Constitution for these criminals that have slyly taken control of the media, industry, and government.

{Video coming soon of the trial.} Many complicit media moguls did not show up to their trial but there was fair representation by their peers in accordance with the law. They have been sentenced by the true Americans who hold onto the vision and by the human race for treason and betrayal. The judge and jury in the video wear alien masks to hide their identities. The sentences are to be carried out within a year. Ignorance of the constitution and bill of rights is no excuse. Truth is the only way to defeat this informational virus and psychological overthrow.


Reporters Without Borders has now ranked the United States 53rd in the world for press freedom. We win a tie with Botswana, Croatia and Tonga. We’re actually ranked behind Israel, which is pretty notorious for intense censorship.

For more scores check out the link:

Secrecy is the freedom that tyrants and the incompetent dream of.


Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. – Thomas Jefferson


More proof that the enemy is within and extorting money from us using fear.


"Human rights and the rule of law are vital to global security and prosperity," Annan told a packed audience at the Truman Presidential Museum and Library. When the U.S. "appears to abandon its own ideals and objectives, its friends abroad are naturally troubled and confused," the United Nations Secretary General said.

Perhaps it isn’t an American government in control?

The 39th president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jimmy Carter, said that this administration has overturned every American value and is more corrupt than Nixon’s leadership.

Freedom to FascismA brilliant documentary on some facets of how diabolically America is being overthrown by outside forces and interests using media filtering, financial, and psychological manipulation.


Click here for Bush’s own words, “It's unacceptable to think!".


The Federation of American Scientists write –

Navy Mind Control

U.S. Navy research on "mind control techniques" (and torture experiments) cannot be performed on human subjects (US citizens) without the authorization of the Under Secretary of the Navy anymore, according to a new Navy Instruction (pdf).

"The Under Secretary of the Navy (UNSECNAV) is the Approval Authority for research involving ... severe or unusual intrusions, either physical or psychological, on human subjects [such as consciousness-altering drugs or (directed energy) mind-control techniques]."

See "Human Research Protection Program," Secretary of the Navy Instruction 3900.39D, November 6, 2006 [at section 7(a)(2), page 9].

Here is one of 300 million websites related to this new takeover. WWIII is not to be fought with nukes but in the hearts and minds of the people. It has begun.

The Mind Has No Firewall

Torture and brainwashing training camps paid by US tax dollars that are admitted to:

Here is a documentary on a small sample of what thousands of Americans and now people around the “free world” are subjected to every day, CIA/DoD mind erasure, torture, and practice kill programs that seem excessively brutal and senseless.  This is only the tip of the iceberg. It gets much, much more violent. The enemy is within, pretending to be American and pretending to be religious using our tax dollars to enslave us but actions say it all regardless of the lies that seep from the serpents’ lips. Correction to this documentary; even the history channel is rewriting history. After a 20 year investigation, it was proven that Olsen was not only dosed with LSD by his CIA counterparts, but the autopsy revealed someone had smashed his skull with a blunt force object in the back of his head and threw him out a ten story window because, according to his family, he got a conscience and was going to tell the public about the massive experimentation with biological agents on San Francisco. The very different types of fractures to his skull were obvious with today’s forensics analysis.

Newt Gingrich recently made comments in New Hampshire that revealed he is not a real American. He told the state whose motto is “live free or die” that free speech needs to be taken away because “terrorists are using the internet”. He may be talking about the thousands of tortured Americans who are trying to tell people how they are being mentally mutilated. So Newt a comment to you. Take away “free” from freedom of speech and thought, you are just ‘dom’.


Evil has come in many forms, under many flags, and names such as Communism, Fascism, and now Neo-conservatism. It can be recognized through judging peoples’ behavior and not their lies. The Republican party has been infiltrated and used as the point of entry due to the groups overall less worldly experiences, susceptibility to delusional mythological belief systems, and predictable routines of opinions trained to think that politics is a football game with teams. Politics is not a game, thousands are dying and being tortured everyday by US directed energy grids due to simple thinkers, the senile and easily duped folks whose votes are being used in this diabolical overthrow. Americans need to learn critical reasoning skills and independent thinking if they are to add intelligence to the collective.


We found this final comment rather clever and borrowed the image as the promo for the movie in progress “The Enemy within – Psychic Warfare”. This flag is turning up on cars and shop windows. It looks just like the old American flag but has the truth hidden in plain view. We tracked the stickers back to an Air Force base where they were handed out in the thousands, we imagine as a kind of “kick me” sign and to demonstrate how easily people are used.  Only 20% of the population can train themselves to have the eye/mind coordination to see auto-stereograms. This technique was used by spies to slip top-secret information out of labs in non-classified documents some of which you can still find in the library of congress. Can you see the 3-D image of a Nazi swastika in the stars of this seemingly ordinary American flag? This is called the New World Order flag. To practice viewing, stare between two stars in the middle and then let your eye gaze relax and focus through the image.



Beware, the enemy is already within….



Take a deep breath, then read some condensed truth about the mass menticide programs in the US which have now become worldwide in increasing numbers. Remember how Russia and the Chinese were considered the axis of evil for torturing their own citizens? Remember Saddam Hussein who was hung for gassing his own people? It turns out that the US was just trying to distract the public’s awareness away from what the US military mafia was doing to citizens right here at home in shocking numbers.



Definition of menticide:  (Internally Marketed as ‘behavior modification experiments’ in the military on Americans with project names like Zombie I-V. The CIA uses acronym project names like MKultra (MK = Meinung Kontrolle, german acronym), Project Artichoke. We were given a communication from someone identifying them self as a “friend of Harvard”, who said the current classified project code names are in the Disney theme, “Snow White”, “Sleeping beauty”, etc. The project description was about creating sleeper assassins and personality erasure then brain imprinting new ones all wirelessly.


·        brainwashing; the 'killing' of the mind through brainwashing

·        a systematic and intentional undermining of a person's conscious mind

·        The systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person's values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas.


Once the mind is dead the body usually follows soon enough without blood and so it is a less visually offensive kind of death camp through public eyes. What an embarrassment we have become to the world as the great soul stealer and deceiver.


Click here for a partial report from “The Library” called ‘Skinner Box II – A brief history of the deconstruction of America’ to learn more about genocide/menticide programs.


Bush/Cheney sanctioned torture teachers also known as death doctors.htm

Our investigation has uncovered about 50 false flag terrorist and assassins in programming in every country where only a handful will pan out. The Manchurians are programmed using US paid “Death Doctors”. The strategy is to make other countries feel insecure and join the new world order agenda of the neo-conservatives and justify further invasions to bring “peace” to the region after they purposefully destabilize them. However, many of the countries have figured out this strategy of the US intel operatives and are forming their own alliances behind the scene.


Have we become such cowards that we would rather become exactly what we feared our enemies would do to our way of life and values? It took many trillions of dollars, 4 decades, and a lot of dumb obedient idiots to do what our enemies would have done for free.



Ye who know the truth of the myths,

has the power to rape, pillage, and manipulate societies.

Click here for an insiders report from “The Library” on False Flag Operations, military deception strategies, and creating myths by propaganda. And techniques to incite wars using religion and racism in a divide, conquer, and attrition pre-war context for invasion.

Think it's outrageous to even suggest the United States Government would  target its own citizens for terror in order to provide pretext for attacking another country?  Think again.  In March of 1962, The U.S. Joints of Staff signed off on a plan called Operation Northwoods which was presented to US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. By attacking US military targets and citizens the hope was to build public support at home and abroad for a military invasion of Cuba.  Luckily, McNamara did not approve the plan.  Read it for yourself right here and then think again about who might have been responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The real Americans will remember the truth of these dark times where the Nazi sympathizers, renaming themselves neo-conservatives, took control of our government and military to use against us.


Operation Northwoods

Concerned about rumors of communist brainwashing of POWs during the Korean war, in April 1953 CIA Director Allen Dulles authorized the MKULTRA program, which would later become notorious for the unusual and sometimes inhumane tests that the CIA financed. Reviewing the experiments five years later, one secrecy-conscious CIA auditor wrote: "Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. Though many of the documents related to MKULTRA were destroyed by the CIA in 1972, some records relating to the program have made it into the public domain, and the work of historians, investigative reporters, and various congressional committees has resulted in the release of enough information to make MKULTRA one of the most disturbing instances of intelligence community abuse on record.

This is the document which, according to JFK assassination conspiracists, shows that John Kennedy was planning to withdraw from Vietnam at the time of his death in 1963. It is even mentioned in Oliver Stone's movie JFK. Conspiracists point to the 1,000 man troop withdrawal as evidence that Kennedy was going to withdraw.  

National Security Action Memorandum 263

On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, UNLAWFUL CONVERSION, AND TREASON. 

Congressman McFadden's Speech

In 1971-72, J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI assembled around 300 pages of files on former Beatle, John Lennon as  part of President Nixon's effort to deport Lennon to silence him as a critic of the war in Vietnam.

Lennon FBI File pt. 1            Lennon FBI File pt. 2       Lennon FBI File pt. 3
Rebuilding America's Defenses (RAD) is a policy document published by a neoconservative Washington think tank called the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). Its pages have been compared to Hitler's Mein Kampf in that they outline an aggressive military plan for U.S. world domination during the coming century. And just as Hitler's book was not taken seriously until after his catastrophic rise to power, so it seems that relatively few Americans are expressing alarm at this published document that is a blueprint for many of the present actions of the Bush administration, actions which have begun to destabilize the balance of power between the nations of the world.

There is, indeed, much reason for alarm because PNAC is not an ordinary think tank and "RAD" is not an ordinary policy paper. Many PNAC members now hold key positions in the White House, Defense and State Departments, among them Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams, Lewis Libby, and John Bolton, along with others in lesser positions. William Kristol, writer for the conservative magazine, the Weekly Standard, is chairman of the group.




Below this line is a store that was shut down. It is used for key word searches about the truth for those that seek it.



    Higher Order Thinkers Publishing



A. Constitutional Toilet Paper           

Feel like a general or the president of the United States and wipe your ass with the constitution, bill of rights, and declaration of independence. Send a roll to your favorite NSA, CIA, or DoD icon in case they ran out. The White House cleared our inventory. So we are printing more. PRICE: $0.00




A. Memorial of Psychotronic Victims

            We must remember those that have been tortured to death in this silent holocaust to improve weapons for more death to come. They did not choose to serve their country in this way. Let's honor them as heros for struggling to awaken our apathetic and deaf countrymen.             PRICE: $0.00


  1. Bio-Communication Weapon Disruptor
  2. ]. Type in "subliminal suggestion", or "mind control", or "manipulation of perception", or "Remote Behavioral Influence Technology", or "Brain Zapping", or "Biocontrol Systems", or "Psycho-Acoustic Projector", or "Nervous System Excitation Device", or "System and Method for Controlling the Nervous System of a Living Organism", or "Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brian Waves", or "Inducing Altered States of Consciousness", or "TMS", or "Psychotronic Weapons", or "Neuro Programming", or "Physio Info Tronics", or "Neurodulation Systems", and see how many websites there are that deal with these and related subjects. There are millions! Get on the USPTO website and the WIPO website and do the same. Type in the letters "SSSS" an see what you come up with! There are hundreds of websites dealing with brain "...entrainment..." technologies connected with the development of Humanistic Artificial Intelligence! Take it from there!


A. Bio-Communication Weapon Disruptor     Synthetic Telepathy (CIA program terminology) or Bio-Communication Weapon (Iraqi terminology) is being tested on thousands of Americans. This device adds noise to the frequencies that are used in body electricity modulation to produce these effects. This device includes the electric shield kit too. The electrical design was inspired by research from MIT and Moscow University. To download the usage specifications, paste this URL into your browser: Remember that everything is 100% refundable. We are here to help not profit. There are so many tortured Americans by directed energy weapons during these treasonous times that we can't keep these in stock. We have the parts for 6 more units to build. This scrambles the bio-informationally coherent signals. To build your own get the parts and plans here:       PRICE: $99.00


A. Hacking the Human Mind 2/3rds completed book/CD

            Pre-release - This is truly a masterpiece for the professional hacker. It includes sample code and the most advanced methods to hack both computer systems or biological systems. This is the framework which is used by the informational and psychological warfare units of various armies possessing the capabilities. Stay on the cutting edge and find ways to develop a firewall for the human mind. This book will be distributed by a major publisher when completed. It has no politics or opinions in it. If you would like to help review it, order it for free.     PRICE: $0.00


A. Magnetic Field Disruptors

A. Magnetic Field Disruptors Disrupts Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques at Earth Gauss levels. This is another technique of the Earth penetrating tomography, a capability of the military phased arrays. Low level magnetic fields have also been implicated by patents and x-military scientists for nervous system influence. These deguasers will foil the attempts within 5-10 feet range. Not enough data has been reported to statistically reveal significance according to scientific standards. Please report your results back to us if you can. Unfortunately, our cheap supplier of AC 4-6 rpm motors dried up. This product is discontinued indefinitely. You can grab the schematics are parts lists for all three shielding products from this link and try to find substitutes where appropriate.       PRICE: $22.00


A. Neural influencing and brain washing searchable database

            Free -- Coming soon. A free 100 Gigabyte searchable database on all government and civilian research on neural influencing, brain washing, and subliminal effects. A separate dedicated search engine is necessary to sort out the disinformation from the truth about these devastating technologies to freedom and American values. Historians need to know how America was lost. Type this URL into your browser for a sample of information that is included.   PRICE: $0.00


A. neuro-pads

            These are the pads that come with TENS or electrical muscle stimulator devices and the bio-communication disruptor device sold here. A simple internet search will show several suppliers. All that is needed are the small screws sold at Radio Shack to put into the ends of them. Since they only last about two weeks, you should find a supplier and use the screws supplied with the original device.If you prefer purchasing here and not cutting out the middle man, 2 replacements are included in this order.          PRICE: $6.00


A. RHIC sound files - FREE

            RHIC (remote hypnotic intra-cerrebral control) is an old CIA technology that uses radio frequency hypnosis as a weapon. Thanks to several acoustic scientists for providing these files for free that help disrupt the brain entrainments and add some freedom of thought for those under the signal. Binaural beating and strobe lights will force the brain to follow its patterns. These sound files help to disrupt the periodicity of the electromagnetic entrainments. Download the sound files by copying these links into your browser for free. One is a logrithmic clicking that should be played in repeat mode. The other is ultra-sonic white noise that jams the "tinnitus" like sound that 20,000,000 Americans suffer from, which happens to be the weapons systems capability figure too. That is quite a little coincidence. www.thematrixdeciphered/logarithmicclick.mp3 www.thematrixdeciphered/highfreqnoise.mp3           PRICE: $0.00


A. Superconducting Shielded Spa

            The world's first full body Quantum Interference safe room will be completed in November 2006. Superconducting theory states that no electromagnetic signals can penetrate or escape. You will be an astronaut of innerspace, completely separated from the universe and our planets electromagentic pollution. This $250,000 (market value) safe house is cryogenically cooled by liquid nitrogen and heat and sound shielded. No military lab in the world has this zero emmission TEMPEST standard. Wireless EEG readings and a full psychological profile before and after will be provided during your stay for the day to demonstrate the calming effects and reduction in biosignal influences. The demand for this is worldwide, so book early. Your card will not be charged until your arrival. It includes education on how to build your own and a class on the bio-electromagnetic weapons physics, history, and politics. Manufacturing is on schedule. Copy this link into your browser to see a demonstration of the Meisner Effect to test the quality of one of the superconductor batches.             PRICE: $250.00




A. The Matrix Deciphered Pre-release book on CD

A. The Matrix Deciphered Pre-release book on CD   This is the Pre-release of the book, The Matrix Deciphered. You will receive a free book in print when available if the CD is purchased now. This CD contains the audio of the author reading it too. It is a true story of a Harvard graduate and former department of defense scientist who was torture for a year using the most amazing technology this world has ever seen. It is a full disclosure of the most top secret weapons system on the planet. It is a story about an unfortunate mistaken identity. And it is an opportunity for the motivated scientist and entrepreneur to reverse engineer a technology that will change the way humans interact more than the personal computer or internet combined. It is a trillion dollar market that is approaching us quickly in the next 15 years. Get on board now and be the next Bill Gates! Money Back Guaranteed if not satisfied. To read reviews, check out             PRICE: $17.00


A. US Torture Museum

            Coming soon. A real look at the rap sheet of the US government. Old and new instruments of torture being used more than any time in history. It's groomsome but real.             PRICE: $0.00


A. Electrostatic Ion Shields

A. Electrostatic Ion Shields    3 pieces of Mylar, aligator clips, and a 7.5 Kilivolt electron generator is included in this kit to save you time in acquiring the parts yourself. Many hundreds have testified that Mylar is the least expensive way to reduce the effects of nervous system weapons assaults. Remember that nothing is close to 100% effective yet and many methods need to be used in combination for most people to reduce the signals to less than torture levels. The human nervous system operates with electricity and can be dialed in just like a radio station. The incredible sophistication of the current RADAR surveillance systems/directed energy systems known as ionospheric heaters/phased arrays are beyond the average person's ability to understand and believe in the sensitivity and preciseness in the attacks. Once your brain signature in is the database for neurological slow kill ratio statistics gathering, you can not easily escape since it spans the entire Earth now. Take a bulldozer to the Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colorado, Mass., and Alaska giant phased arrays (HIPAS,HAARP) and you will get more relief than this kit. These are back in stock.       PRICE: $35.00


A. Join our Army of Saints

            This isn't a product. Just a suggestion if you want to stop the lifelong torture programs run by the US/UK joint command and control structures. We are planning an informational civil war that commences in a year. We need everyone who has been wronged to help around the world for our counter strike. There is nothing illegal about our activities. Send your skill set, alias, and locale to We proudly announce several new recruits who are sickened by what is happening. A colonel from the Air Force, a Navy gunner, a vietnam vet, a WWII vet, and an x-British intel officer. The current "need to know" control system can only control so many information streams before the truth gets out and believed. Remember Oct 21st is national awareness day for MKultra torture, Co-intel pro intimidation, and SATAN bio-electrical torture weapon day. Please protest and raise awareness. Latest additions: a JLP (jet propulsion laboratory) scientist, an x-special ops Army, a psychologist from a famous medical provider, and a professor. All have been tortured randomly for weapons testing.          PRICE: $0.00


A. Mu Metal

            Since this website is not for profit we don't like to act as the middle man. This alloy blocks magnetic fields and conducts well. So the RADAR energy attacking people is reflected better. Low frequency magnetic waves heterodyned from ultra-high frequency UHF signals are much muted. Sleep with this material blocking the hemisphere and your dreams may be your own again. It can be purchased from Dr. Philip Brotman @ 212 - 222 - 5665. Or visit           PRICE: $0.00


B. Face Recognition and Identification Database for alleged US Illegal Operatives and Criminal Networks - disconnected pending CIA investigation

            The BRAIN (Bio-metric Recognition And Identification Network) database will be accessible to individuals or saintly organizations in other countries targeted by US MKultra and program Artichoke as well as COintel-Pro intimidation including Canada and the UK. Please submit suspect profiles and pictures for cataloguing and distribution. The face recognition works best if you can get a front and side profile shot for each subject. If you want to check suspected agents and criminals against our database submitted by others in the program you need to submit first. Alternately finger prints are also collected for neural network and expert system classification and identification. Later we will include ear shape, voice prints, and even video of walking gaits as unique identifiers. All this done for free by civilians in over a million times efficiency in resource utilization as compared to government organizations. Those CIA agents that bought civil lawsuit torture insurance have already identified themselves in our database. Keep those ideas how to bait the criminals to reveal themselves coming. And thank you to those who have added to the network. Once we reach critical mass we will duplicate the database offshores for redundancy and catastophy risk management. The latest high profile traitor to Americans has been added, Secretary Michael Wynne of the Air Force for advising use of microwave weapons tests on Americans before the battlefield. Please submit biographical information on his entire genetic line. See the twisted treasonous thinking that has infected the highest ranks of the military by researching his name. "hitler" Hayden is cleared. He is just a confused militant that still doesn't understand the politics in his new organization. Porter Goss has been cleared. He was let go not due to strippers like the news said but because he was fighting his deputy directors about whether congress should exist and the 3 prong government. No one who is irresponsible with authority will go untarred and feathered in public. Notice to the UK: please submit more information on the joint command and control personnel and mististry of defence. *** The baiting worked. According to the Saints still working in the CIA there is a power struggle going on. "You poked the wrong chimp" when implicating Negroponte. Negroponte has launched a full scale investigation into this website, authors, and history of visitors. Don't worry. We have purged customer contacts and tranfsered the database to our Britsh financiers who say Negroponte is on his way out. He is "high on power" and too easily controlled by his ego. There was an 8 month response time while timing the protocols and final go ahead with the investigation. The next steps according to the manual is discrediting, and if the subject can't be "disposed of by local authorities" they manufacturer it. There are several power circles struggling in the intel agencies. It will be interestinig to see how it plays out. Do not submit any more photos to this location. It is now being administrered overseas. We are watching the patterns that they are using to dissect databases of associated companies or organization. They hit every trip-wire.             PRICE: $0.00

Here are some of the criminal faces:


Hayden, the half-wit bald headed boy scout has some personal enemies and they installed a camera in a frequented bathroom. Even big brother has a big brother. We have his small penis on digital video. It explains why he compensates with big weapons to rape, torture and betray Americans directly and then lie to the rest with deceit. Bush’s twisted psychology can be explained by not being able to use his Dick effectively. These are enemies of Americans, the face of pure evil. Just ask them about MKultra and hundreds of other programs silently killing people with plausible denial while controlling media truth and destroying all that America stood for.

 Michael Wynn     




B. The Enemy Within - Psychic Warfare

            The semi-fictious script for our movie is nearing its first pass. To get the truth out, sometimes you need to create the drama and entertainment that the hypnotube addicted desire. Based on a true story, names of the guilty are not conceiled. It is a historical and prophetic drama meant to reach the masses at least subliminally. Many effects like 25th frame 3rd image subliminal splicing as well as auditory messaging using heterodyned auditory ultrasonics is included. If you have expertise in special effects, sound engineering, etc., please send your qualifications to if you would like to help with this original and truly brilliant Hollywood style ground breaking movie. Shooting has begun. We got some capital for this. This is a casting call for the San Francisco, Washington DC, Idaho, Eastern Oregon and Czech Republic. Military personel to play EEG cloners and zombiloid CIA agents are needed. Lots of parts for extras. Here is a dialogue of a confession from an old Nazi scientist working in the Death Valley communication center for example:           PRICE: $0.00


B. Bio-Amplification Technology

            In this report you will learn about how neurons function, brain resonance patterns, and neurotransmitter modulation methods. In order for the CIA RHIC (remote hypnotic intra-cerrebral control) to work at the current power levels of the RADAR grids, a certain neuron amplification threshold needs to be obtained to do this "covert communications". There are drugs that can be introduced to increase the amplification of neurons. There are some "natural psychics" with this level of sensitivity too. This report will help you understand how bio-informationally coherent electromagentic signals are introduced, mapped, and auto-correlated as well as why there is a "TEMPEST threshold" in order to perform this trick at an individual level. Learn the multiple lock and key mechansims that will someday allow everyone to have a unique channel. Type this url into your browser to see a sample of the report:   PRICE: $10.00


Beating Polygraphs and Brain Printing

            Many subjects of US torture experiments reported that while being tortured "to split their personalities" they were forced to experiment with desensitization and hypnosis to beat polygraph instruments and dissasociation experiments to beat the newer brain printing MRI technology. Find out the latest CIA methods for infiltration as described by hundreds of test subjects. These are described in both books offered on this website. Additionally, we have interviewed a security clearance agent who has provided all the procedures for background checks and polygraph questions in order to obtain most top secret level security clearances.             PRICE: $1.00


 Belief systems

            Since image and delusions sell, we are offering feel good belief systems of all kinds. If you want to believe that when you die, you get a bunch of grapes and some virgins, we got it here. How about a heaven with no sex? Perhaps a morally righteous country you can die for that hasn't been severely corrupted by the DoD and doesn't control your belief systems and doesn't torture thousands of Americans to death. Right here. We will help get those natural opiates and seritonin flowing. Fight and die for a cause you are not sophisticated enough to understand for your country or religion. Many would testify it sure feels good cheering on a team eventhough you have no say in the outcome. We got all the religions and patriotic fervor for sale that you need to get your fix while still alive. We are reverse engineering the CIA's personality and belief system hacking database to specifically match your needs. Want to be a suicide bomber or an American soldier, you have come to the right place. Sorry, the belief in Santa Clause has sold out. A mere penny for our thoughts that can be yours. More importantly we will teach you how meaning is created in the mind and the meta-physics behind signals and intelligence so you can create your own and be less controlled into stupidity.           PRICE: $0.01





C. Consulting Services in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

            We love to build new things! Come up with a new gadget and we can engineer it. We can build you a real remote control car or plane just like the CIA's predator. Make your own army of ghost driven cars or planes. Great way to scare the spooks. Costs are negotiable. Some interesting research along these lines is happening at Sierra Nevada Corporation. We have their latest research which we have made improvements on already.     PRICE: $600.00


C. 10 round kids rocket gun

            I taught several kids in the Big Brother program how to build this rocket gun from toy parts. It rapid fires rockets up to half a mile away. They are the coolest kids at their school now. Rocket replacements can be purchased from Estes company but need some modifications you can do yourself.    PRICE: $200.00


C. Building Climbing Robots

            Be creative and find ways to get your message out. These building climbing robots will climb glass and smooth concrete buildings. If you need an altimiter put into it to stop when it reaches a certain story, we can do that for you at additional costs. Put your message on the underside of the robots.           PRICE: $50.00


C. Terminator 2 technology

            By using a ferromagnetic particle solute, and a larger particle magnetized diamagnetic mineral combination, I have produced a substance that acts just like the terminator 2 robots where metal can be modeled and shaped to any dimension. Video coming soon. How it works. The superconductors levitate the combined solute but the particles remain separated due to electrostatic forces in the oil. The liquid nitrogen absorbs the heat of the solute and turns it into a solid, freezing the shape and turning it to stone. Applying directed energy from an infrared laser onto the solute which is hovering in 3-space just above the superconductor and liquid nitrogen 'melts' it. Then applying a magnetic field from above shapes the new dimensions and when the laser is turned off, it becomes a solid again. A grid of superconductors that can be turned on and off would allow even more precise shaping of the material in 3-space. The entire blob never touches another solid for this molding process. The exact technology is available to non-military affiliated scientists from non-NATO affiliate countries. This is an intellectual boycott from those that can't be trusted with high end technology. I have been asking all Ivey League grads to boycott their scientific findings from the DoD or to feed them false findings until the people regain constitutional controls over the weapons systems being used on thousands of Americans. If you give the militant chimps fire, they will use it to burn down villages. You give them neural influencing technologies, the human race will be enslaved by the apes. PRICE: $100.00


C. Analysis of lucrative mind games

            A student of B.F. Skinner wrote this report on how governments, the gambling industry, and stock investment advisors use a human behavorial concept called sporatic reinforcement to rake in billions. Due to most people's inability to internalize statistics, the delusional belief of being lucky or having a system dominates the subjective experience of a person. This report explains how you can take advantage of people and make millions, or protect the innocent and educate those who don't understand statistics. Knowledge is power. This report also explains the famous stock letter pyramid scheme developed by a Wharton business school grad and is still very actively used today. Some call state lotteries a stupidity tax.          PRICE: $0.00


c. Blinding weapons

            Since Bush has decided to throw away the Geneva Convention with torture and genocide, all other covenants are also dismissed by other groups and countries as we de-evolve as a species. So this report describes the directed energy strategies to take out the visual capabilities of humans and video cameras. This report covers detailed plans of very inexpensive blinding weapons and dazzlers that will disable a large number of ground troops. It covers targeting algorithms and tunable dye lasers. But most importantly it covers the deep strategic thinking of how these weapons will evolve with counter measures so that not even goggles or CCD cameras can protect ground troops. Most likely the CIA again will warn us not to sell this material so we have pre-empted their request and have published it to several internet engines for all to enjoy and do not sell this report here.         PRICE: $0.00


C. Ultrasonic Heterodyning

            American Technology Corporation has a couple patents on this for weapons use. Some Japanese vending machines use it for advertising. There is even a Japense "Candid Camera" show that makes fun of people using this technology. By projecting two narrow beams of ultrasonic energy, a person can hear audio at the intersection of the two beams but no one else can hear it. It is good fun to drive a target crazy with voices as one Colonel said. We have been working on reproducing the "Microwave Hearing Effect" but with limited success. Until then, buy these plans or kit for demonstration to the ignorant US population. Until everyone gets a demonstration of this bar trick it will be magical how it works. The phased array speakers are powerful enough to cause internal organ damage to someone if you alter the frequency ranges and waveforms. So use cautiously when demonstrating or pulling pranks.             PRICE: $550.00


CIA/KGB blackmail and other tactics used to manipulate politics

            We got this report from someone who used to do this for the CIA. Creating compromising situations so that black mail can be used on politicians if they don't vote a certain way has become an acceptable practice since 1960. A strategic leak to the press is the final threat. It is used overseas to bypass the democratic process. Let the people vote but then manipulate the leaders through coercion is the strategy. It is important to make the American people feel like they are the good guys and let the CIA do the cheating on their behalf so they don’t have to feel guilty. The sheeple in the US have become so uneducated and controlled by their greed that the CIA can buy their preferred candidates into power through bribery of the public in the form of tax breaks without their understanding of the long term economic consequences. Black mail works because politicians and other public figures fear losing their popularity and thereby their means for livelihood. Ego is the preferred way to control people. In this report you will learn the levers mind hackers use to control people. Ironically, the most important levers correlate with the traditional seven deadly sins. This framework has proven successful for the CIA and is easier to learn than most books on the subject of the psychology of persuasion. It is also the dark diabolical and extreme side of the science with no fear of repercussions. We have forwarded a copy of this report to Venezuela and Nicaragua because they have been complaining to the press about these tactics being used to manipulate them. It might help them devise a defense against the KGB-like arm of the US.          PRICE: $5.00


Computer hackers wanted by The Cult of the Mad Cow

            The neural influencing strategy group calling themselves "The Cult of the Mad Cow" is seeking talented computer hackers to participate in two elite and semi-secret global computer projects. We said we would advertise for talent for them since they helped us with facts for the book Hacking the Human Mind. Please send interests and resumes to I will forward qualified candidates to them. Be a hacker that is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This isn't for the faint of heart when you learn what they are architecting to release onto the world that will make history. (No it is not illegal yet. Just brilliant.)        PRICE: $0.00