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The ad above is a 728x90 leaderboard by Chitika.

Chitika and Adsense for MediaWiki

Note: This information and the file can be found at my MediaWiki Blog but this site is referenced as the sample, so I thought I would add the info here as well.

With this hack, you can

   * Run Google Adsense on your MediaWiki site
   * Run Chitika e-MiniMalls on your MediaWiki site
   * Or run both in unison!

Furthermore, there are several ad unit sizes to choose from

At the top of each page you can have:

   * Chitika or adsense 468×60 banner
   * Chitika or adsense 728×90 leaderboard

And in the left column you can have:

   * Adsense 125×125 button below your logo AND/OR
   * Adsense or Chitika 120×600 skyscraper below the menus

Get the hack HERE