The brrreeeport report

OK, it’s been a little more than two hours since I asked people to put “brrreeeport” on their blogs to “mess with the man” and build a new kind of directory. So, in that time I went out for sushi with Jeff Julian and John Alexander, co-founders of Geeks with Blogs. Great guys and we had a good time catching up on the blogging world. Anyway, while I was out a bunch of people posted. Have you figured out what I was up to yet?

Why, of course! It was an opportunity for me to try the blog search engines out!

So, here’s the brrreeeport report. You can participate. Just add the word “brrreeeport” to your blog. Or, even better, do that and then give it a tag too. So, anyway, it’s 7:57 p.m. Pacific Time so let’s look at what the search engines have found so far.

Google’s Blog Search has found nine blogs so far.
IceRocket has found none.
Feedster has found none.
Technorati finds five blogs so far. But only one blog (mine) has tagged itself with brrreeeport.
UPDATE: Technorati now finds 11 blogs at 8:36 p.m. (while Google still only finds nine).
UPDATE 2: Technorati finds 39 posts, same as Google’s blog search at 11:09 p.m.

None of the big three’s main search engines have found any so far.

And that’s the latest from brrreeeport! :-)

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  1. Warner Crocker Says:

    Funny. I get an IE error when I try to open the Technorati’s Tag on brrreeeport. Didn’t happen the first time I tried it but it doesn now with regularity.

  2. The Mason Technologist Says:


    What is Brrreeeport? - Scoble’s way of testing the blog search engines…

  3. John Tokash » Problems with Technorati Says:

    [...] It appears that, even though I ping Technorati with every update to my blog, it’s missing the last 60 days worth of posts.  Oh Brother.  And, do you know how I noticed?  That’s right, brrreeeport. [...]

  4. Christopher Coulter Says:

    Do you find amusement from these pointlessly stupid geek tricks? Well, everyone needs a hobby, I guess…

  5. scobleizer Says:

    Christopher: even better is that I get you to comment on these pointlessly stupid geek tricks. Now THAT is funny!

  6. Christopher Coulter Says:

    Well, glad that I am able to provide for such gleeful amusement.

    Went to the ‘Carmina Burana’ dance repertoire, and the Sacramento Theatre Company’s production of Amadeus. More my style of amusement. But Technorati tricks ahoy!

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  8. Tris Hussey Says:

    IceRocket is up to 19 … Feedster is still zilch

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    The brrreeeport report

    Scoble is doing a test. Who am I not to help! Molly Tags: The brrreeeport report, brrreeeport, Scoble Powered by Qumana

  14. Nik Cubrilovic Says:

    “UPDATE 2: Technorati finds 39 posts, same as Google’s blog search at 11:09 p.m.”

    in conclusion, Google is scraping Technorati

  15. /pd Says:

    Nik:maybe technorati is scraping google !!

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    [...] Might as well drop this in here: Scoble’s evaluating blog search engines with the help of a marker string : brrreeeport. [...]

  17. /pd Says:

    You folks should also check out this link wrt to usablity sins 2.0 !! (And technorati response on this forum) too !!

    Well you can see what happens elsewhere too

  18. cruel to be kind Says:

    Don’t compare brrreeeport with SchnitzelmitKartoffelsalat

    Scoble would like us to test SchnitzelmitKartoffelsalat where he would like us to see if Technorati works. Well, actually, he asks for brrreeeport.

    SchnitzelmitKartoffelsalat is the old German search engine test version. So far, the search on brrr …

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  20. Polarman Says:


    Ok, in a test of search engine quickness to search blogs, Scoble has asked that we test out the word brrreeeport . I wonder if putting it in quotes makes a difference.

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    TagMan brrreeeport

    If you’re playing the Technorati version of TagMan and see a strange word like brrreeeport, see the brrreeeport report for an explanation. It’ll be interesting to see if this tag creeps into the other web 2.0 sites such as

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