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Community Development
Application Packets

The forms listed below have been prepared by the Ripon Community Development Department. If you have any questions, please call the Ripon Planning Department at (209) 599-2108.

These forms are in

Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
This is a FREE program and may be
downloaded by going to Adobe Acrobat.

Planning Fee Schedule for 2007

Planning Fee Schedule for 2008

Any new development projects, renovation projects or demolitions are required to complete the following questionnaire.

San Joaquin Unified Air Pollution Control District
Compliance Questionnaire


Annexation Application Packet (.pdf 28k)

Annexation Agreement Application Packet (.pdf 36k)

Building Relocation

Building Relocation Application Packet  (.pdf 27k)


Development Agreement Application Packet  (.pdf 35k)

Planned Unit Development Permit Application Packet  (.pdf 29k)

Request for Estimated Development Fees and Requirements (22k)

Environmental Information

Environmental Information Form (.pdf 16k)

Lot Line Adjustment

Lot Line Adjustment Application Packet  (.pdf 27k)

Lot Merger

Standard Lot Merger Application Packet  (.pdf 28k)

Voluntary Lot Merger Application Packet  (.pdf 27k)

Sign Permit

Sign Permit Application Packet  (.pdf 28k)

Site Plan

Minor Site Plan Permit Application Packet  (.pdf 27k)

Major Site Plan Permit Application Packet  (.pdf 27k)


Minor Subdivision Application Packet  (.pdf 28k)

Major Subdivision Application Packet  (.pdf 29k)

Use Permit

Conditional Use Permit Application Packet  (.pdf 29k)

Temporary Conditional Use Permit Application Packet  (.pdf 29k)

Variance Permit

Variance Permit Application Packet  (.pdf 30k)


Prezone Application Packet  (.pdf 27k)

Rezone Application Packet  (.pdf 19k)


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