The Lifestyle Market Analyst®

Analyze and Connect with Consumer Audiences

This print service, published by SRDS and Equifax, provides market analysis of potential local, regional and national audiences. Use The Lifestyle Market Analyst to obtain data compiled from more than 15 million households.

Access to demographic, lifestyle and consumer segment profiles help you locate your best prospects. You can identify where certain consumers live and how they spend their money and free time. This one source integrates all the data you need and is cross-referenced so you can find your ideal market easily. Access to the most accurate data from SRDS makes media planning and buying efficient.

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Trust SRDS Data for Your Plans

Market Profiles - Obtain demographic and lifestyle information for all 210 DMAs and anticipate regional buying power

Lifestyle Profiles - Discover the demographic concentrations of people with top consumer interests so you reach your target audience

Consumer Segment Profiles - Analyze demographic and geographic concentrations for 40 demographic segments and identify high-potential consumer market segments
Uncover markets that have high populations of consumers with certain interests and convert their interests into purchasing power for your product or service
Target effectively and get better results by focusing your marketing efforts on your optimal prospects

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