re: Quick skim accross the budget from an IT point of view

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Wed, 21 Aug 1996 20:13:23 +1000

I wrote Wed, 21 Aug 1996 14:56:11:

>The Commonwealth of Australia 1996-97 Commonwealth Budget is available at:

Two items I missed the first time through (they didn't appear to be
referenced in the Budget home page, as they aren't actual budget items),
were from OGIT:

* Whole of Government Information Technology and Telecommunications
Initiative, Minister for Finance, 20 August 1996
<> "... the Government has approved a
"whole of government" approach to the provision of selected Information
Technology (IT) and telecommunications services. It has approved in
principle the outsourcing of its data centres, subject to a scoping study
and initial market testing. The results will be considered by Cabinet in the
preparation of the 1997-98 budget."

* Rationalisation of Administrative Systems, 19 Aug 1996
<> "The 1995 Clients First review of IT
across the Commonwealth recommended a reduction in the number
of administrative systems across agencies. Later that year, Cabinet endorsed
a strategy to rationalise the number of Human Resource Management (HRM)
Systems, Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) and Records
Management Systems (RMS). This strategy would also achieve better
interconnectivity of Management Information Systems across Commonwealth
agencies...The following companies have been rated most highly... "best
of breed" HRMS and FMIS solutions for its Shared Systems Suite."

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