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  Estimating Healthy Life Expectancies Using Longitudinal Survey Data: Methods and Techniques in Population Health Measures...more

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  New Report Examines Healthy Eating Among Older Americans. Data show less than 1/3 meet recommendations for five main food groups...more

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  63 Million U.S. Adults Mostly or Only Use Wireless Phones. New data for July-Dec 2007 show one in six homes have wireless-only phones...more

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  Lack of Sleep Linked With Adverse Health Behaviors. Adults who sleep less than 6 hours are more likely to smoke, drink, or be obese...more

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  Adults With Major Hearing Problems More Likely To Smoke. Forty percent aged 18-44 years who are deaf or have major hearing problems smoke...more

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As the Nation’s principal health statistics agency, we compile statistical information to guide actions and policies to improve health more...

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