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What is it?

Treffpunkt is the place for Open Source Professionals.

Ok. So, WHAT is it?

Treffpunkt is a full collection of tools for birth to grave project management and collaboration for geographically diverse teams of developers working with Open Source Software in a professional setting.

These tools include:

  • Project Management
  • Time Logging
  • Ticket Tracking
  • File Storage
  • and more
These tools are available to all projects on the site. All users can be on multiple, completely seperate, development teams. Each user's home page displays the status of all projects they are working on, including open tickets and project tasks assigned to him. This makes it easy for the team members to track their work on each project.

Treffpunkt is not:

  • a place to host Open Source projects. Look at Sourceforge for that.
  • a place to list Open Source projects. Look at Freshmeat for that.
Treffpunkt is:
  • a place where professionals using Open Source software as a base for their projects come to manage the projects
  • a place where companies who have hired Open Source professionals can host their management in a unified place
  • a place where professional project managers can set and track tasks and deadlines
  • a place where professional Open Source developers can view all of their projects, tasks, tickets and time logging in a single easy to manage area
And what are the real benefits?

Perhaps you want to read about the Treffpunkt Origins.

You definately should try out Treffpunkt.

But, if you just want to see some quick screenshots, here they are.

Latest Treffpunkt Article (All)

Peter George over at Logicalware, whose article on Newsforge appeared right before Treffpunkt's announcement, has posted an article on Treffpunkt. I would like to take a few moments to, first of all, thank him for the kind words. I must admit that much of the functionality and ease of use he talks about comes from the OpenACS Project, which is the basis for Treffpunkt. In addition I...


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Free Projects []

Treffpunkt is happy to announce free services to those groups or projects that are providing no-cost services for other Open Source groups or projects. In the spirit of the Open Source development model and in keeping with the philosophy of  giving back to the community, Treffpunkt has decided to support those who support Open Source. Read more about the offer. 

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