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Item #: SCP-418

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-418 is located in Non-Critical Storage Unit 4, and should only be removed by personnel of security clearance Level 3 or higher. Under no circumstances are personnel to wear the item.


SCP-418 is an olive drab United States army jacket dating to approximately 1949, with patches indicating service in the Korean War and a rank of Sergeant first class.

The item was recovered by Site 19 personnel from a car wreckage on Interstate 5 northbound near Lincoln Village, California, USA. The driver of the vehicle was wearing the item at the time, and was found to have suffered several bullet wounds to the back. Police investigations revealed that the jacket and the man wearing it, Mr. ████████████ both suffered wounds from a .██ caliber round. Oddly, no part of the vehicle was damaged by gunfire, and no witnesses reported hearing gunshots prior to the collision. The item was scheduled for examination in the local coroner's lab, but upon retrieval of the item from transportation, the bullet holes and blood seemed to have disappeared. This prompted an investigation into the police department due to the possibility of evidence tampering. When the coroner accidentally discovered the item's 'regenerative' properties, it was brought to the attention of the proper authorities.

SCP obtained the object on 1999/8/2 and proceeded to determine if it had any connection with SCP-███. Further researched showed it did not, but its peculiar properties have been scheduled for review and possible reproduction.

Addendum: excerpt of message from Dr. █████████ to Lt. █████

"...clearly remember asking the team up in Sacramento to deliver the item to me untouched, but when they finally do get it down here, I find that the bloodstains and bullet holes are gone. I recommend that this matter be investigated thoroughly and the proper citations given out..."

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