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Scores of British sailors trapped for days by French fuel protesters

Thirty British pleasure yachts are trapped in an illegal blockade by French protesters who have attacked some boats with flares and missiles for trying to escape.

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Hamilton ready to party after storming to victory in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton realised a boyhood dream by claiming victory in an action-packed Monaco Grand Prix to regain control of a furious fight for the Formula One world title. After an early run into the barriers on a wet circuit as the rain fell, Hamilton managed to hold his nerve, becoming only the fifth Briton to take the chequered flag


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Should royals sell their weddings to magazines?

You say

Princess Anne always wanted her children to be 'normal'. But how many normal people sell their wedding day for 500,000?


The Queen must have been in a really awkward position.


Why does Harriet Harman hate marriage?


You say

Greater choice for couples is one thing, but what about broken families and the effect divorce has on them?


I'm sure Gordon Brown will be delighted with Harriet Harman's comments since Labour tries to promote family values


Let's put Labour in the wheely-bin of history

You say

You can bet the public services won't get any better as a result of all the extra money.


No matter how much pay-as-you-throw rubbish taxes are hated, there is nothing Gordon Brown or the taxpayer can do about it.

bin men

Should women have access to IVF if there's no father around?


You say

This Govt does not like men. They don't feel that half the population need to be considered when IVF treatment us used.


Hooray for progress.


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